Weekly OCDrama Digest 11– 17 November

Hello all! It’s been quiet on the blog front these past couple of weeks because well, I’ve been busy gettin’ hitched! Yep, the noose is now firmly around my neck. The dude who wrote this is now stuck with me (and by extension, dramas) for life.

I guess that’s my biggest news this week, but other stuff did happen such as….

Lee Seung Gi at airport


1. Lee Seung Gi and his noonas returned to Korea this week after filming Noonas Over Flowers, a new take of tvN’s hit variety show Grandpas Over Flowers. I looked forward to reading the re-caps of the latter each weekend over on Dramabeans, and I loved it way too much for a show I didn’t regularly watch (foiled by lack of subs, pooh). So I’m thrilled that Seung Gi is taking on the role of luggage boy for these veteran actresses in their travels to Croatia. What little I’ve seen of his legendary stint on 1 Night 2 Days makes me think that he’s ideal for the role of hapless porter. He just seems like the guy every noona would love to bully and mother in equal measure. He’s the guy your grandma dotes on, while your little sister kicks under the table. But I must say that Seung Gi is looking mighty handsome and all growed-up these days! NOF airs on 29th November. 

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