Heirs Drops Preview #4

What else is left to say about Heirs, except THANK GOD IT STARTS ON WEDNESDAY.

Then this promotional madness can end.

But! We get to see a stare down between Kim Woo Bin and Lee Min Ho in what looks like their high school hallway. Ooooh, shivers!

Heirs Preview 4 screencaps Kim Woo Bin  Lee Min Ho in Heirs Screen cap preview 4

I’m betting that Kim Tan will be the one who wants to be friends while Choi Young Do’s like, I don’t befriend insignificant insects like you. I pray for eventual bromance!

And just as I was thinking to myself, how come we haven’t seen any stills of them in uniforms? Is the show trying it’s best not to remind us how old their lead actors really are?

There’s also some slapping (of whom, by whom I’m not sure) and crying and Park Shin Hye washing dishes.

Cha Eun Sang is looking to be one of the most dewy Candys to ever work three jobs. Here she is washing dishes: Heirs still of Park Shin Hye

And working the counter at a cafe:

Park Shin Hye in Heirs

And here as pizza delivery girl, dropping off an order to a bike shop, which is where she meets…

Park Shin Hye still in Heirs working


Kim Woo Bin in Heirs still

Since bikes equals badass in dramaland, I very much approve. Bravo show, you picked the right badass. He looks too J Crew catalog to be truly badass, but that’s okay.

Kim Woo Bin in Heirs  He’s the genius chaebol bike-loving speed demon who doesn’t suffer fools like Kim Tan. He can wear whatever he wants.

All I can say is, I’m looking forward to seeing some bike-riding romancing of Eun Sang. J Crew wardrobe optional.

Update: So, just when I was whining about not seeing anybody in uniforms, SBS drops another version of the preview with lots of uniforms! SBS, are you plugged into my brain? 

Looks like the epic stare down draws a crowd at Shinhwa Empire High: Heirs Preview 4 Screencap  Heirs Preview 4

And then there’s thisHeirs Preview 4 Screencapwhich tells me Young Do better hop on his bike and haul ass over to her pronto. 

The press conference is today in precisely two hours which will be live streamed via Youtube, which means, no sign of the machine stopping. Ah I give up. Feed me, SBS. 


13 thoughts on “Heirs Drops Preview #4

  1. I am almost ashamed to admit how excited I am for this drama……
    I just LOVE so many of the actors in it that I can’t help but desperately believe it will be totally awesome. And I guess even if it isn’t at least it will sure as hell be pretty!


    • You are not alone. But I admit I only got excited when I saw the KWB and the bike! Ok fine, and Choi Jin Hyuk in that spiffy suit 😉

      And you know, I’m sure there will probably be something to like for everyone: The pretty, the angst, the family drama, the cute, the romance, I think from the looks of it, the drama’s got it covered. 🙂


  2. Woobie as “the genius chaebol bike-loving speed demon who doesn’t suffer fools” = Eeeee!!!! ❤❤❤ I am so excited. Seriously. Badass KWB is one of my favorite things. In the world. ❤


    • I’m just letting my imagination take me where it wants to go with KWB, really. The bike is making me do it. And that stare!

      I was just commenting on @snow_white’s blog that you might need to be resuscitated at these moments during the show. Are you prepped and ready to go?? Got your smelling salts, oxygen tank? ;D


      • Gasp! No! I didn’t even think of the smelling salts and oxygen tank, I was too busy fantasizing about badass KWB on my screen!! *note to self: 2 more things to pick up while going thru duty free to Tokyo* Giggle.


      • Oh that’s right! You’re off to Tokyo! Have a safe trip! Enjoy the awesome eats, and family time, and of course, the Woobie time 😉


      • Aw thanks DDee!! 😀 Much as Tokyo is sure to be awesome, I’m determined to keep up with all the live-watch hysteria & spazz *revs fangirl lungs, for the inevitable squee-fest to come*


    • I don’t believe it will plain suck, but it’s looking alot less trashy than what I’d expected and hoped it would be, though. Shucks.

      The relentless promos are working their magic on me because I never thought I’d be as into this as I am now at this point.


  3. Will you believe that the only reason I’m mildly curious about this one is because Park Hyungsik will be in it! lol! I know! It’s just, I love that kid in Real Men and was positively impressed with his acting in Nine. I don’t know this Woobie you all speak of so enthusiastically but my curiosity is also picked. What drama is he famous for? Oh wait…Ill google him


    • Oh, him! I didn’t recognise him from the previews. He’s in Real Men?? How? He’s barely out of diapers, he looks like! He was pretty good in Nine, I do remember now.

      As for Woobie, he’s Kfangurl’s main squeeze & is all over her blog. I’m sure you know him as Kim Woo Bin 😉


      • Yes! He is called “baby soldier” on Real Men 🙂 I googled Kim Woo Bin and I haven’t watched any of his dramas yet. But I think I’ll add School 2013 to my list, because of Jang Nara. One of these days I’ll get to it 😊


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