I Hear Your Voice: post mid-point pre-finale check in

The shit has hit the fan

The shit has hit the fan

Dear show,

Remember when we first met? I was kinda in a slump. Then you came along on a Wednesday night. I liked a few things about you from the start. You seemed fun, good-looking and had a sense of humour which always gets me. You also had a dark side–very attractive. I got the sense that there was more to you than just a pretty face. My curiosity was piqued, but I wasn’t sure where this was going or how long I’d stick around. So I thought I’d keep things casual. 

Then you started to get to me. I was intrigued. You always kept things moving yet took the time to show me your sensitive, cute side. You seemed to know what you were doing, confident of where you wanted to take me–another very attractive trait.  Sure, your take on the law seemed amateurish, and I would’ve been happier with spending less time in the court room. But hey, I never expected perfection. I’m pretty flawed myself.

Then you started to really send my pulse racing. You kept me in suspense, always one step ahead of me. I even really liked your taste in music!

Emotionally speaking, you definitely knew how to please a girl. You charmed me in fresh, meaningful ways. You made me squeal in delight. You even broke my heart a few times, but I loved you more for it. I never felt manipulated by you. Or maybe you were just so good at hiding it that I couldn’t tell. Sneaky.

So I fell for you. REAL. BAD.

Lawyer Cha, you were hot in this flashback

Lawyer Cha, you were bloody hot as a cop

I’m really happy that we have an extra two weeks together but I can’t lie and say that that hasn’t slowed us down. My mind even started to wonder a bit which has never really happened before. But I still liked we spent more time getting to know the other people in your world because that’s like icing on the cake. I already feel like I know you so well, so I love it when I discover there’s still so much more to you.

But since I know that we don’t have much time left, I spent most of it just waiting for the shit to hit the fan. I was distracted by the sense of looming dread. I couldn’t appreciate the heartfelt moments that I know I should’ve. Maybe that’s my fault since I’m quite the pessimist.

So now the shit has hit the fan. I’m a hot mess waiting for some sign that you’re going to keep being good to me. I want us to part ways on a good note. There’re a lot of speculations out there about you but I’m trying to not pay attention.  I’m just trying to hang on and enjoy what little time we have left together.

Whatever happens, I’ll always remember our time together.



3 thoughts on “I Hear Your Voice: post mid-point pre-finale check in

  1. Dear DDee, I can sense you’re on the verge of breaking down *hands a mug of cold root beer* (I don’t promote alcohol) ;). IHYV is awesome and I’m pretty sure we will get our happy ending! Pretty sure. If not, you can throw shit on my face *duck*. Let’s hold hands together 😜. Cheers, Nelly


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