Two Weeks: Tae San’s favourite films

Two-Weeks So I’m liking Two Weeks alot. With its expert plotting, range of characters and Lee Jun Ki’s willingness to get endearingly dirty and desperate, I have few complaints.

But what I really get a kick out of the most is Tae San’s love of movies and his gut instinct of mining films for survival tips. It’s like movies are apart of his immune system.

Since I’m a little OCD(ee) here’s a list of movies he’s watched and/or referenced so far:

Episode 1: A Moment of Romance (1990, directed by Benny Chan)

Thanks to others savvier than myself, we know that this is the movie that Tae San is seen enjoying early in this  episode. I’ve never seen this but after some Google fu I kinda know why this might be one of Tae San’s favourites.

It’s a classic Hong Kong actioner starring Andy Lau as a low-level self-loathing gangster (sound familiar?) who falls in love with a wealthy good girl he takes hostage in a robbery gone wrong. The scene we see Tae San watching is the famous climax of the romance between the good girl-bad boy leads. The song that plays over this is also Tae San’s ring tone (thanks to Gabby‘s sharp ears).

Tae San also jumps on a bike to make his escape echoing the hero’s love of racing motorcycles in the movie. (Gotta respect the attention to detail in this show.) This action romance was a major hit that went on to spawn two sequels and is regarded as one of Andy Lau’s best performances. 

Episode 3:  US Marshals (1998, directed by Stuart Baird)

I mistakenly thought this was The Fugitive because we see Tommy Lee Jones and well, Two Weeks is basically The Fugitive k-drama style. But it’s actually the sequel where Tommy Lee Jones reprises his Oscar-winning role as US lawman Sam Gerard hunting down escaped cons.

This is the movie Tae San thinks of as he veers off the main highway to avoid police roadblocks.

I haven’t seen US Marshals either and according to the Tomatometer it doesn’t measure up to the earlier film which I thought kicked ass. There’s a reason why TLJ’s speech is so memorable in that film, and why he became Hollywood’s go-to guy for crusty, wise-cracking authority figures. If you haven’t seen it, it’s definitely worth your time.

Episode 4: The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996, Directed by Renny Harlin)

This is the movie that helps Tae San think of changing his appearance while at the house of hostages. I know I’ve seen this movie, I just can’t remember a thing about it. But boy does this plot sound like it’s made for dramaland–think adult Girl K. It’s even got amnesia! Ha Ji Won would be perfect.

So what will Tae San think of next?

Since we know he’s a fan of gangland action movies, he probably idolised Chow Yun Fatt in A Better Tomorrow back in the day.

What about kung fu flicks? It’s unthinkable that he wouldn’t have seen Drunken Master II.  I would flip if I saw a scene say, with Tae San drowning his sorrows at a pojangmacha, then while he gets attacked by Moon’s thugs, he thinks Wong Fei Hong and busts out some drunken boxing moves. Lee Jun Ki apparently has mad martial arts skills too it seems so why not put it to good use?

Will we see some Arnold? Would Tae San think of cauterising his wounds like Rambo? Did he learn anything from The Matrix?

Guess I’ll find out soon enough. Can’t wait!

5 thoughts on “Two Weeks: Tae San’s favourite films

  1. Bless your OCD(ee)! 😀 This list is awesome!

    So we’re confirmed that Tae-san is a gigantic ball of romantic (because that first clip you shared just oozed romance — like a never-ending nosebleed ;))

    Also — I totally thought it was The Fugitive! (I’m going to guess budget constraints led to using the 2nd film — because it is the lesser film and that scene is pretty much a redo — but it gets the point across so kudos to their cleverness.)

    The Long Kiss Goodnight is… okay, it’s good if you keep in mind that it’s one of the earlier kickass female action flicks and there are tropes galore but putting Geena Davis in the lead role was actually kind of ground breaking at the time? (I enjoy it — but it is what it is.)


    • Oh yes that’s exactly what I thought too about TS being a romantic! Which tickles me to no end. I wonder if we’ll see a flashback of him and the ex riding on his bike in Busan. I feel like watching all these movies (except I’ll opt for re-watching The Fugitive over US Marshals), but I doubt the Andy Lau one is easy to find. I love Geena Davis, she herself is kick ass. I recently found out she’s took up archery and was on the US Olympics team!!


      • If Tae-san didn’t take In-hye on motorbike rides all around a night-lit Busan… I will be very disappointed in him. 😉

        Geena Davis is pretty darn kick ass! I did know about the archery — that was very cool. I even tuned in a few times but… archery’s not really a spectator sport.


  2. Frankly, the whole conceit of the hero being inspired by action movies sounds horrible especially it isn’t a satire a la Last Action Hero (so underrated). But what do I know..


    • You couldn’t pay me to watch that movie! Nothing wrong with mining inspiration frm action flicks, after all, don’t you have Arnold to thank for wanting to lift weights?


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