Weekly OCDrama Digest 29 Oct -3 November

How was everyone’s week? I spent a good chunk of mine in bed sick as a dog. I trust yours was better? Here’s a roundup of reads that came across my plate this week.

And Happy Divali to all Hindus!


1. Gong Yoo’s new film The Suspect released stills this week of him running, leaping and looking steely-eyed as befitting a man on the run. Gong Yoo plays an ex-North Korean spy living in the ROK who is framed for murder and now must prove his innocence. It’s Gong Yoo’s first foray into the action blockbuster genre in a bid to stretch his acting muscles. And speaking of muscles, is it too much to hope that we see some of his on the big screen? Nothing major, just a shot of his chest will do me fine.

And in other Gong Yoo news, kfangurl of The Fangirl Verdict was lucky enough to score a ticket to his first fanmeeting two years in Tokyo. Read all about her fabulous fangirl encounter here


2. Kim Beom & Moon Geun Young are dating! They met on set on the epic fail of a drama Goddess of Fire (or so I heard, didn’t watch it) which as it turns out, was good for something after all.  They are now frolicking in Europe, enjoying being young, successful, beautiful and in love.  If they weren’t so darn cute, here is where I’d insert a snarky remark.

3. To celebrate Halloween, koreaBANG translated a popular weekly web comic Bizarre Cooking from Naver by Jeong Da-jeong which usually revolves around her cooking something well, bizarre. This week’s dish was Ghost Fingers! The recipe looks brilliant and if I were ever in need of a dish that looked deliciously creepy, I’d make this.  And speaking of creepy, some fools thought it would be funny to dress up as Asiana Airlines cabin crew. *Facepalm*korea-halloween-ghostfingers

4. Asian pop culture site Green Tea Graffiti posted a great write-up about My Sassy Girl, one of the defining films of the early Hallyu wave. I haven’t seen this one in a long time, and I wonder if it’s time for a revisit?

5. Ask a Korean! answered a question about gender ratios in Korea which had this interesting fact–nearly 40% of rural marriages in Korea are of the ‘mail-order’ variety to South East Asian women. Which is leading to a huge multi-ethnic baby boom, bringing with it a host of issues that traditionally mono-ethnic Korea has to grapple with. This interview by a filmmaker who is making a documentary about the difficulties mixed-race children in Korea face in getting an education, takes a closer look at the issue of multiculturalism in the country.

22 thoughts on “Weekly OCDrama Digest 29 Oct -3 November

  1. Ooh, thanks for the lovely shout-out, DDee!! ❤❤❤ You are a sweet thang, aren’t you? *smooch*

    YAY that you’re feeling better.. I knew hot tea, warm blankets & lots of GY hawtness would see you right through! And man, DOES he look hawt in those stills! Plus, YES, you’ll get your wish of some GY shirtless in the movie.. The trailer shows him rock-climbing while shirtless – I’m just gonna give you a minute to process the awesome 😉

    And er, those mutilated finger cookies look gruesome >.<


    • So naturally, I sat right up after I read your comment and went “VHAT?! TRAILER?! Where?! WHERE?!” and found a grainy one, that’s like a BTS? Is that the one you’re talking about? Did you see this at the fanmeet? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IGxHPecC6g.

      Aren’t the fingers AWESOME?! I cackled like a witch to see them. I wish I could read Korean coz I’d love to follow that comic.


      • Hee. If you’d come over to the comment threads on both my GY and fanmeet posts, you’d have seen the link shared, my dear 😉

        Here you go: movie.naver.com/movie/bi/mi/mediaView.nhn?code=93028&mid=21912


      • But of course, I should’ve known. I still hv no idea how to follow a comment thread. But I will figure it out. WPress shall not thwart me!


      • Lol. For peeps who don’t fancy visiting a thread everyday, clicking on the little check-box “Notify me of follow-up comments via email” when leaving a comment will help keep ’em up to speed – for the price of a more crowded inbox 😉 WP will then send you an email for every additional comment the thread receives, even if it’s not in direct response to the comment you left. ^^


      • Thanks for the help! I promise I’m normally a little more intelligent than this, but I’ll chalk this one up to the vicious bug that I’ve caught.


  2. Happy Diwali to all! Another fab post. I am definitely going to have to check some of these out. I found out about Kim Beom and Moon Geun Young yesterday and nearly died of sugar shock. Sorry you are still sick!


  3. I hope you’ve had plenty of comfort food and comfort drink and comfort snuggles and comfort dramas and are on your way to feeling much, much better. 🙂

    And thanks for pulling all these reads together! Those fingers manage to look both creepy and delicious — not an easy combo to achieve. 😉


  4. Ohh hope you’re feeling better! 🙂
    I saw the news about the new couple and they do look adorable. But I don’t get why agencies in Korea have to make announcements about the personal lives of the actors.. Is it only me?
    And Gong Yoo.. Always a good thing to have more Gong Yoo in our lives.. 🙂


    • I guess the nature of the K-ent industry is such that actors entire lives need to be stage managed. When the smallest things can become a ‘scandal’ and affect careers, agencies feel the need protect their clients. Alot of money is involved. The good thing here is that it seemed quick, painless and open: they met, got together, and made it public.

      And as for Gong Yoo, I can’t wait to have him back in dramaland, but I’ll take his movies too. Although, who knows if this one will ever make it to my country!


      • Well when money is involved people have to be so cautious.. But I guess what I don’t like is small, unimportant things that happen in actors’ lives end up considered as scandals when really people shouldn’t care about them. The whole ” people think that they have a say to a famous person’s life”, I just find it ridiculous..
        But I understand how the industry works, I guess..
        You’re lucky that korean movies made it to your country, in mine only very very few and they are more how should I put it, not so mainstream? I don’t know, movies like Pieta or Oldboy..
        One of the reasons I love and appreciate the Internet.. 🙂


      • Yeah, every little thing becomes a ‘scandal’! Ridiculous.

        Oh films like Oldboy or Pieta wouldn’t get screened here commercially. Too graphic/explicit. Blockbusters that managed to get distributor here are more likely to, like The Flu. Or maybe Oldboy did get screened here back then coz it was award-winning? Hmm. But Malaysians have a healthy appetite for pirate DVDs, which is why I think Malaysians must be the most knowledgeable film audiences in the world ;P


  5. Hi there,
    Your blog doing great. Anyway, it’s me again from the Buletinkpop. I remember that last time about the Autumn DiHatiku drama thingie. Last month they aired the tele movie that combine all the episode. I think it still available on Tonton website.

    GongYoo doesn’t have any dramas on SBS if not there will be high chance for him to come to Malaysia. So far I heard the rumour about Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin to come here.


    • Hello! Of course I remember. Yeah, tak sempat tulis my review of Autumn which I feel really bad about but I WILL do very soon. And I do keep up with Buletin K-pop too for local news.
      Wow, lets hope that rumour becomes reality! If it happens, I’m sure you guys will be the first to share about it! 🙂
      Thanks for reading!


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