My Reason for Watching Mirae’s Choice

THIS: Lee Dong Gun Mirae's Choice Vader03 This seals the deal, guys.

When I saw this still today of Lee Dong Gun as Darth Vader wielding a lightsaber, I thought to myself, I surrender. Because it’s not like there’s a shortage of dramas this cycle, what with the Heirs juggernaut being only the tip of the drama iceberg. But Mirae’s Choice (or Marry Him If You Dare) has surely but steadily snuck up on me. First there was the news of Lee Dong Gun’s comeback, and the premise of a time-travelling rom-com on our hands. Well and good, but hardly must-watch material.

Then the promos starting trickling in earnest. And I saw this:

Miraes Choice Yoon Eun Hye

Credit: TV Daily

Oh the hair! That dress! Karaoke! THE HAIR! Continue reading