lee min ho looks best simple…

Oh I wish Kim Tan dressed more like this on Heirs instead of them grandma jumpers he likes. Although, I do recall one with red parrots (?) that I could see myself in… if I were a grandma myself ;P



OMO. I just came across this picture and I love, love how Lee Min Ho looks here, outfit and all. I think it’s a fairly recent airport pic judging by the backward cap style and I remember seeing blurry snaps of him in a similar outfit not too long ago.

What a sight for my sore eyes… his wardrobe for Heirs hasn’t been the most appealing. The snug plain grey tee, dark jeans and scruffy red sneakers just look so haaawt on him. Or he just looks gorgeous left alone sans stylist.

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2 thoughts on “lee min ho looks best simple…

  1. I couldn’t agree more!! He looks totally awesome in that photo (as in he looks hot!) whilst in Heirs I think he looks way too fashiony. Like that little silver necklace thing he wears over his collar with his school uniform. ?? I mean what is that thing??
    I know he is meant to be rich or whatever but still…. ugh ugh.

    (Though actually I rather adored his ridiculous fluffy pink cardigan. He he….)


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