I Hear Your Voice: mid-point check in

Doesn’t this look say it all?

SHep14It’s no wonder why I Hear Your Voice gets noonas across the globe all hot and bothered. I admit this noona was slow to board this ship. I was all about Lawyer Cha and his dorky goodness. Yes, colour me crazy but Lee Jong Sook took awhile to get under my skin, and I’m still not convinced he’s a natural in the acting department. But he’s got charisma and charm, and embodies an on-the-cusp-of-manhood quality that’s damn near perfect for this role.  So now I’m fully on board and its giving me all sorts of warm fuzzies :). 

IHYV8I’m convinced Su Ha and Hye Sung may be one of the most awesome noona-dongsaeng romances ever in dramaland. Hurray for flawed, multi-faceted people who see the best and worst of each other and still choose to stick around. I love that this is a relationship that’s brought to life not in the grand gestures (though there’s some of that) but in the small, domestic moments: helping each other open cans and bottles, folding laundry, being considerate at the dinner table. What a treat it is to see a couple who enjoy each other’s company and aren’t afraid to show it. For a noona who thinks dramaland is way too short of playtime between lovers this is manna from heaven.

IHYV2What I like best about these two is that they’ve done everything right. Whatever moments of doubt there are are credible, and more importantly, fleeting. Hye Sung does push him away, but she turns right back around and says to hell with it. Perhaps it’s the fact that there’s a one-armed murderer gunning after them, but they don’t waste time wringing their hands going “oettoke?”. They’ve gone through enough shite to not let crap like pointless angst get in the way.

The show itself doesn’t waste time either. It has been masterful in pacing its thrills and spills and the trajectory has been on a steady upward climb from the outset. Last week was the first time the pace noticeably slowed, but for a show that can zip through a lot of plot in one episode, it was nice to take a breather.

IHYV143Hurrah also for secondary characters who have a purpose that isn’t about meddling and scheming! Lawyer Cha (a kick ass Yoon Sang Hyun) is not just a romantic rival, but he’s a capable colleague who has his own ups and downs. And doesn’t every gal need a frenemy like Do Yeon (Lee Da Hee) in her life?

In case you missed it, I really like this show, despite its very obvious shortcomings as a legal procedural. This gives me some concern, as it makes sense for this show to end up back in the courtroom to try big baddie. But then again, IHYV has pretty much been one step of the game so as we head for the home stretch with the remaining four episodes, I’m just going to hang on and enjoy the rest of this ride!


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