Secret: A Letter to Candy

Secret Episode 13 Hwang Jung Eum


I’ve watched you for 14 episodes and I think it’s time we have a heart-to-heart, from one woman to another. Here’s where I channel Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost: Yoo Jeong, you in DANGER girl!

I don’t know much about you, where you’re from, or even what makes you tick as a person, except that you seem to attract, and are attracted to, men who are no good for you. See, the man who was okay with you going to prison in his place, that is a sign that that man is no good for you. That man, Do Hoon, is a selfish prick. Thank goodness you did eventually dump his ass. Nevermind that it was for the wrong reasons–for his own good not yours, supposedly– but hey, whatever works. And that other guy, Min Hyuk, the guy who tried to strangle you? And then graduated to stalking you, and then tormenting you emotionally and financially? And then to top it all off, forcibly kissed you in some twisted bid to show his love for you? He ain’t much better, to put it mildly. In fact, he’s worse. He’s crazy and rich, and as we all know,  there’s no limit to what wealthy, deranged men can do to women in dramaland. 

Do not be fooled by his sudden softening towards you. He is wrapped up in his man-pain and has shown no capacity to know what love is. Now that you’ve decided to align yourself with this mad man, I fear for your safety, both physically and emotionally. So I beg you, run as far far away from this damaged, deranged, violent man as you possibly can.

And stop apologising to everybody for everything, especially for things that happen through no fault of your own! You do it like, constantly, in every episode. I take it that you feel the need to punish yourself for whatever reason and think that you brought all the terrible things that happen to you onto yourself, like losing your son, and the death of your dad. But dearie, it’s time to stop saying sorry, and start living for yourself. Getting revenge on Do Hoon won’t help, although I’m secretly thrilled that you’re pissed because a) it’s about bloody time, and b) at least it makes you so much more interesting. Now, if you would only get angry at Min Hyuk too…

And stop having breakdowns in the midst of on-coming traffic. Let me say though, I’m glad you had a breakdown, because it showed that you do have a limit to how much abuse you could take from one man. I was beginning to wonder if you were a bottomless receptacle of pain and suffering. So I was ecstatic to see you whig-out in public right in front of that bastard. Only, did you have to do it in the middle of a highway?? That shit will get you killed. You need to learn to direct your anger at the people who’ve done you harm, instead of towards yourself.

Or is this really what it’s all about? Are you, just like everyone else on this show, all about self-destruction? What motivates you? Who are you? See, I would’ve hoped to get a clearer picture your character, but you and the rest of your cray-cray pals on the show, seem to just trade in extremes. I can understand the appeal of watching the absurdity as the show makes your suffering seem glamourous, and perhaps there’s a bit of schadenfreude going on too. But now you and the mad man seem to have inexplicably developed feelings for each other and that really creeps me out.

Oh but keep your prison friends. Them girls treat you well and they care about you. Lose everyone else, though.




10 thoughts on “Secret: A Letter to Candy

    • I’m glad you liked reading this :). It’s funny, I’m quite the opposite–I think I’ve become more tolerant of stuff like this! Otherwise, how to explain how I’ve been able to watch all of Secret so far?! Haha. As I said elsewhere, watching this show makes me feel like I’m watching a car wreck–I feel crappy but I just can’t look away.


    • Hee! You’re right, I just can’t turn away from this too. It’s like rubbernecking at a car wreck! I feel shitty about it, but I watch it anyway, and roll my eyes!


  1. I’m not watching Secret either but your post- I loved it!
    “He’s crazy and rich, and as we all know, there’s no limit to what wealthy, deranged men can do to women in dramaland.”
    “I was beginning to wonder if you were a bottomless receptacle of pain and suffering.”
    Gaahh.. Such a good post! You’re funny!
    I kept reading about how good it is and stuff so I might check it out after it finishes..


    • Aww thanks for reading! Happy you enjoyed it. I’ll probably marathon the last few episodes after it’s done too, and brace myself for what will surely be some OTT craziness. What is it about makjang dramas that suck you in despite your better judgement…


  2. You’re too funny, DDee! I think you’re a keeper, and you just moved up to my top girlfriend list! 😉 this is what a girlfriend should do.

    I love Secret and your advice is spot on. Both men are just hopeless but I am sided with Min Hyuk just because… Kekeke


    • … because of Ji Sung?? I can maybe understand why Yoo Jeong falls for him because he is really attractive, for a mad man. He makes being nuts seem desirable!
      If you ever become like Yoo Jeong, I’ll send you a wake up call too! Heehee


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