Weekly OCD Drama Digest 18 – 24 November

Greetings all! I’ve been a little brain dead as I’m still recovering from my wedding. Witness the pitiful excuse of a post this week, when I swore I would start writing in earnest again.  I trust you guys were more productive?  Here’s my top-5 news-y picks of the week: 

Gong Yoo Domino's pizza ad 2013

Gong Yoo hawking Domino’s Pizza with Suzy. I shall photoshop myself over her face.

1. Any week I get to kick off with Gong Yoo news is a good week. I knew that since he has a new movie, The Suspect coming out we’d be getting a boatload of promo activity, but not like this: Gong Yoo is to guest on RUNNING MAN! Filming starts tomorrow and the episode will air in DecemberFor non-fangirls, this is why this is faint-on-the-floor news–the man is a veritable hermit! He doesn’t do variety shows, much less do anything to get any kind of press outside of drama/film promo. Which, yay, for him, but pooh for us because it’s often a long, looong, dry news spell during his off season. So Running Man! Where we’ll get him who for an entire hour! Doing all kinds of god-knows what! Being all cute and funny! And athletic and competitive! And hunky! …And…just…I’m…I’m: 

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