The Funniest Preview: Answer Me 1994

HOMG did this preview crack me up! I laughed myself silly, mainly because I can relate!

Does anyone else remember staring up at these Magic Eye posters when they were plastered in random places like bookshops or music stores during the height of the craze? I was one of those kids trying desperately to see what magical 3D image would appear, and elbowing my friends next to me to ask them if they got it or not.  And I probably looked like a zoned out space monkey too.

I remember being befuddled with the how-to instructions of  “look past the image”–Er, look past the image to where? The wall??

It was truly a test of patience. And when I finally did manage to nail down the technique–when you kinda let your eyes go cross eyed, or when you stop trying so hard and the image literally pops up–it was like I’d earned the keys to the kingdom. I know, I was a lame ass kid. If you have have no idea what I’m talking about it’s this:  MagicEyeAnswer Me 1994 is possibly one of the most anticipated shows on tvN this year and for good reason. It’s predecessor Answer Me 1997 was about friendships and family, chock full of warmth and heart, and lovely youthful leads. It’s homage to 90s ROK pop culture flew over my head, but it’s depiction of fandom resonated with me nonetheless, because who hasn’t been a crazed teenybopper fangirl at some point in their life? AnswerMe1994CastBTS

This time around, we’ve got similar prospects only now with them lovely youthful leads mucking about on campus! Hurrah for a drama set in university because isn’t it about time we’ve had one? And is the only other drama set on a college campus Neukim, by the way? If it is, 1994 was too long ago. I’d love it if university life would become next year’s flavour-of-the-month, like last year’s time-travel or this year’s ghosts. So much fodder for drama here, I wonder why dramaland hasn’t figured out the tremendous possibilities inherent in the setting–hormones, close proximity, no school uniforms, no parents….

In any case, I’m looking forward to this one, ever since I saw Go Ara in her overalls. Overalls! I lived in them!



Answer Me 1994

Episodes : 16  
Starts: October 18 
Broadcast Company : tvN
Cast : Go Ara, Yoo Yeon-Seok, Jung Woo, Kim Sung-Kyun, Sung Dong-Il, Lee Il-Hwa, Baro
All photos from CJ E&M 

9 thoughts on “The Funniest Preview: Answer Me 1994

  1. Omo! I had a pair of overalls myself! Hee! I didn’t live in them, but I did enjoy wearing them on occasion XD

    As for college campus dramas.. Heartstrings comes to mind. Not fabulous, but it was pleasant in the way Playful Kiss is pleasant.


    • Overalls and converse knock-offs was my uniform during my early days of college. 😉

      Ah Heartstrings! Which didn’t look enticing in the least so I skipped. Oh Playful Kiss, I need to be in the right frame of mind for it or else… hmm


      • Yeah, it’s no huge loss if you never watch either of those shows, imo.. I’d say PK is the more enduring watch. Once you get past the flaws, it’s good comfort food. Simple, cute, and light. But yes, the right mood is critical ^^


      • Yes, I suspect that my mood was what killed something like You Are Beautiful for me. I was really sick in bed and…it made me feel worse. I should give that another go now that I ‘m erm, healthier. PK I would do at some point.


      • Ooh.. Yes, mood is super important. Objectively speaking I think You’re Beautiful > Playful Kiss. And I agree with Amanda, What’s Up is a worthy watch too ^^ I didn’t find it fabulous, but very solid.


  2. What’s Up was also on a college campus. Once again, not essential viewing but good—and it has a great soundtrack.

    If I didn’t loathe all sports I’d be way more excited for this drama =X


    • Oooh was it? Good soundtracks are a great boost though for me so I’ll be sure to check that out. And now that I think about it, I wonder if Taereung National Village kinda qualifies as a college drama. And speaking of sports, I suspect that basketball is to this drama what the boyband was to 1997. Surely, that’s not going to keep you away from this?!


  3. I was only 8 in 1994 but I remember trying to figure out the Magic Eye pics (and never ever seeing anything. I swear to God everyone around was just teasing me by saying they could see something, because I never could), and absolutely lived in overalls. Home made, I might add, by my Mum. I was worried I wouldn’t relate to 1994 as much as I related to 1997 but it doesn’t look like that will be a problem.


    • Haha yes I felt the same pain, plus I was already in my early teens and it still took me yonks. Wow, crafty mum! I still have my mum’s groovy 70’s overalls in fuchsia which I keep because I’m waiting for them to come back in fashion. And yes, may we all be able to bask in 90s nostalgia soon, even though I know nuts about Korean pop culture!


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