I Hear Your Voice: Final(e) check-in

I Hear Your Voice Ep 18

The noona romance to end all noona romances

And.. it’s over! I was happy. Thrilled, in fact. I’m about to go make a virgin sacrifice to the drama gods to give thanks! How rare is it for a show that has delivered the goods each week to wrap up so successfully? We’ve all been burned, even when we thought our expectations could not get any lower. But here’s that rarest of creatures: a show that up-ended expectations and managed to exceed them, consistently. Did we end up where I thought we would? Yes, but how we got there was a delightful surprise each week, like discovering the road to Oz was not made of yellow bricks but chocolate and marshmallows. 

And here’s another question: is it always the case that unless there’s a wedding and kids for the OTP there will be a sizeable number who’ll consider it an open-ended finale? Hello, anybody remember Nine? As far as I’m concerned, I Hear Your Voice went out wrapped up with ribbons and bows. We got the kiss, the cute, the tears, the redemption, we got EVERYTHING. Do we really need wedding bells?

It seems pointless to quibble about some minor fake-outs even though I fell for it like the gullible slug I am. This show has always been about the emotional pay off for me, and is that’s what this writer delivers like a fiend. That only works when character motivations are grounded in connections that feel real, no matter how outlandish or absurd the circumstances. Come on, a show with a boy who can read minds, a one-armed murderer, multiple killings, birth secrets, this is prime makjang territory. But it never quite goes there, because frankly, it doesn’t need to. Su Ha and Hye Sung’s connection has a gravitational pull strong enough to anchor the most wayward of plot points.

This writer has some major balls to pull this off. Not to mention a big, huge, bleeding heart with a deep love for her characters, even her villains. Park Hye Ryun, I will be watching you.

I was hoping that this would be a review of the series, but I’m incapable of neither processing nor churning out posts at light-speed. So consider this a cop-out, and a send-off, to this gem of a show.

4 thoughts on “I Hear Your Voice: Final(e) check-in

  1. I haven’t watched this one yet as I must admit I am not a huge fan of Lee Jong-seok but the buzz around it is pretty hardcore so its possible I will have to give it a go at some point…..

    I am trying not to get too many spoilers but I did want to wait until I was sure of a happy ending before watching …and from the lack of horrified outcry across the net I am guessing the ending was pretty good!


    • Yes this was about as satisfying an ending as you can get in my book. Am not a huge fan of LJS either, but he and LBY worked well together. I went in with no expectations so it was doubly rewarding to watch each week as the story got more intense especially during the first half. Worth a watch, definitely!


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