Weekly OCDrama Digest 11– 17 November

Hello all! It’s been quiet on the blog front these past couple of weeks because well, I’ve been busy gettin’ hitched! Yep, the noose is now firmly around my neck. The dude who wrote this is now stuck with me (and by extension, dramas) for life.

I guess that’s my biggest news this week, but other stuff did happen such as….

Lee Seung Gi at airport


1. Lee Seung Gi and his noonas returned to Korea this week after filming Noonas Over Flowers, a new take of tvN’s hit variety show Grandpas Over Flowers. I looked forward to reading the re-caps of the latter each weekend over on Dramabeans, and I loved it way too much for a show I didn’t regularly watch (foiled by lack of subs, pooh). So I’m thrilled that Seung Gi is taking on the role of luggage boy for these veteran actresses in their travels to Croatia. What little I’ve seen of his legendary stint on 1 Night 2 Days makes me think that he’s ideal for the role of hapless porter. He just seems like the guy every noona would love to bully and mother in equal measure. He’s the guy your grandma dotes on, while your little sister kicks under the table. But I must say that Seung Gi is looking mighty handsome and all growed-up these days! NOF airs on 29th November. 





2. Samsung has launched a webseries called Infinite Power, based on a popular webtoon. It stars 2AM’s Seul-ong, Dal Shabet’s Woo Hee and Kim Seul-Gi, whom I last saw as Kim Ji Hoon’s manic publisher in Flower Boy Next Door. It’s a premise that sounds like it would be relevant for today’s twenty-somethings in Korea: a guy struggling to find a good job alongside his similarly penniless housemates. Samsung is sparing no expense, with a production budget for the 6-episode series being reportedly the equivalent of a regular TV drama. Catch the first webisode here, but be warned, there don’t appear to be any English subs so far. Samsung in Malaysia launched a similar effort earlier this year in a bid to promote their flagship phone which has racked up over half a million views on average so far. Not bad for an untested platform.

3. The Grand Narrative posted a reader request for advice on trying to win over the disapproving family of her Korean boyfriend. It’s a common story, one we’ve heard of many times before, but I found the story of her relationship moving and could be straight out of a drama. Jess is uncommonly empathetic too, understanding the family’s point of view without any bitterness. Here’s a snippet: 

“I’ve spent a long time pondering, reading, and learning, trying to find a way around the problem. It’s not really about who I am as a person.  I feel no pain from the absoluteness of how they look at me.  It’s what I am.  I’m not Korean.  I have children.  I am not at all what they would want for their son, their family….Usually, racism is full of hatred and cold-hearted callousness.  I have found MANY instances of couples overcoming and succeeding despite situations like that… but I haven’t been able to find many stories about families like H’s–just enough to have hope; not enough for a thorough understanding.  Their disapproval isn’t like that.  They aren’t hateful.  They aren’t callous.  This causes them pain.  I have a lot to offer, but to say that I’m not what they expected… that’s an understatement of epic proportions.”

If you have any advise, do help a sister out!

4. The entire nation of the ROK was engulfed in exam fever as students sat for college exams this week. I’m fascinated by the forms of enthusiastic encouragement youngsters receive, as if the whole country is invested in the success of every student. Netizenbuzz has some pictures of the chaos of the season, and this was my fave:  the oldest test-taker at age 77 being cheered on. 


5. And this may be unrelated to dramas or Korea, but while I was enjoying my wedding, a devastating typhoon wrecked havoc in the Philippines. Some friends in Manila are organising relief efforts specifically targeting women’s needs, sent me this note:

Manila has been busy packing relief goods but alas there is an urgent need to pay attention to the specific needs of women in times of such calamities. We, along with some other friends have began collecting donations to address this gap. We hope to be able to send panties, sanitary napkins, feminine wash/wipes and other toiletries that women in severely affected areas are urgently in need of. If you or your friends would like to help, kindly let us know. We have friends who will be leaving for Leyte in the next week to deliver aid, and have contacts both in Iloilo and Capiz, waiting for whatever we can send them. An airdrop indie effort is pushing thru this Saturday with 400kilos of relief and anther friend is going with a team on Monday.

As activists and NGO-workers with whom I’ve worked, I know my donation is in good hands. Plus, although big aid agencies are on the ground, smaller scale outfits often have more success in terms of direct access and being immediately response. I do love my feminist friends.

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37 thoughts on “Weekly OCDrama Digest 11– 17 November

  1. OMG Ddee….you got married!!!! Wow…congratulations 🙂 🙂
    Was it a church wedding or something related to your culture?

    I think your drama watching hours will be reduced now..aww 😉 😛


    • Thanks snow! There was a church ceremony, and a dinner. Ok, two dinners. And a chinese tea ceremony. But hardly the week-long affair of the Indian variety!
      I don’t think this will have an effect on my drama watching. In fact, after the dinner, I came home and watched a little of Secret before falling asleep. LOL.


