The Master’s Sun: Ep 9 BTS in which Gong Hyo Jin Feels Up So Ji Sub…and other thoughts

Master'sSun BTS Ep9 screenshots [Update: The wonderful @ireumimolla just uploaded the English subbed clip here! The clip I posted originally was removed, but FYI all the BTSes are available on the official SBS site (instructions here)]

Another week, another set of behind the scenes videos from The Master’s Sun to fixate over. It’s become such that I just may end up liking the onscreen couple more than I like the show as a whole, if that’s possible? The video above is of the funniest scene in Ep 9 where she gets grabby in her sleep and he says something to effect of “Yeah, you like that don’t you?”. I choked. It’s even better when you find out that it was ad-libbed and it was she who initiated the grab attack and flipped the moment into comedy gold. And So Ji Sub is totally like, yeah, lets go for it! Argh, get a room you two!

Admittedly, I found myself rather frustrated at last week’s pair of episodes. Just when we saw them enjoy a few moments of honest connection, it feels like backtracking a little when we have nothing but miscommunication this week.

Episode 9 climaxes with a kiss which confirms his feelings for her, except she’s out cold. So no swooning here, although in the aftermath, the look of tender resignation in SJS’s face, was just….oooof.

So then now that he’s completely fallen for her he needs to devise ways to keep her at arm’s length. This in and of itself isn’t what frustrated me. It’s par for the course in rom-coms anyway. What is frustrating is the fact that he has to manipulate (yet again) and ultimately humiliate her in order to assuage his insecurities. The restaurant ‘rescue’ in Episode 10 was thoroughly heartbreaking to see her give up the last shred of pride and essentially Candy herself for public consumption in order for her to keep being around him. And he, by swooping in, confirms her Candy-hood, the very thing she explicitly said she didn’t want to be. So no, there was no swooning at his so-called confession, since I read it as another ploy in his game of trying to get her to fess up first.

The thing is, I like Joo Gun despite my better judgement. I like that he works hard for his money, yet he doesn’t value wealth for what it can buy. I like that he’s so chockful of feelings he can acknowledge but can’t make sense of. I like that he feels bad about using her and tries to make her feel better whenever she’s upset. I want him to deserve the wonder that is Tae Yang. I want him to be fully redeemed. I hope he comes clean about the fiance fiasco too. He’s capable of this, as we’ve seen before. I want him to be willing to sacrifice something of real meaning to him, not just a business deal or profit. It has to be something of true value and consequence. She’s got more to lose in this equation and she’s already gone Candy for him. He’s gotta show he’s willing to come out on the losing end of this deal, for once.

So Mr CEO, what are you willing to give up? He’s already given up his body but he never placed real value in that since he only trusts his mind. Actually, it’s no wonder that he thinks that Tae Yang only sees him as a piece of meat i.e. how a wolf sees the goat. This is a great reversal of how women are usually played. In fact, his whole shtick is just a cry for him to needed as a living, breathing, MAN with a heart and soul, and not meat, marble or ATM machine. He wants to be desired by his woman. That’s kinda sexy, isn’t it?

Another major swoon block in episode 10 was the alienation I felt at the density of the metaphors flying about. The language barrier is already one thing. But having to decipher the subtext is another. There’s not one conversation where they are straight with each other, either by design or by accident. All the evasion between the would-be lovers is couched in metaphors which I know is a Hong sisters’s thing, but in this instance I felt distanced rather than enchanted by it.

All this talk of goats, wolves, Candy, Dooly left me scratching my head, pulling me out of the moment. It’s like the show is speaking jondae mal with me when I feel we should be on familiar terms. Speak plainly to me,show! You don’t need to show me how clever you are all the time.

Which is why I got my feels elsewhere, such as the above clip and yet another translation of an interview with them here. You should head there for more delish bits but I just wanna pull quote this:

“But without a doubt, the highlight is in minute 2:45 when they talk about the drama and HyoJin says it’s a romantic comedy with horror. JiSub interjects that even though one might think it’s scary, there’s nothing scary about it at all. He starts describing Master’s Sun as a show that is sweet and fun, and only slightly startling. HyoJin stares at him as he’s talking then interrupts in the most cute questioning tone, “It’s not scary, OPPA?””

I leave you with a whole bunch of stills from the BTS of the kiss, in which according to translators off Soompi, he retorts that if his hands were truly ‘naughty’ they would’ve gone into her dress. Hmmm… Masters Sun BTS ep9 Kiss1 Masters Sun BTS ep9 Kiss2 Masters Sun BTS ep9 Kiss4 Masters Sun Ep 9 BTS kiss3


6 thoughts on “The Master’s Sun: Ep 9 BTS in which Gong Hyo Jin Feels Up So Ji Sub…and other thoughts

  1. Haha! I liked the behind the scenes pics and the hilarious ‘inside the dress’ comment!! hehe!

    I think from reading your post you probably got a better grasp on why Joong-won is being so difficult then I did, and it was kind of enlightening for me to read your opinion on what was happening with the whole ‘Candy’ thing which I found very difficult to understand. I guess he was sort of forcing Gong-shil to be that way so that he can place her into a role that he has chosen for her and therefore understand her position in his world.
    Because, yeah he did humiliate her though I know he is not exactly trying to be cruel, but I am also not too sure what he really wanted from her during that whole marriage debacle, because it certainly came across as unnecessary and mean.
    But obviously our Joong-won is quite screwed up!


    • He’s screwed up alright! I think the marriage thing would’ve happened whether Gong Shil was in the picture of not. He’s a habit of orchestrating engagements for business deals anyway. It’s just that this time, it was the timing that made it convenient for him to use to suss out her feelings.

      And yes, I do think he was trying to Candy her into a role that would make her position clear. That’s the crux of the Candy issue. Except that Kang Woo is also referred to as Kang Candy which is….erm I dunno how that helps the story any but I’m somehow forced to think of it metaphorically as opposed to just a nickname JW has coined. ARGH.

      I wish I didn’t hv to spend so much energy in figuring out their twisted logic!


  2. I wish I could understand what they’re talking about! Could you perhaps do a translation please? Both of them seem like they can’t get their hands off each other lol can’t wait for a bed scene which does not just involve holding hands rawr


    • I wish I could! I got that piece of info off Soompi TMS forum thread. I should correct that misleading sentence actually! I recommend to you check there for helpful fans to do bits of translation. Except the thread moves so fast it’s you’d have to back read dozens of pages!

      Bed scene? I wish! I’d be happy to settle for a steamy kiss instead of a the frozen, bud-eyed, face-plant variety we’re getting!!


    • I’m glad I’m of help ;). It is a bit of a challenge to decipher what they both are saying sometimes isn’t it? Joong Won really tickles me silly. Hmmm wouldn’t that be nice… oh wait sorry my delulu took over for a sec! *slapping self*


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