Ugly Alert: K-actor Photoshoots Gone Wrong

I don’t usually notice celeb photo spreads unless they fall into my lap, like while flipping through magazines in the hair salon.

Ever since I started this blog though, blogs or sites that I follow regularly post them so they fall into my lap all the time.   It’s all mostly harmless and pretty. After all, it’s hard to make these people look less than pretty. But I think it’s considerably easier to make them look like circus monkeys.

This gem I spotted this week accomplishes both, a real feat:

Lee Seung Gi bakes Ceci 2013

What was the thought process behind this? Lee Seung Gi doesn’t look like he gets it either. I think only the most die-hard fan would say he successfully pulls off this baking-gone-bad disaster. Here are some other head-scratchers I’ve come across. They aren’t quite the level of circus monkey-meets-ugly like Seung Gi’s but they do come close.

I’ve categorised them according to what I find most glaring.

Inappropriate use of props

Jang Hyuk Cosmopolitan 2013

I guess this is supposed to be symbolic of how much of an animal Jang Hyuk is in the bedroom (it is Cosmo after all). kim ji hoon men's health korea 2013 Something ate Kim Ji Hoon’s hand here.

Yoo Ah In 2013 photoshoot

And over here, we have Yoo Ah In gnawing on a sax with one eye closed.

Choi Jin Hyuk Elle Korea 2013

I was wrong when I thought it was impossible to make Choi Jin Hyuk look unattractive.

Inappropriate use of fruit


Fancy Baek Jin Hee and half-eaten watermelons? I thought not. 


So Ji Sub Calender 2013

So Ji Sub. This one just one big ass W.T.F.

Wardrobe malfunctions 

 Jung Kyung Ho InStyle Korea 2013

Jung Kyung Ho in major fashion *FACEPALM* . And it gets worse:


Why is Baksa Ahdeul in a hat and apron?

kim so hyun 2013 Grazia photoshoot

This one could fall under Inappropriate Use of Props but something tells me that parts of the black thing on Kim So Hyun‘s arm were breathing at one point.

38 thoughts on “Ugly Alert: K-actor Photoshoots Gone Wrong

    • Yeah!! I know, whhhhhhyyy put an orange on top of such a beautiful man’s head (or anyone’s head for that matter)? Just look at his face! He’s not happy about it either.

      The trick is to just look at their pretty faces and ignore the madness going on on top of/around/underneath them.

      Take the Jang Hyuk one. His face, still hot. He looks sexy, it’s just that he happens to be straddling a toy lion. It’s like he so committed to everything he does that he’s like, ok, I can make this ridiculous shoot work. I can bring the sexy, for I am Jang Hyuk.

      (Ok. Will stop going on about sexy JH)


      • Ugh, that toy lion. Honestly! If you told me the magazine spread was of Jang Hyuk straddling a lion, I would think it’d be a REAL LIFE badass lion, coz really, JH’s badass that way, right?? The toy lion is just too.. obtuse for my taste. I honestly don’t know about these magazine people sometimes *shakes head* Ask US, WE’LL tell you what looks hot: Jang Hyuk, shirtless and oiled up, with mane of glory, oh-so-casually straddling a real lion, with a sardonic smirk that says, “what? this? no big deal.” I’d wanna see THAT picture! ;D


      • He’s so badass that the creative team decided to use a toy lion to signify that his sex appeal or skills in the bedroom should not be toyed with. Bwahahahaa yes I’m so lame.

        Hmm I think we should stop using the words “straddling” and “Jang Hyuk” in the same sentence. It’s making my mind go to naughty places.


  1. Hahahaha!!!
    I can’t even deal with these, they are too funny! Fashion is just soooo weird! Why ruin such pretty people with such totally weirdo clothes or props?
    And the orange? Hysterical. It made me laugh out loud!!!


  2. ROTFL!!! this post!!! The only one I had seen already was Jang Hyuk’s random plush lion one. And yeah, we had a good time speculating WTF was the symbolism of the friggin lion until we gave up, but I’ve seen worse of his, muccch worse (so bad they are banned from our Jang Hyuk blog) The other photos here, my first time seeing them lolololol. This is too funny! The fruit! the half eaten fruit! WTF????


    • Really?! Where? Where?! Show me please!! I want it for my growing collection! Yes, the fruit. The only thing that would’ve made it worse is if they had juiced the oranges first and then put the cup of juice on his head.


      • Since I ban the fugly ones from the blog (and my memory) I’ll have to dig for those. Oh there is one where he seems to be posing next to mannequin body parts! that one is certainly freaky, I will have to find it. Then again, since he is an actor, I don’t mind the bizarreness of some of them, I see it as him playing a character and I don’t always mind if he looks less than pretty, but the line between a hit and a miss, is fine, very fine 😉

        In the meantime, what about this one where he threatens to…dry your hair? (you must’ve seen it because it is the Cosmo shoot where the lion came from)

        And I don’t know if seeing these photoshoot in motion will make things better or worse for you, but here are some I made 😀


      • Yes I saw the hairdryer one. I saw Soong Jong Ki with a hairdryer too only he’s all smiley and cute and wants to help dry your hair k-drama style, in my imagination. JH looks like he’d use it to…dry you, all of you. RAWR! Oh those gifs definitely make it better!! Whee!


      • Ok, got some!

        Jang Hyuk is sad because somebody stained his favorite suit, and stole his shoes

        In which he looks like a hangovered pimp (this one I actually find interesting, despite the fuglyness)

        Mad hatman

        Ya! Hyuk-a! Puss in Boots called. He wants his hat back

        This one is just plain fugly. I don’t even want to comment on it. Who would choose this as the cover? who and why?


      • HAHAHA! Thanks a bunch! Oh it’s the same hat on Baksa. Must be a korean fashion statement? The last one really is fugly. He looks like he’s in pain which isn’t possible coz JH doesn’t do pain. He’s beyond pain.


  3. HAHAHHA! That shoot of Choi Jin Hyuk makes him look older than his age. Also, he looks so sad next to that bright sunflower.

    && what the heck is So Ji Sub looks so bored in his shoot! I don’t see the sense with an orange on top of his head!


  4. I’m gonna join in with everyone else and scream “oh god oh god the orange!” I was already laughing by that stage but that photo just took the cake! And you found the InStyle photos of the Cruel City pair! I happened upon them when I was looking for pictures for my review, and this one was a particular favourite, lol. Well hi there, cowboy


    • Yes, the orange takes the cake doesn’t it. And yikes! I didn’t see this one yet! Ohmygaawd the pants! I got over the hat already, but those pants?? LOL. Thanks Caitlyn! This is a good one for my collection.


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