Ugly Alert: K-actor Photoshoots Gone Wrong II–the Animal Edition

There must be a reason why animals feature so prominently in spreads of K-actors. I don’t know what that reason is but I don’t question a gift horse in the mouth. I apologise if fangirls/boys feel like I’m making fun of your darlings but it’s not them, since they remain beautiful people. It’s the cray-cray surrounding them that’s not. And it’s the people who style and shoot them (with cameras, not guns) who are at fault. So here’s another installment of questionable shoots, centered around animals of the stuffed variety. You ready? Let’s go to the zoo!

Here’s Daniel Henney whispering sweet nothings into the ears of a blue teddy. Not sexy.


 And whaddya know, Lee Jung Seok has a little something going on with a bear too…


It’s rather disturbing. And that last one is unfortunately, horrifically, suggestive to me. I have a really warped mind, I’m sorry. Can’t help it.

He can’t get enough of the bear, because it’s back, literally:

Lee Jong Suk Photoshoot 2013

And here he is again, with a…possum? A muskrat? Some kind of long-tailed rodent. At least he’s feeding it, and not kissing it. Still, didn’t your mother warn you about rodents, Su Ha-ya? Two words: bubonic plague.


A bird on Go Soo‘s shoulder is worth…not much. Is he supposed to be Dr Evil, with a parrot instead of a cat? Because the bird does look kinda evil.

23 thoughts on “Ugly Alert: K-actor Photoshoots Gone Wrong II–the Animal Edition

  1. OMGGG I nearly choked on the Lee Seo Jin one with the plastic dolphin! XD HAHAHAHA!!! SO not cool, seriously!! WHAT IS WITH THE STYLISTS OF THESE PIX??? What were they thinking?!??? Is it a jealous conspiracy to uglify the beautiful people? Or are they all smokin’ something they shouldn’t be smoking? I guess we will never know..


    • I know! But seriously, I luff that picture! His dimples make it all better! He looks so darn happy to be sitting on a dolphin. Sigh. They’re all such troopers, these actors. I’ve long ago given up on figuring out the thought process behind pics like these.


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  4. LOL! The Lee Jung Seok photoshoot is completely unBEARable! The last pic in that trio is really horrific. Suggestive isn’t the word. It’s blatant. Oh my eyes! I actually think the dolphin one is really cute…ok wait, I’m just thinking of the dimples and hair. I’ll just put a story behind it and say he was goofing off with kids by the pool. And if Jang Hyuk riding a stuffed lion doesn’t make you do a triple take, I don’t know what will. But his expression, body language…the man can pull off anything!


    • I think that LJS shoot will be hard to top in terms of sheer WTF-kery. It really does make me scratch my head. I’ve seen him tied to a chair looking like a kidnap victim and laughing about it, but that doesn’t reach the heights of this one! If we didn’t love these actors so much and their pretty, we wouldn’t be half as willing to go along with it I reckon! Ditto the dimples, which I hv a weakness for. And JH on a lion is so far one of my fave fuglies!!


      • LOL. High Fashion is like the world of fine art to me. Only the elite might get it and relish in it. Just give me a pair of comfy trousers or jeans and a tee with a cardigan and I’m happy. Oh yes, dimples are a real weakness.


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