Gong Yoo in Running Man. FINALLY! [Update]


No words! NO WORDS! I knew we’d get a bonanza of Gong Yoo promos, but NOT. LIKE. THIS. For one, Gong Yoo on a variety show is such a rarity, so yay! But it’s RUNNING MAN, which is no ordinary variety, so HELL YES! CHRISTMAS HAS COME EARLY!

N/B: In case anyone is wondering, Ahjussifan got this piece of info from here. Finger’s crossed it happens!

And it’s happening! The Gong Yoo and his Suspect co-star Park Hee Soon episode of RM will air on 8th December. Catch the preview here 

Ahjussi Fan

This is the most effing awesome news I heard recently. I’ve been waiting like years for him to come out in this show.

From the above image, he will be filming on 25th November 2013 *Next Monday* and the program will be aired on 8th December 2013.

His movie The Suspect *together with Park Hee sun* will be released on December so they’ll promoting it in Running Man. Okay, Gong Yoo in Movie and Running Man in the same month, I couldn’t ask for more, could I? 😀

The Suspect’s real action trailer:

Still cuts (c: dramabeans):

Seriously, I can’t wait for December. 😀

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