My Reason for Watching Mirae’s Choice

THIS: Lee Dong Gun Mirae's Choice Vader03 This seals the deal, guys.

When I saw this still today of Lee Dong Gun as Darth Vader wielding a lightsaber, I thought to myself, I surrender. Because it’s not like there’s a shortage of dramas this cycle, what with the Heirs juggernaut being only the tip of the drama iceberg. But Mirae’s Choice (or Marry Him If You Dare) has surely but steadily snuck up on me. First there was the news of Lee Dong Gun’s comeback, and the premise of a time-travelling rom-com on our hands. Well and good, but hardly must-watch material.

Then the promos starting trickling in earnest. And I saw this:

Miraes Choice Yoon Eun Hye

Credit: TV Daily

Oh the hair! That dress! Karaoke! THE HAIR! Is the show poking fun at Yoon Eun Hye’s idol past? Look at her really feeling that tune like no tomorrow. Whatever the case, YEH is not one to shy away from owning the less-than-pretty and I love that about her. She would embrace the hideous perm and wear it with pride.

So I warmed up to the idea of this being something that could be alot of fun. So it moved up a notch on my list of October contenders. And then Vader dropped. Lee Dong Gun Miraes Choice still

Buttoned up and Brylcream-ed Mr Brooks Brothers swinging his lightsaber with that deadly serious expression, makes it even better! I’m going to be watching the drama for this scene alone, suffice to say.  I’ll overlook the fact that he’s not wearing the helmet and using the wrong coloured lightsaber (it should be red).

With this outfit and her hair, I ship them already–but only if he never takes this off. Lee Dong Gun in Miraes Choice

As for the content of the show, all the leads work in broadcast TV which is prime territory for some snarky side-eye meta, or some frenzied what-would-Anthony-do moments, both of which I love.

Or maybe not. Who cares? I’m already sold on this.

Aside from Vader, and the time-travel–future Mi Rae travels back in time to warn her younger self against marrying Vader–it’s also got an earnest pursue your dreams angle which I do also love. There’s also what looks to be a love quadrangle involving said leads and Jung Yong Hwa’s chaebol-in-disguise Se-Joo and Han Chae-Ah’s ambitious reporter Yoo Kyung.   If it needs another selling point, it’s by the screenwriter of King 2 Hearts (which I didn’t finish, but alot of people seemed to enjoy) and a PD of whose track record I know nothing.

A second preview dropped too. It’s cute but unfortunately, no Vader!

Mirae’s Choice / Marry Him if You Dare

Episodes : 16

Starts: October 14

Broadcast Company: KBS

Cast: Yoon Eun Hye, Lee Dong Gun, Jung Yong Hwa, Han Chae-Ah

22 thoughts on “My Reason for Watching Mirae’s Choice

  1. HAHAHA!! Such a fun post! 😀 And now, YOU’VE increased my interest in this show, just by the way you’ve written about it, even though I’ve ALREADY seen these stills and trailer. That’s some skills, Ms. DDee *bows*

    Of course, if I end up watching this and if it turns out to be a stinker, I can always say, “DDee made me do it!” *points* XD


    • Hah, I’m glad you appreciate my skills in pulling stuff out of my ass! Speaking of my ass, I think I need to cover my ass by saying, buyer beware! But seriously, I really hope this turns out to be a good old fashioned rom-com. I need one of those!


      • Those are rarer than you’d expect, eh? Given how kdrama has such a rom-com reputation, it’s actually quite hard to find a good rom-com. I mean, so much can and does go wrong! Just look at L7! >.<


      • Oh that one I didn’t watch because of its notoriety! However, the ori J-dorama sounded really good?

        But yeah, it is so hard and I’m puzzled why. But then again, I look at my drama watch-list and there’s only a handful of rom-coms in there, so maybe I’m just not looking hard enough. I wish Master’s Sun was filling that void, but it ain’t. But on the upside, it’s way better than Big! Which pains me again to think about because, and as a fellow Gong Yoo fangirl I know you relate, Hong sisters gave him CRAP for his first drama in years when they are capable of doing much better!

        Sorry, tangential rant over 🙂


      • I don’t know that J-dorama.. I’ve only watched a handful of J-doramas, tbh.. As for rom-com, have you watched Pasta? It’s completely underrated, imo.. Lots of people dissed it for the small story and small world, but I loved it a huge, hulking HEAP. So much cute and adorable, seriously.

