The Master’s Sun: Episode 10 BTS and Other Ways to Cope With Only 1 Episode This Week


Thanks to a kind soul who translated a screencap, we know that whoever puts these clips together has a sense of humour (Credit: Soompi)

So because of Chuseok holidays (mid-autumn festival) in the ROK this week there will be only one episode of The Master’s Sun airing on Thursday.

First of all, silver linings: at least we got one! I had thought we’d have to wait until next week to find out what happened to Joong Won so, yay! On the other hand, it is only one episode. So to tide me over, here’s other TMS related stuff I could distract myself with.  Unlike me, you probably have better things to do with your time than look for coping mechanisms. But in case you need it, here they are:

1. The latest behind the scenes video of Episode 10’s restaurant scene [Update: now with English subs!]

You know the one where Joong Won swoops in and calls her ‘baby’? Yeah, so you can imagine it’s a great video for RL shippers. It’s not subbed, but you should be able to read the body language just fine 😉

[update: view the subbed clip here

2. The official SBS site

All the behind the scenes clips in one handy location. It’s all in Korean so follow these instructions. Make sure you remove any ad blockers first.

First go to this page:
Then: TMSSBSsite


And then


3. Pictures of So Ji Sub and his Kiki.

No, it’s not a euphemism. It’s his dog.

So Ji Sub & his poodle

So Ji Sub and his poodle

He also has a cat by the way. Why do I know this?

4. TMS filming locations in Seoul!


5. Oldies but goodies

So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin were already cute in the earliest subbed interview  but little did we know how much it would blossom. (The subs start at 1:45)

6. Seo In Guk’s OST track No Matter What

I wonder if he sorts out the recycling in real life.

And fan-made MVs. Here’s a lovely one by The Talking Cupboard:

And the latest news is that the production is considering either airing a special or extending the show for 1 episode. I had hoped that it would’ve been a special since extensions almost always hurt the show in the end. Oh well. Hopefully, this means more time for not-so-meaningless skinship?

I get all my gossip from the Soompi show thread so head there if you’re similarly inclined.

And lastly, I’ll be stuffing my face with mooncakes. That helps ease the pain too 🙂


19 thoughts on “The Master’s Sun: Episode 10 BTS and Other Ways to Cope With Only 1 Episode This Week

  1. What? What? Why? Nooo… I was just now on youtube and I was watching a video where they said something about a holiday/celebration and I come here and bad news were waiting for me.. Only one episode? I’m sad..I’m really sad and I had a crappy afternoon today too.. It’s just gets better and better.. 😦 Sorry for the rambling..


    • Oh no, so so sorry to add to your bad day!! It sucks, but at least we get to enjoy one new episode instead of nothing at all, no? No apologies necessary, and I hope you’re feeling better!


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