I Hear Your Voice turns dark

Oh no it didn’t! This show totally went there–it killed off mama! I Hear Your Voice has capped a stellar week with a terrific episode that totally threw me for a loop. Up until this point we’ve only seen hints of main baddy Min Jong Gook’s plans, while the rest of the story has mostly been about the rom & the com between our main leads. Well, the kid gloves have come off and the revenge/thriller arc fully takes flight in full brutal force. I didn’t expect it to go there, especially so soon, but it did.

One of the things that the show has done so well is to deftly and consistently balance suspense, romance and comedy. Now that the story, and by extension the tone, has taken a dark turn it doesn’t feel like its coming out of left field because the show has given us crumbs along the way. Unlike another show i can think of that just clumsily slapped on an ending that came out of nowhere–yes Gu, I’m looking at you. I Hear Your Voice has been a much needed palate cleanser after the disaster of Gu Family Book.

Another reason to watch this show: Yoon Sang Hyun. I’m so glad this show has given him an opportunity to flex and he’s making lawyer Cha out to be all sorts of awesome and definitely the character i root for the most. This week he’s brought Cha from giddy & earnest to tortured and conflicted without missing a beat. This still says it all:    


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