I Hear Your Voice has plenty to like

I Hear Your Voice has won me over. Ep 3 shows that its settling into a nice balance of light (i.e. how the court case of the week isn’t dealt with heavily) and moments of genuine creepiness and dread. All the main narrative pieces seem to be in place rather quickly, and production-wise, the show looks great. Our heroine is jaded, pissed off, full of herself, and yet completely likeable! And she’s not even all that competent a lawyer judging from yesterday’s episode. Any show with a heroine that’s not cookie-cutter is already tops in my book. Since am a noob, I’ve never seen Lee Bo Young in anything else, but I think she’s doing a fine job so far. I also really like the unobtrusive soundtrack.

I like all the main characters developing relationships and am eager to see how the larger story arcs will play out–the resolution of the hero’s dad’s murder, the heroine’s battle with prosecutor princess Do-Yeon, and of course, which dude she ends up with. Right now, the adorkable lawyer gets my vote! Unlike legions of others out there, I’m not a Lee Jong Seok fangirl for the moment, because frankly the Bieber hairdo (can this cut please be banished from the heads of all K-drama actors over the age of 12 please?) is not doing it for me. Although, he does pull off an adult machismo that will make the impending noona-dongsaeng romance more believable in my book. Speaking of which,  this ep also features the couple’s inaugural skinship moments. No time wasted at all with this drama.

This is the first drama I’m following as it airs, instead of my usual marathon mode. Am enjoying the ride so far, and so are a lot of others it seems–the show’s ratings climbed to 15% making it the number one Weds-Thurs drama. It’s not hard to see why.


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