      • Hahahahaha…..you can totally take part in ‘biggest drama addict’ contest…lol 😀

        yes….we have a week long affair for weddings….have you been to any Indian wedding??

        by the way, I always wonder that after marriage, I won’t be able to watch dramas the same way as present….your hubby is so cool 🙂


      • Yes I have! Twice–one in Delhi, one in Bhubaneshwar. It was awesome. I ate until I dropped. And although it was fairly low-key by Indian standards, I felt like there were still a gazillion parties to attend, like the haldi, etc. It was a whirlwind of eating, dancing, and traffic, and heat. The orissa wedding was during the summer, the worst heatwave ever at the time. I remember being comatose on the floor after the generator cut out and the fans died in my friend’s house. Good times!
        Yes, my hubs is cool, but I don’t give him a choice about dramas really. It comes with the package! He’s reluctantly tolerant as kfangurl described. You just have to find someone who will hopefully be as tolerant as well. I’m lucky!


  2. Congratulations Ddee!! That is awesome lovely news!! ! 🙂 Tell us some more about it!!!
    And don’t worry, I am married and still watch just as many dramas as I used to (or was MORE than I used to…?).


    • Thanks Popsies! Yes, my drama-watching habits I suspect won’t change drastically, except now I am legally bound to pay him some attention when he pouts about my ogling some k-hottie. Haha.
      Oh the wedding was lovely and chilled out by local standards LOL. I’m hardly the kind to have a big bash, I’d be happy to just go to city hall and sign some papers. But you know, the do was more for the benefit of the elders, but hey, me likeys a party, just as long as I don’t have to do too much work! So yes, it was low-key 😉


  3. DDee, congratulations on getting hitched! You’re finally a married woman! Welcome to the club! Rule of thumb for marriage success: don’t let marriage stop you from looking at other men 😛 esp all the Korean hotties. The way I explain it to my husband: you don’t own my eyes kekekeke

    Tahniah, again! Enjoy marriage life!


    • Hahah, I like that! I’ll use that on him the next time he gets upset at my ogling. Thanks for the wishes. Still getting used to calling him the hubs, we’ve been going out for so long!
      How was the Infinite concert?


      • Just call him as you would normally do… So geli if I call my hub laogong hehe. He call me oi and I call him hey, it works out lol. We are old fart couple, so I may not reckon you to do so unless you both mutually agree 😉

        Infinite concert was superb! If you know the boys, they are super talented and not forgetting beautiful too. They sang live! And live band performance too! Seriously it was well worth my money. Unfortunately it was a standing only venue so I had to stand for hours in my boots. But hey, worth the pain. I had good views of the boys. They danced awesome. I miss them already!


      • We’ve been together for so long (9 years) that we are like old married couple in many ways already. We do the oi too, but now he’s taken to calling me ‘wai-fu’ thinking it sounds like how a korean would say wife. Haha.
        I only know Taemin, who is very beautiful! When are you going to do a post on it? Would love to read all about it!


      • Wow that is long. Waitaminute! My hub and I waited 9 years too before we get married. What a coincidence! We are on our 17 years relationship now… Old fart couple!

        Hmmm I haven’t thought of making any post. I didn’t bring my phone and cam to the concert 😦 but perhaps I will since my friend snapped 1,500 pics that nite! Yup, you heard me right! 1,500! Cray!!!


      • Ye ke?? And you’ve been married for 8 years? And together for 17? You deserve the congratulations, not me!:D
        And your 1500 pics friend I’m sure could spare a few for you! Why not write something up, since I thought you’d be spilling out with things to say?


  4. Yay, you got married! That’s so exciting. I’m trying to think of customs we have in America to celebrate weddings. Hmmm…I guess I’m just wondering if you had cake 🙂 If not you should complain. I’m not married myself, but I hope if I do get married, my future husband will be as understanding of my obsessions as yours seems to be, lol. Also, I’m so excited that you’re back! I love reading these posts. On a less happy note, the devastation in the Philippines is so deeply sad. I feel bad that I am so far away and can’t help in a more real way, but I appreciate you spreading the word.


    • Yes there was cake! I still have some in the fridge, there was so much! Generally, no occasion big or small here happens without plenty of food, which is how I like it :). We did the bare minimum of customs coz we’re not traditional peeps and that was just to make the parentals happy. It’s quite a feat to get me into a dress, let alone a long white one, which I reminded my folks constantly whenever one of them wanted me to do something beyond what I was prepared to do. I never thought I’d get married but after 9 years together, I kinda went, why the hell not? Hah. Yes, I am lucky the hubs puts up with my shit! But it’s not like I give him much of a choice 😉
      Glad you enjoy reading these! And no need to feel bad, everyone does what they can at the right moments.


