Calling Real Life Shippers: Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub Fan Fiction to Whet Appetites [updated]

[Update: MyWebFoot’s fanfic was such a success that she’s expanded chapters into a full-fledged e-book! That Far Gone will be available on 31st January 2014! Read an except here.)

Master's Sun on set stills I first encountered fan fiction during the height of my fascination with The X-Files and my big fat crush on Fox Mulder. It led me to trawling internet message boards and fan sites, and  fan fiction seemed to me like a strange but wonderful beast borne from slightly unhinged minds.

Some of it was fun, alot of it bad fan-wank.  Nevertheless, the extent of my fandom practice has never strayed far from canon.  So imagine my surprise when I came across this TMS fan fic on Soompi forums that tickled me silly.

Webfoot Prints has been posting a set of fics called That Far Gone. It’s basically a series of snapshots of on-set encounters between So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin while filming The Master’s Sun.  It’s written from SJS’s point of view, and quite cleverly appropriates what is widely acknowledged to be his introverted, gruff voice. Here’s a taste, from Scene #2 

The script reading is over. I like what I hear. Everyone seems to have a potential. I will probably enjoy this one. The female lead, Hyo Jin is everything her reputation has made her out to be. A little outspoken. Chatty. Right now she’s headed my way. I see her over the head of Jung Woon sunbaenim.

She has a pretty unreserved smile for someone she barely knows.

“Ji Sub-ssi, may we speak comfortably?”

Well, unreserved in all ways I see. I nod. Sunbae-nim waves and walks off.

“O…ppa.” She’s trying out how it sounds. It’s weird, on the first day of our working relationship, but I can live with it if she wants that.

“Gong Hyo Jin.”

She holds back her amusement. “You don’t talk much, do you. Well, I need to tell you some things, so you really will only need to say something if you want to, okay? Can we just sit down in that meeting room over there for a few minutes?”

I gesture her to lead the way. I follow her to the little room with a small meeting table and some hard fold-open chairs. It looks out on the concrete and some sparse trees. Summer is turning, but right now the August heat is sucking the life out of everything.

She walks in and immediately sits down, and I am unable to pull the chair out for her, since she was ahead of me. I sit opposite her.

She clears her throat. “Nice beard by the way.”

She doesn’t mean that. I know I look like people should be throwing me coins. That was the goal. Disagreeing would be rude, so I say nothing.

She’s out of small talk. So she just takes a deep breath and says what’s on her mind. “Oppa, there are some things I need to explain about how I act. I never studied acting, but I hear people call this the ‘Meisner method’.”

I have heard of it. It’s common. An ‘honest response to imaginary circumstances’. I’ve used it before.

“Do you have a girlfriend at the moment?”


“Is there anyone who might object to me in your life?”

What? “Not that I know of.”

“Okay, then I think I can easily fall in love with you.”

Hee!  Needless to say, you’d only appreciate this if you actually ship them, and if you do, it also helps to know a teeny bit about their personalities to get a bigger kick out of these.

I found these fun, breezy, and well-written. There are six scenes so far, all (mostly) rated PG, even the scene with SJS working out with bestie Song Seung Hoon…*cough*

I know some parts in the deep dark recesses of my functioning brain probably finds all this RL shipping somewhat creepy, but my heart is thumping too loudly to care!


7 thoughts on “Calling Real Life Shippers: Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub Fan Fiction to Whet Appetites [updated]

    • Well, I’m not exactly well-informed but all I know of them is that SJS is shy, introverted, gruff and GHJ is the sunny, free-spirited sort, and both like dogs and tattooes? Oh yes, and he’s besties with Song Seung Hoon! Which reminds me, I wanted to excerpt something that tickled me but I digress. Oh do help fill in the blanks! I’d love to know more about them!


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