Unemployed Romance Endears With Cheerful Preview

Unemployment Romance

I am praying that Wonder Woman and Superman will show up in Unemployed Romance  like this poster suggests. Between this and Darth Vader, I think I’m set.

Remember this one? Yes, I confess I sort of forgot about this in the midst of the seasonal drama change over. One word: Heirs.   

But look at these cutie patooties! Lee Young Ah and Nam Goong Min were adorable together during some early footage during script readings. Chemistry is not a problem here! Unemployed Romance Poster

Plus this one sounds like it could be oodles of fun: She’s a struggling screenwriter forced to go on the dole. But who should be writing the cheques? Her ex from college, who thinks she’s bad luck and blames her for all the things that went wrong in his life.

I feel for her, but I also know that this sounds like a really great set-up for some laughs at her expense *rubbing hands in glee*.

Complicating matters are their respective friends, Wan Ha (Seo Joon Young) and Seon-joo (Bae Seul Gi) who you guessed it, form the other two corners of this love square.

Unfortunately, cable network E-Channel picked the wrong month to debut this drama so it’s bound to get lost in the shuffle.

This comes from a rookie production team, and I like the feel of an underdog drama that could. By the looks of the preview, it really might fill those shoes.

I don’t understand a word since it’s all in Korean but doesn’t it look endearingly cheap and cheerful, and fresh?

And maybe just a tad dark. No, I mean literally, like, underlit:

At only 10 episodes, I’m pleased that there’s less time to meander and muck things up.

And red is Nam Goong Min’s colour:

UnemployedRomanceBTS01 UnemployedRomanceBTS03


I’m not sure where else it’s airing but Dramafever looks like it will carry it. Fingers crossed it will pop up somewhere I can access.

Unemployed Romance   

Episodes: 10  
Starts: October 5 
Broadcast Company: E-Channel 
Cast:  Lee Young Ah, Nam Goong Min, Seo Joon Young, Bae Seul Gi  

[All pictures from Soompi/E-Channel]

21 thoughts on “Unemployed Romance Endears With Cheerful Preview

  1. HAHA. You made me laugh with your write-up! Looks like superheroes are the in thing right now? Oh wait. Darth Vader isn’t a superhero. There goes THAT theory! XD

    This does look very cute.. I’ve only seen Lee Young Ah in Vampire Prosecutor, so this would be a refreshing change. Plus, I’ve never seen Nam Goong Min play lead before, so that should be fun too. Let’s hope it actually turns out to be good!


      • Bwahahaa!! You make me sound like a complete peanut butter fanatic!! XD The stuff this guy makes sounds absolutely delicious, though.. Drool.. I hope he makes it big, so that we’ll all get to taste some! ^.~


      • Hey now, it’s artisan peanut butter, so it’s worth paying a little extra 😉 And yes, I *am* HPB.. If only I lived in the area, I’d order some too! Let me know if it really does taste sublime! ;D


      • Tee hee! You are tempting me! XD You coy artisan peanut butter pusher, you ;D

        Enjoy the splurge.. You deserve to pamper yourself with posh peanut butter if you want! I mean, why ever not, right? To quote that L’Oreal ad.. “Coz you’re worth it” ;D


  2. I’m so excited for this drama since the first time I heard about it! And this preview just seals the deal for me! And what you wrote ” doesn’t it look endearingly cheap and cheerful, and fresh?” Yew it does!! If I can’t find subtitles or the drama itself I’m gonna be so pissed of!! 🙂


    • Yeah I like that it doesn’t really look polished or slick. Plus the two of them look so cuddly and cute.

      Oh I really hope there’s subs for this too! Can you get dramafever where you are? I usually check out the Soompi forum thread for updates on stuff like that, but yes fingers crossed!


      • The two of them look so good together!
        And no,no dramafever for me, no viki (except for about 10 dramas), no nothing.. But I’m trying to be hopeful! I will check out Soompi though, thanks for that because truth is I haven’t check out this site. Am I the only one, right?


      • Well, I didn’t start visiting it until recently when I discovered it’s great for gossip & reading people’s reactions to dramas is hilarious! It’s funny to read what people are thinking and feeling as a drama airs, it’s like group therapy. But aside from the forums, soompi covers news too, so if you’re into k-pop, it can be handy. 🙂


      • Ohh I love to read what other people think about dramas so I guess I’m gonna like it. Haha group therapy! So true! I’m not really into k-pop but still that won’t stop me.. 🙂


    • Yep! Plus I just read that it’s gonna be told from multiple point of views which sounds interesting and novel. I really really hope this works out! I’m so in the mood right now for sweet, breezy, light, along the likes of Cyrano.


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