  5. Congratulations!! That is totally awesome! Welcome to the club! 😀

    Frankly, I’m impressed it only messed up your blogging for a few weeks. By the time me and mine did the actual wedding we were this close to just fleeing to Las Vegas to elope (thereby setting up family drama for years to come) and I’d been warned off wedding magazines. It was fun in retrospect but I would not want to do the planning and such again.

    (Also — thanks for sharing the info on ways to help in the Philippines.)


    • Arg.. typing on a tab is not a skill I’ve mastered! So anyways my sister did the bulk of the work for most of it, so no need to be impressed about anything! I practically just showed up. Even still, I did have a Vegas moment here and there, mostly when dealing with the parentals who had to be contained or else… I didn’t touch a magazine either or step into a bridal shop. I just said to heck with it, its just a party so why stress. As long as you feed people well and ply them with alcohol, everyone goes home happy!


      • So wise are you!! And also lucky to have a sister who enjoys this sort of thing. 🙂 I remember at some point thinking to myself, “I never plan parties and now I’m trying to pull together the most important party of my life!! (damn you, bridal magazines and your blowing it all out of proportion ways)” and… yeah. Vegas sounded good. 😉 It all worked out though. As you say, good food and drink is the key. 😀


      • I think every bride has a Vegas moment. My friend who lives in San Fran and whose hubs can apparently marry folks at City Hall said to go over and do the deed there! I was very tempted, but alas, I’m way too filial!


  6. Wow!!! Congrats, DDee!!! 😀 😀 😀 Your brand-new hubs sounds like an awesome kinda guy. Any man who can not only reluctantly tolerate your kdrama obsession, but can even CONTRIBUTE a post to your blog is a keeper, I say!! ;D

    What’s a wedding without presents, right? So.. In light of what we were talking about on my blog, I thot I’d make you a little prezzie: http://i1341.photobucket.com/albums/o756/kfangurl/Ddee_zps7dcefdac.jpg

    I hope you like it! ^^

    Also, lotsa happy wishes for a lifetime of fun, laughter & er.. tolerance 😉


    • EEEEEEE!!! How absolutely SWEET of you!! *FLAILING* This is the best prezzie ever!! The best presents are the surprise ones and OMG you really sprung one on me!

      You are awesome!! I love it love it love it!! Hee, it feels like he’s looking right at me! I’m so overwhelmed! My cup runneth over. Thank you so so SO much! *hugs and smooches forevaaah*

      Yes, he is definitely a keeper, and he does try to get into this drama business which is so awesome of him! Thanks so much for the well wishes!


      • Hee. I’m so glad you like it!! 😀 If you squint real hard, you can sort of make out that the font has a “+” where all the spaces within letters are supposed to be.. I can’t quite remember the name of it, but it’s some kind of ambulance font, which I thot really apt for your blog name ^^ It won’t be super obvious, but I can help but hur-hur at the inside joke ^.~


      • AHAHAHAA that’s awesome! Now that you mentioned it, I went back to look, and yep, it’s very apt. Hee! Did ya see that other spread of Gong Yoo today in Singles?? WHEE! So many great gifts today when I checked the net!


  7. Congratulations ja Paljon Onnea, DDee! You are quite the multitasker! Hee hee. If I was into kdrama when I got married, I would have probably been sneaking some kdrama time.

    Btw, did you play any kpop songs at your wedding party? We used “oppa” by Wax as one of our theme songs for our wedding in San Diego (definitely not used in the Finnish one heh heh) We did this because, when my husband and I first met in Japan, this song was what started us talking to each other. ^_^

    My husband doesn’t understand my obsession with kdrama but I remind him that he’s obsessed with soccer. I accept his obsession so he accepts mine. Hee hee

    Best wishes and congratulations!


    • You had k-pop at your wedding?! Awesome! Closest we came is playing a J-rock tune on our playlist of a band we saw in Tokyo that we liked alot. It’s great how music brought you & yours together, coz it did me & mine! The hubs plays music so he played a song he wrote at the party.
      Yes, mutual acceptance is the way to go, or maybe in my hubs’s case, it’s toleration!
      Thanks for the wishes Kat!


  8. Ohh Congratulations on your wedding!! I wish you two have a healthy and happy life together!! 🙂
    So exciting.. And it’s so nice to find someone who understands you and your obsession. Always a good thing..
    *sigh* and I don’t even have a boyfriend.. Well I can always drown my pain by watching more dramas right?
    Again congrats and I wish you the best in life!


    • Thanks dear! I never thought I’d get to this stage, and I wasn’t even looking for a partner when I met the hubs, so that’s the secret, if you ask me. All things at the right time and place! And yes, there will always be dramas and your blogger friends to obsess with at the end of the day 🙂


  9. Congratulations on getting married, DDee! You are blessed indeed to have an other half who tolerates your obsessions so well. 🙂 May you two have a long and happy life together!


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