More of The Master’s Sun (Updated)

This preview is NOT helping to keep my expectations in check (always useful in dramaland). To hell with that:  I’m now officially excited about The Master’s Sun. This preview gives me hope for everything I want from this drama: laughs, creeps and lots of Gong Hyo Jin. So Ji Sub looking dapper doesn’t hurt as well. In short, there’s eye candy of every kind.

I’m not a huge fan of the Hong sisters, and let’s not forget the debacle that was last year’s Big.  (Were it not for my love for Gong Yoo, I would’ve dropped that like a hot potato). The Hong Sisters have a tendency to write weak female leads that annoy the hell out of me, but the one shining exception that comes to mind is Best Love which also starred…GHJ. Could the mere presence of GHJ’s awesomeness inspire the sisters to elevate their writing? One can hope. And when the Hong sisters are firing on all cylinders, there’s nothing that can top their brand of zany, metaphor-laden humour. Who else could’ve turned a freakin’ potato into an extended metaphor-on-steroids about love?  Imagine the boatload of metaphorical possibilities in this haunted, ghostly setting!

NB: In the preview, the phrase “flower snake” means gold digger (thanks to Koala’s Playground)

Update: OMO! Epic 12-min long preview unveiled! Skinship galore! Crackling chemistry! Excited and now blubbering like a fool!

(English re-cap here)


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