Is SBS Shipping Gong Hyo Jin & So Ji Sub too?

Because what else explains title of the latest The Master’s Sun behind the scenes clip of the rooftop kiss on episode 12?

On the SBS site, it’s titled  [메이킹] 소지섭-공효진, 쉬지 않고 계속 키스만..이러다 사귈 듯 [주군의 태양] which translates to [MAKING] So Ji Sub – Gong Hyo Jin, non stop kisses… at this rate they might date [Master’s Sun] (translation by @gohgomah on Soompi forum). That SBS is being so blatant about milking this for all it’s worth is kinda hilarious (and creepy). They are keenly aware that these two are the main reason The Master’s Sun is causing a stir, even if it’s for reasons other than the actual content of the drama, and is happily supplying more fodder to feed the frenzy surrounding the romantic off-screen possibilities of this pair.   

But nevermind SBS for now. The crew is totally trolling them! According to helpful forummers who translated the clip, at one point the PD asks “You kissed right?” and SJS replies “Of course” but in the background a crew member says “It looked like it wasn’t”. HAH.

And like we saw in earlier clips, whoever is putting these together continues to troll SJS this time by captioning his suggestion for more lip action as “naughty”. HAHAHA.


‘Naughty’ So Ji Sub for wanting more lip action, eh?

Here’s the rough English translation of the clip by @aliceinwonder on the Soompi forum thread:

0:40 SJS: Like this?
0:44 PD: Yes that, pull her more close.
0:58 PD: Aha... it's not easy is it?
1:11 PD: You guys did kiss right? (Director asks directly)
    SJS: Yes, of course. 
1:16 SJS:  It was jammed
1:22 SJS: So you want some movement right, PDnim?
1:27 SJS: It will be dirty then. [note: could also mean messy or complicated]  
1:43 (not clear...)
     SJS: If mouths are opened...Will you be okay [to GHJ]?
(screen caption: Naughty♡)
      PD:  (not clear...)
      SJS: Then by force..
      GHJ: But something's not right with long shot, it's boring.....
      PD:  Then we better do it cut by cut   
2:20 CUT. Wrong timing
2:31 CUT. Hold on, who's hand is it at the back?

Well, we now know that So Ji Sub's suggestion for a sexier kiss was shot down. Poo! Let's hope SJS gets his wish in upcoming episodes ;)

Update: OR you could just view the English subbed clip here!

Note: all translations in this post by @axerine @thetimeisright and @gohgomah at Soompi.


5 thoughts on “Is SBS Shipping Gong Hyo Jin & So Ji Sub too?

    • Yes, ‘craze’ indeed! Everybody just went apeshit, as far as I can tell ;). I hope the BTS gets released too ! But I don’t know if it will since the show’s over, so maybe it’ll be on the DVD? Which means a good long wait ;(


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