Heirs: The Only Reason to Keep Watching

I used to have five reasons, but now I only have one. This guy:  

Heirs Episode 14 Young Do screencap

*Spoilers Ep 14-18! *

Whenever Young Do is not on screen  I get bored, because these days chances are I’m watching first-world problem kids Kim Tan and Eun Sang mope around. Beautiful as they are, it’s not much fun and it got old a long time ago. Worse, the show killed any kind of sympathy and affection I once had for this couple by making their moping so pointless in the end. 

So where has all my attention gone to? The bad boy of course. Well, he’s always had my attention–I sat up whenever he appeared waiting to see what kind of crap he’d pull. But now, he’s won my affection too. I’m afraid I’ve developed a bad case of Second Lead Syndrome for someone who was (is?) borderline sociopathic. This has made me seriously question my morals.

But how to resist his aegyo?

Heirs Episode 16 Young Do

And more so, his snark?

Heirs Ep15 young do

And his flair for the dramatic? Seen here while springing his ex-bestie from house arrest…

Heirs Episode 15

And his creativity combined with his gift for flattering his own ego? (Compare his efficiency versus Kim Tan’s more labour-intensive ways.)

Heirs Ep18

And I love how he’s so pleased with himself too. Heh.


Of late, he’s become the show’s most sensible character:

Heirs Ep18

And like me he’s run out of patience with Kim Tan:

Heirs Ep18

I never imagined I’d succumb to all this lonely-boy-lashing out posturing.

But here I am getting all moony…at him being all moony.Heirs_Ep16_01

Gosh darn it, I feel for him too. How he melts under a mother’s kindness and warmth, something he probably didn’t realise how much he sorely missed.

Heirs Ep 18_YoungDo

So with the memory of this and a discovery of what remorse feels like, he does the right thing by his former bestie without hesitation. He didn’t want Kim Tan to miss his chance, or perhaps he did it more for himself.


Welcome back to the human race Young Do!  Thank you for rejoining the ranks of humanity where we own up to our mistakes and don’t step on the little guys. 

I also like that he’s so perceptive and attuned to Eun Sang, so much more so than Kim Tan. He knew she was going to leave. She knew as well that he saw right through her. Kim Tan on the other hand,  being too preoccupied with coming to her rescue, got easily hoodwinked.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I loved that he let go of her in such Young Do fashion–by being frank, unsentimental and then saddling her with the bill.

It’s criminal how this side of Young Do was kept hidden for so long. It would’ve made the bumpy ride that has been Heirs so much more interesting if Young Do had actually been a worthy and viable challenger for Eun Sang’s heart from the start. Because lord knows Kim Tan hasn’t really been all that deserving. (I will concede though that he does try. Sometimes.)

And Kim Woo Bin has been selling it like no tomorrow. I’m not sure if it’s him or the script that makes Park Shin Hye seem so relaxed and at ease with him. The script is part of it since Young Do seems to be the only person Eun Sang is willing to have a meaningful conversation with. Or maybe it’s my eyes deceiving me. I just know that I always perk up when they’re together.

It helps that Kim Woo Bin has outsized charisma, has the chops to boot and the lion’s share of the show’s best lines. It’s made him overshadow Lee Min Ho. (There I said it.)


Why yes, actually I do. And I wish Eun Sang did too!

9 thoughts on “Heirs: The Only Reason to Keep Watching

  1. Hii! I just came across your blog through blacksesame’d88’s blog. Thanks to you I can now validate why I love Young Do so damn much. Your pointers are much appreciated*grins* I do agree with you in that woo bin’s role overshadow’s Lee Min Ho’s. That got me wondering though, has K-drama molded us into this bad-boy loving audience? I mean, the second leads have mostly been the ones who are kind, understanding and helpful- and we sometimes want our main leads to have that personality. so why does it seem so, um peculiar, when this main lead (who possess mentioned traits) gets the girl? But you’ve got to give Lee min Ho props for his talent though. Those smoldering eyes? I would marry them.


    • Tej! Welcome to the blog! Sorry for the late reply but I’ve been under a rock. Forgive me!

      Glad you appreciated my ode to Young Do 😉 This drama was only good for one thing IMO: skyrocketing Kim Woo Bin to stardom, and deservedly so. He gave Young Do a hefty dose of vulnerability and smirky charm that redeemed him in my eyes. And Kim Eun Sook wrote so many great scenes that played to his strengths, coz clearly she fell in love with him too 😉

      Ah I’ve always loved me some bad boys, and I’m not sure if you meant that Kim Tan had the typical second-lead traits of kindness etc, but for me, Kim Tan was another level of wretchedness who didn’t deserve his girl! I wanted to set him on fire so badly! Lee Min Ho’s dreamy eyes notwithstanding! I fell for his moody gazing early on (yes, I’d marry his eyes too ;P), and then it all just went downhill rather quickly.

      Ahhh memories! This drama ‘was a year ago! My, time flies.


  2. Hi 🙂 This is so late hahaha but Young-do was one-of-a-kind in Heirs. He wasn’t like the other rich kids in the drama; his personality was a highlight! It’s almost 2 years down the road and till now, the first thing I think of when I recall Heirs is Young-do. He really had this charm that pulled viewers in ^^ it must be Woo-bin’s charisma 😀 Thank you for dedicating this post to Young-do; I love it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kim Woo Bin had, and has, charisma in spades! And yes like you, when I think of Heirs I think of him. And maybe “Love is the moment”, though I’d rather forget the latter ;). Has it been almost two years already?! Thanks for commenting, and no it’s never too late 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Awww yeah! I was so happy to see the news that he’s making his dramaland comeback next year 😉 Need Woo-bin on my screen! HAHAHA XD lol “Love is the moment” the trademark OST: at some dramatic scene and the song starts playing. Yes I can’t believe it too; when I recalled that the drama was from end 2013, I was like what?!! Time really flies. You’re welcome 🙂


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