The Master’s Sun: Mid-point check-in (Episode 1- Episode 8)


These two are killing me right now

It’s no secret that I was running rather lukewarm on The Master’s Sun when it first started airing. Wasbeing the operative word because after this week, I’m officially on board this train. Like, fist-pumping-in-the-air, grinning-ear-to-ear, heart-in-melty-puddle levels of on board this train.

The train sure took it’s own sweet time to get going, but golly, it’s now full steam ahead! 

And as I suspected, it IS ALL about Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub together. And the fact that their characters are moving delightfully closer towards each other in ways that are completely unexpected.

Like, the chaebol asshat a.k.a. Joong Won actually is HONEST about his feelings for Gong Shil! How about that. He totally cops to telling her he has feelings, that he isn’t made of stone, and all of her incessant touching makes him feel like how any man would, so to speak. (In a way, he just told her she turns him on, isn’t it?). That earned a fist-pump from me.


They play with his telescope. She complains about his ‘small size’. Heh.

And how about this for more unexpected honesty, and a whole lot of subversion while we’re at it: the whole of episode 8 is just a prime set-up for a you-used-me, how-could-you situation. Our OTP go on a nice dinner except that Joong Won has an ulterior motive which you think is going to end in Gong Shil’s crying and crushed. But nope!

Joong Won realises–unbidden–that Gong Shil misunderstood everything and that she’s upset. Then he explains himself by saying he only did all this because he felt guilty about forcing her into situation in which she would be scared. He is after all, her ‘safety hideout’, a role he takes very seriously it seems.

Unbelievable! First, he registers her feelings. Second, he registers his feelings. Third, he’s able to articulate all this and then, he even says sorry!

And she goes, oh is that so? I feel better now. Let’s go catch ghosts. Done. No fuss!


SWOOOON with me

And then the cherry on top–it’s resolved in a big fat swoony moment! They smile at each other, and in front of the whole world, he holds her hand tightly and says daringly, “Let go of my hand if you can. I don’t care.” Another fist-pump–after I picked myself off from the floor.

And the swoony hand-holding moment happens again! Are you all getting why I’m blown away by all this??

So it’s clear that Joong Won is no dummy when it comes to his feelings for her. She might have a ghost ‘radar’, but he’s got a Gong Shil ‘radar’–he’s in-tuned to her emotions, picking up all her hurts, radiating concern and totally owning it.

I love that he’s all but given up on resisting the physical boundaries that he himself set. Because again, he actually tells her that he’s already gone so far deep in this relationship. And he knows it’s crazy too. I love that moment when he bewilderingly realises that he doesn’t even find her talking to thin air strange anymore. But does he care? Not one bit.

The Master Sun Ep8

Their ghost-catching exploits have not only brought them closer together but have made them grow as people. His relationship with Gong Shil may not be romantic at this point, but she’s no mere contractual obligation either, and he’s now willing to put her comfort ahead of his own concerns for the bottom line. That’s a huge step for Mr CEO.

And with him in her corner, she’s starting to face her fears of ghosts and sees a real chance at having her life back.

All these steps feel like the beginnings of real, hard-earned partnership that’s gonna stick. This show may have had it’s missteps getting to this point, but I’m happy with where these two are at the moment. It’s been such a delicious, incremental slow burn that I’m now savouring it. I’m invested.

Which brings me back to Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub. In a word–MAGIC. So much so that for the first time in my drama-watching life, I’m shipping them as actual people. I mean, come on now. These two are made for each other. Have you seen their behind-the-scenes interviews? It’s crazy! Look how happy they are next to each other. You can’t fake that, right? Right

And people need to stop raggin’ on So Ji Sub. Yes, he started out a little stiff but he’s relaxed into it some. Joong Won’s moments of vulnerability play so subtly in his face, it kills me.

I’m head over heels for them. And for this show.


8 thoughts on “The Master’s Sun: Mid-point check-in (Episode 1- Episode 8)

  1. I was desperately trying to prevent myself from RL shipping them (I avoided every BTS) but I kinda caved in and watched this one after reading you gush over them.

    WOW, I can’t believe how great their personal chemistry and interactions are. I don’t think I’m going to “ship them” (I respect that actors are actors) but goodness gracious, they play off of each other so naturally! Their smiles seem so genuine and they convey a sense of ease in each other’s presence. I love watching them together. The friendship is definitely there, if not something more.


    • I KNOW RIGHT?! This is very disconcerting coz I never have a hard time differentiating between an actor’s roles and their real life, and I think RL shipping can get a little ridiculous, but oh my word, I just can’t help myself. He even looks a little blown away by how much fun he’s having, whereas she’s probably her natural breezy self, except way more handsy hah. And she calls him ‘oppa’ too. Cute!

      So come on, ship with me! You know you wanna ;P


  2. I really liked you post.. I agree with everything you said..
    “Unbelievable! First, he registers her feelings. Second, he registers his feelings. Third, he’s able to articulate all this and then, he even says sorry!”
    Your words just said it all!
    They are such an amazing couple and their chemistry is enviable! 🙂


    • Haha yes that whole little subplot blew my mind a little. And the show even managed to follow through on her little Cinderella moment which usually earns an eye-roll from me, but in this case, I thought it was done really meaningfully. Yes, their chemistry is pretty enviable isn’t it. It’s nuts how good they look together. Can’t get enough!


  3. Yeah, I do appreciate how Joong Won isn’t as generic as he seemed as the start, although I haven’t managed to be fully sucked into this show yet. I think it’s going to stay one of those “good enough but not great” dramas for me.


    • Yes, I suspect you might be right. I don’t think its successful on many fronts such as the episodic ghosties for instance, but it is getting better and at least the ‘rom’ in this ‘com’ has enough substance for me at the moment to overlook the rest. I sure hope it continues this way!


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