Heirs: Young Do Pets Dog, Proves He’s a Good Guy

I mentioned in an earlier post in a comment that Kim Woo Bin’s Young Do seems like he is one or two steps away from snapping heads off kittens for kicks. In the first episode we saw him bullying a junior in ways that felt more chilling and brutal than the average schoolyard taunt. It would’ve been be less unsettling if he was just plain physically aggressive. But he clearly relishes playing mind games and pushing peoples buttons, which coupled with his capacity for violence makes him a tad more twisted than your garden variety bully.

Plus Kim Woo Bin looks so otherworldly, with his pale complexion and imposing height that he does creepy so easily. Also he brings an intensity to his brand of menacing that, in a way that makes me feel conflicted about a character that I don’t like, I find down right sexy.

But it turns out Young Do likes dogs! As we see here in these stills from these week’s episodes. I firmly believe that any person who looks tenderly at his doggie like this…


…means he can’t be all bad. 

I’m sighing with relief. Because I do want Eun Sang courted by two good guys. Also, as Betsy over at Creating Volumes pointed out, there must be a reason why characters we like such as Myung So and Bo Na are friends with him.  But in my book, being kind to animals is one of the truest expressions of human goodness!

Awww look at him. He’s so happy. As a dog lover myself, I so approve.


It figures that Young Do’s dog would be a Rottweiler, right? Or is that a Bull Mastiff? Oh, I’ll just pretend it’s a Rotty because it fits his character better.

So I’m hopeful that we’ll see more of Young Do’s goodness soon.

Unless…he sics his Rotty on his enemies?  Nah, he wouldn’t do that. Would he?



10 thoughts on “Heirs: Young Do Pets Dog, Proves He’s a Good Guy

  1. Well, hello there Mr. Adorable! 😀 Those pics are so cute. Man, this show really knows how to push our emotional buttons, doesn’t it?

    Like you, I’d like Young-do to be redeemable. For one, I’d love to see the rift between Tan and Young-do eventually resolve into a beautiful bromance. And that can’t happen if one of them is a kitten-killer. (To state the obvious. ;))


    • I know! It’s like the show has direct access to the pleasure centres of my brain and releases them endorphins on cue. Sigh.

      Bromance is definitely in order. They do need to resolve that rift, and then teach the adults that the insanely wealthy can be well-adjusted human beings too.


      • I finally caught up with Heirs last night… I’m not so into it though but I’m watching it for the eye candies. I’m looking forward to Woobie and Rotty together! You know who I’m talking about :P. Love the beast = Woobie beast *howls*


  2. D’aw. Happy Woobie ALWAYS makes me happy ^^ Plus, as a dog-lover too, I highly approve of these stills. I think they picked an excellent pooch to play Woobie’s doggie. They’re both equally capable of extreme fierce, but have the capacity for warm fuzzy cuteness ❤

    Also. Given that Heirs is more teen angst and sunshiny goodness, I don’t think ANY of the characters will turn out to be kitten killers.. They’re all just.. angsty and troubled and.. misunderstood 😉


    • Hah, you are just waiting for Young Do to swoop in and sweep Eun Sang off her feet and onto his bike aren’t you? I hope he takes her on some moonlit rides through Seoul. Why should Kim Tan have all the fun? ;D


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