The Master’s Sun: We Have Achieved Lift-off…Almost

I’m not sure why I bother watching previews since they always almost tease and never deliver. I’ve been very good so far with avoiding spoilers and previews, but I’ve caved for tonight’s episode of The Master’s Sun. Which makes sense since I’ve switched off my brain and am riding a wave of SoJin induced feels.

So will the pair of the year finally lock lips tonight? 

And even if they do, does it count? Because it seems that Gong Shil has been possessed and Joong Won just may be doing this to exorcise the ghost. And look at the stills, he doesn’t look happy about it. And it turns out he has a fiance too, the cad!

It’s also too soon in the story for THE kiss and that’s the kiss we are waiting for, right? No? Or meaningless skinship FTW? Oh alright, you win. YIPPEE!

I’ll treat this as foreplay, an appetizer before the main course. I’ll wait patiently for the prime rib to be served. Waiting is good if it makes the pay-off more explosive. And these two have the potential to go nuclear!

But if it is a fake-out, if the show doesn’t deliver on that kiss we see in that last frame of this preview, I’m pretty sure there will be hell to pay if the discussion boards are to be believed.

Master's Sun Ep 9 Kiss stills

Why so serious Joo Gun? (cr: Nate)


10 thoughts on “The Master’s Sun: We Have Achieved Lift-off…Almost

      • ARGH. Just when I was raving about how they had reached a new level of trust and honesty. Just when I was warming up to Joo Gun. Just when I thought this rom-com was making some strides to show something different with it’s male lead. WHY INDEED! I’m not really in the mood to be charitable towards the Hong sisters today. This is all leaving a bad taste in my mouth.


      • Sacrificing character development for sensational plot point. Typical.

        I honestly have no qualms in dissing the whole “fiancee” arch right now, before I even watch the thing. And I will do just that, because it’s stupid for Joo-gun to knowingly mess with Tae-yang’s heart, no matter the justifications. Cowardice is second only to amnesia in worst K-drama tropes.


    • I wasn’t feeling this kiss at all. Especially if all it does is trigger some emotionally constipated response in the man. BAAAAH. So pointless. Help, my brain is switching back on!!

      Nice dress though (even if it did look like a blanket!), and SJS looked knee-bucklingly handsome in that dark suit. :/


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