Weekly OCD Drama Digest 18 – 24 November

Greetings all! I’ve been a little brain dead as I’m still recovering from my wedding. Witness the pitiful excuse of a post this week, when I swore I would start writing in earnest again.  I trust you guys were more productive?  Here’s my top-5 news-y picks of the week: 

Gong Yoo Domino's pizza ad 2013

Gong Yoo hawking Domino’s Pizza with Suzy. I shall photoshop myself over her face.

1. Any week I get to kick off with Gong Yoo news is a good week. I knew that since he has a new movie, The Suspect coming out we’d be getting a boatload of promo activity, but not like this: Gong Yoo is to guest on RUNNING MAN! Filming starts tomorrow and the episode will air in DecemberFor non-fangirls, this is why this is faint-on-the-floor news–the man is a veritable hermit! He doesn’t do variety shows, much less do anything to get any kind of press outside of drama/film promo. Which, yay, for him, but pooh for us because it’s often a long, looong, dry news spell during his off season. So Running Man! Where we’ll get him who for an entire hour! Doing all kinds of god-knows what! Being all cute and funny! And athletic and competitive! And hunky! …And…just…I’m…I’m: 

And speaking of, Lee Kwang Soo will be holding a fanmeeting in Kuala Lumpur next January. Running Man is really popular here and I’m sure fans were upset that the cast couldn’t make it to KL during their tour recently. So this will make up for that somewhat. (Thanks to Ahjussifan for the alert.)

2. I really enjoyed this post by Amanda at Outside Seoul, responding to a comment asking why the heck would a feminist watch dramas if so much of it seems regressive. Hah. That is a fair question, and Amanda responded in typically articulate fashion. Like her, I too love dramas because so many dramas center around women and their lives, and are written specifically for women i.e. me. And dramas don’t shy away from being sentimental and emotional, and in fact, thrive on it. I never knew that the latter was missing from my pop-cultural life until dramas came along and I welcomed it with open arms…and lots of tissues.

Eat Your Kimchi screepcap

3. Eat Your Kimchi uploaded a video on “What’s the Ideal Korean Man” which detailed the qualities of what Korean women want in their man. It’s based on an anecdotal survey of opinions of course, but still, while some of that stuff isn’t surprising (has a good job, tall, buff), others are hysterical (“parents should live far from Seoul”). And then there was this: “…bold enough to dance naked if the wife says so.” Well, not to brag, but the hubs does this for me. Without me asking! I can’t get him to stop sometimes. (I know, I know, TMI! Sorry!). He’d be hot stuff in Korea.  

4. Speaking of the hubs, he emailed me this piece of news about North Korea publicly executing people for watching dramas smuggled from South Korea. I’m won’t go into the gruesome details, but to be killed for watching dramas which I deeply enjoy, and I feel should be enjoyed by anyone who wants to watch ’em without fear of getting executed…sigh. I do not take my privileges and freedoms for granted.

5. This last one is for all my fellow bloggers who need blogging pep talk. I recall Sarah, who blogs at the great DramAdrenaline!, mentioning she was experiencing a spate of writer’s block awhile back, which reminded me of a couple of links I wanted to share to help take the load off. If you’re a newbie like me, you’ll appreciate this one: How To Stay Motivated When Your Blog Is Invisible,  and for those days when blogging feels more frustrating than rewarding, Michelle W’s Blogging Mantras from the Daily Post is a boon. Hwaiting all!

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14 thoughts on “Weekly OCD Drama Digest 18 – 24 November

  1. The gif portrait how I acted when I saw the Gong Yoo in Running Man article, literally. Btw, the filming was done yesterday right? But I can’t find any resources about it. Even the “Recorded episodes not yet broadcast ” in Wikipedia’s List_of_Running_Man_episodes for EP175 where supposed the guest are Gong Yoo and Park Hee Sun has been deleted. What happened? Do you have any idea?


    • Oh no, has the info been deleted?! That does not sound good at all! I tried looking for news or photos or anything really about the filming too since I remembered that it was supposed to be yesterday, but since I don’t speak/read Korean, I didn’t get anywhere!! Trying to go on Daum or Naver is really pointless in my case, and I only saw tonnes of pics of Lee Seung Gi’s filming. So I have no idea what’s going on! *worries*…


      • Yes deleted. T.T but the hope is still high. Please please please just once make this happen. I went to search for both sites, Daum and Naver but all I could find were only the articles where they said Gong Yoo received offer to film Running Man. *double triple worries*


      • *Starts praying to drama gods* Maybe more news will slowly trickle out in the coming days? There’s bound to be some news about this on forums, etc soon. Being kept in the dark is the worst, though! But I agree, hope is still high!!


      • Really?! WOOT! *Jumping for joy*. I was almost afraid that it wouldn’t happen. Thanks so much for the news!

        Wanna join in on a group squee-fest? A bunch of us mad GY fangirls were thinking of watching & squeeing together. Leave a comment here if you’re interested, and we’ll take it from there. There are a LOT of comments so just scroll down to the latest ones 😀


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