the brawlin’ boys…

This is nice to see these grown men behave like regular joes just doing their job, a relief from all the testosteroney stuff going on with the show 😉


Unlike how rabid I was with the BTS of JOJ, I haven’t bothered at all with the BTS clips of Heirs. So this is the first BTS I was eager to suss out. After watching the BTS of the fight scene between KT and YD, I gotta say it was good editing on the video editor’s part. I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin throwing air punches at each other and rolling around the ground, lanky limbs flailing everywhere. They are both soooo tall and kinda skinny that  all I see are super long legs and arms swinging, kicking and getting tangled in chaotic fashion. They are just so far from the ground – it basically took LMH like three moves to reach the floor after KWB flips him. HA. The scuffle looked a lot cooler in the drama, especially when…

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