Five Signs You’re Dealing With An Obsessive Compulsive (K)-Drama Watcher

signs of a k-drama addict

Life with DDee

Hi folks,

DDee has decided to go into hiding to shield herself from I Hear Your Voice spoilers. So I’m contributing today.

Who am I? I’m the person who has to wait patiently in bed every night for DDee to finish marathoning the latest episode(s) of whatever drama she’s obsessing over.

So from the perspective of a total outsider, may I humbly present my findings on Subject DDee. Yes – it’s totally pathological, I’m afraid.Β 

1. Subject starts engaging in random Korean speech such as “chincha?” and “sarangheyo” whilst expecting you to understand.

2. Subject experiences inconsolable trauma when Dramacrazy goes down.

3. Subject constantly exhibits an irrational preference for Korean food (ramyun in particular)Β 

Shin ramyun korean instant noodles

DDee’s go-to comfort food

4. Subject researches music videos and “choco-abs” pictorials of Rain (and/or any interchangeable K-hunk) because she thinks he’s a “great actor.”Β 

Kim Ji Hoon

DDee thinks Mr choco abs here is mighty talented

5. Subject tries to discuss frustrating K-Drama plot developments with you as if they carry the same weight of real-world events. Alas, you can only manage to nod your head dumbly and try to keep from passing out.

I may be popping up in times of need and/or crisis in the future, probably to offer more of an outsider’s take on these strange compulsions. Until next time….

21 thoughts on “Five Signs You’re Dealing With An Obsessive Compulsive (K)-Drama Watcher

  1. I can say… Mr. Choco-abs is mighty talented. πŸ˜‰ (Actually, I never knew pics of him like that existed. Now I’m seeing Kim Ji-hoon in a whole new light… Thank goodness DDee put the research in!)


  2. I just happened upon your blog and I’m happy to know that I’m not alone (nor is my husband) when it comes to kdrama watching. I enjoy reading your posts DDee especially your insights on The Master’s Sun. πŸ˜„


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