Are you an addict?

K-Drama Addict T-shirts

Why yes, yes i am. How do i know? K-dramas are the lens through which i view everything. Everything refracts through the fuzzy warm glow of drama-life. Not my real life (which i don’t have anyway), my k-drama one, in which i live in a cozy rooftop apartment with Choi Han Kyul

I read something at Dramabeans–if you aren’t acquainted with that blog yet, head over there pronto for awesome recaps & general all round drama goodness–which gave me the giggles. DB asked readers to send in their addiction stories for a contest.

The result is an eye-opener on the lengths some would go to to get their fix. Love lives, jobs, pregnancy, road safety, even the running of an entire country: NOTHING gets in the way of an addict and her drama-crack. This one is one of my favourites, mainly because i play the scenario in my head and it totally could be a scene in a k-drama:

A couple years ago, I was with my sister during the last two weeks of her pregnancy. This one night, we came across MNKSS [My Name is Kim Sam Soon] and it was love at first sight. We quickly got addicted. We watched 10 episodes the first night before going to sleep at 5 am.

When we woke up, we started where we left off… and my sister went into labor. We rushed to the hospital, carrying my laptop, forgetting to bring her night bag (which by the way took us 2 weeks to pack). I drove like crazy to the hospital through Boston traffic while she was either screaming in pain or at Jin Hun for being a douche. We finally get to the hospital… and when the nurses came to get my sister.. she starts shrieking… that we have to watch the show. So my sister, the laptop, and I are rushed into the delivery room. The doctor and the nurses thought we were nuts. but we kept watching.

After 6 hours of labor, 5 hours of shrieking, and 10 mins of awwing, we finally got to welcome my beautiful little niece to this world. Her middle name is SAMSOON!!! and we’re not even remotely korean!!!

HAHA. If k-dramas haven’t (yet) sunk its wretched claws into you, you won’t get it. Those of us who recognize the red-eyed, sleep deprived look of a drama addict, we know better. Read the full post here.


2 thoughts on “Are you an addict?

    • thanks! if there ever was a drama about drama addicts, there would be no shortage of real life scenarios for fodder! if you read the full post at DB, the one about the rats, i practically keeled over in horror.


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