Wind Chimes in a Bakery: k-drama as Malaysian ad campaign


There must be something in the water. Just a few weeks after the debut of a k-drama inspired web series, comes Wind Chimes in a Bakery. Only this time, it’s brought to you by your favourite Korean multi-national technology company. It’s an ad campaign plugging their flagship mobile phone via an online drama format. I know what you’re thinking, because I am too: isn’t every k-drama sponsored by them already? But I guess in life, nothing is certain except death and taxes…and more advertising.

Wind Chimes is shot by a Korean ad man and music video director of the likes of Wondergirls, Rain and Girls Generation and it’s about  “a boy with nothing but a dream and a girl with everything but love”. It debuted on youtube yesterday and runs for 8 episodes lasting about 5 minutes each.

I thought twice about writing this up since I generally try to avoid ads like the plague and I don’t personally like the idea of shilling anything (unless I’m paid to megabucks to do so). But I gotta admit: the “love story in the baking” tagline got me (I’m a sucker for puns) and I’m generally curious about forms of k-drama cultural appropriation. Plus, after watching the first episode, I kinda liked it.

For one, I was surprised that the use of the phone as a storytelling device feels natural. Plus, the opening shots are pure food porn and I’m anticipating plenty more. And last, there’s this little cutie: windchimes

This actress is Koe Yeet, and her dimples slay me.

See if you agree!


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