Look who showed up on Dating Agency Cyrano?

Why, it’s Gong Yoo!… in a really unflattering shade of brown. Sigh.  


I’d been wavering on my initial interest in this drama as its case-of-the-week format was wearing thin with no sign of the drama’s core conflicts deepening or gaining any sort of momentum. But news of Gong Yoo’s guesting did make me tune in eagerly.

But surprisingly, I really liked this episode’s case even if it was short, and not merely because you-know-who was in it. I liked that the case was a pared-down version of the dating agency’s usual cases: a painfully


shy client (Jung Yumi) just wants to work up the courage to confess her feelings for someone (Gong Yoo), a big step for someone who can’t look a man in the eye. There’s no climactic ‘relationship sealed’ moment, or even a kiss or hand holding. Instead, the ‘big reveal’ is just her essentially saying thank you to Gong Yoo’s character for making her day, stepping out of her shell in the process. But the sentiment of taking a leap of faith and not letting opportunities slip by despite your fears that you aren’t ready really resonated with me, and it echoed sweetly through Moo Jin’s own ‘big reveal’ to his love interest as well.

This week the case delivered simple, sweet and from the heart. In the meantime, the central Master-Byung Hoon-Min Young love triangle (or whatever it is) seems to be taking its time getting anywhere which makes the show of the watchable-but-not addictive variety. Perhaps it’s more episodic formatting isn’t my cuppa, but there’s enough ingredients in this show to keep me watching…for now.

Prognosis: Things are looking up!


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