        And yes, Big was not well-written by any stretch of the imagination. But GY rocked it like only he could, and I still think he was awesome in it ^^


      • Pasta is definitely on my list! I might turn to it very soon actually since I’ve been watching alot of relatively heavier stuff. Oh and by the way, Chuno is slow going since the other half holds me back alot. So it’s gonna take some time, but I think that’s a good thing when it comes to this drama.


      • YESYESYES! Check out Pasta!! It’s the perfect antidote to too much heavy. Gong Hyo Jin is adorable in it 🙂

        No harm going slow, imo.. That way you get to savor more ^^ Of course, inhaling a drama all at once is always fun too, which I’ve recently rediscovered. But a leisurely watch to savor the awesome never does hurt either!


    • Hah! Hmmm judging by her hair, maybe she’s the ewok of here! It all makes sense to me now…

      And no way I’d believe you’d ditch Lee Min Ho for Vader. I’d do it, probably the only one in dramaland at this point!


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  3. I missed this post last week, somehow. Dong Gun with a lightsaber? First of all… what? Second of all… freaking awesome! It looks like it’s gonna be pretty funny, if this is anything to go by.


  4. I’m looking forward to watching Mirae’s Choice as well. The premise sounds promising and I wonder how long Yoon Eun Hye will have to keep that hairstyle in the drama. ;p

    Even though I’ve only seen up to ep 10 of Pasta, I agree with kfangurl, you should watch Pasta and Gong Hyo Jin is adorable! I’m soo impressed by her acting. I’m also watching The Greatest Love and it’s true that GHJ has great chemistry between her and the male leads. After this, I need to find the Gong Yoo drama that she was in…


    • Oh Biscuit Teacher?! I liked that alot. I adore Gong Yoo and GHJ both, plus I have a soft spot for noona romance ;D. How are you liking Greatest Love? I really liked that, mainly because I found it so relentlessly entertaining! Plus, Ding Dong and Dokko Jin, match made in heaven!


      • I’m loving The Greatest Love! It’s soo wacky and it makes me seriously LOL. It’s usually Dokko Jin’s one liners that has me guffawing and rolling around the room. My husband thinks I’ve gone crazy. ;p lol Ding dong!


      • I watched the first two episodes of Mirae’s Choice last night. I liked it and am looking forward to watching more of it. I would like to elaborate but I have yet to put my thoughts about it together. ;p The theme song is really catchy and for me it was great to hear Kim Tae Woo again (singer from g.o.d).


      • I just got round to watching Mirae and I did like it too, it does seem like a potentially good old fashioned rom-com, which is right up my alley! I love Yoon Eun Hye as young Mirae, and surprisingly Jung Yong Hwa too!

        BUT, I don’t think I have enough headspace to watch two currently airing shows right now. And Heirs, I am completely shocked to say, is really rocking my world at the moment! So I think I’m going to let this Mirae go for now and come back to her later. Do you blog? If you’re going to keep up with Mirae I’d like to read what you have to say bout this one.


      • This show is already pulling at my heart and I’ve shed a couple of tears already. Yoon Eun Hye’s Mirae speaks to me. I can understand the situation that she finds herself in and the good (although shady) intentions future Mirae has. I am cheering Mirae on! I like Yong Hwa and it does seem like his acting has gotten better. ^_^ v sigh…I’m going to suffer from second lead syndrome, aren’t I?

        I understand what you mean about not having enough headspace to watch two currently airing shows. The Master’s Sun was the first drama that I watched “live”. It took over my life for two months and even though the show has ended, it is still continuing to do so. This has never happened to me before. (My obsession led me to your blog ^_^v) So, even though I started both Mirae’s Choice and Heirs, I am kinda hesitant to continue live watching.

        But who am I kidding? LOL

        I have a blog but I’ve written hm…two entries since starting it two years ago…


      • Yeah I can relate to young Mirae’s situation too, in fact I feel much like she does at this point in my life :)! What I’m not feeling is Kim Shin, but it’s still early days. Suspect is another show that seems to be getting really good buzz, and I do like a good melodrama! And then Answer Me 1994 stared too. I will just have to marathon then all. Gaah!

        Ever consider blogging bout dramas? Since you have such a long history with them?


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