Weekly OCD Drama Digest 2 Dec – 8 December

Happy Sunday all! Trust dramaland has been treating you well and everyone is coping with the mad year-end dash. Onwards with this week’s news…

RunningMan episode 175

1. It’s D-DAY: Gong Yoo appears on Running Man today! He and The Suspect co-star Park Hee Sun are first-timers and it looks like they’ll be getting their feet wet quite literally if these SBS promo pics are anything to go by:

RunningMan175_04RunningMan175_03 RunningMan175_02RunningMan175_05

Have been eagerly anticipating this since birth. But will have to hold myself back because I’m attending my first squee party with kfangurl and other Gong Yoo obsessives from all over the world on the 12th. December. If  you want to join the squee squad for our inaugural squee fest, head here for details! All are welcome!

2. Announcing the Women in K-drama Awards 2013! A couple of bloggers have gotten together to fill a very noticeable gap seen in Dramabeans’s popular annual Beanie awards. The nominations list is here and voting starts on the 15th. Check it out and fill in your noms pronto because it’s not clear when nominations close. How exciting! There have been many interesting, out-of-the-box women characters that I’ve loved this year and I’m looking forward to celebrating them.

Meanwhile, The Master’s Sun is far and away the Dramabeanie favourite with approximately 50% of a total 18, 000 votes so far followed by I Hear Your Voice. And no surprises for which drama is ahead in the Most Overrated stakes, it’s the drama everyone loves to hate-on: Heirs. What I don’t get is, how can a drama be overrated if everyone hated it from the start (by everyone, I mean everyone on the DB’s comments section)? Being overrated implies that the drama had to be rated in the first place, no? It sounded like the drama never stood a chance.


3. Siwon spotted at shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur! Okay fine, rather it was his wax doppelgänger which stands outside Kyochon, a fried chicken restaurant that just opened in 1-Utama shopping centre. Tickled me silly seeing him it. Super Junior shills for the Korean chain and were supposed to open the restaurant when they were in KL for their concert a couple of weeks ago. But that fell through. Incidentally, I was chowing down on the chicken (tasty!)  when I practically spat out my food. Why? I heard the familiar strains of “Love issss the momeeentt”, the Heirs’s ballad of teen angst. There is no escaping that song.


4. Miss Korea dropped a teaser which makes me rethink my interest in watching it. I like Lee Sun Kyun enough to overlook the eye-rolling premise of the drama (a bunch of guys makeover a gal in a bid to save their ailing cosmetics company), and it sounds like it could potentially be hysterical, depending on how drama chooses to play it. It’s by the team behind Pasta and debuts 18th December on MBC.

5. Noona’s Over Flowers is killing the competition. The variety travel show starring Lee Seung Gi as porter for four veteran actresses debuted with a jaw-dropping 10.5% average, besting the big 3 terrestrial channels. Looks like TvN is closing out the year in excellent shape with this and Reply 1994 being an even bigger smash hit than it’s predecessor. Subs for NoF are non-existent but you can enjoy the recaps over at DB as I do every week. In this week’s episode the group transits in Turkey and is cursed by erm…spinning tops?

16 thoughts on “Weekly OCD Drama Digest 2 Dec – 8 December

  1. Here is the explanation for Heirs being over-rated (LOL)….actually it is gaining high ratings as well as huge popularity and there are LOTS of viewers (Dramabeans excluded) who love it (including me)…..so the ‘over-rated’ thing 😉


  2. Gosh these RM stills look super promising!! We are gonna have SUCH an awesome time!! 😀 Thanks for continuing to gather the troops, DDee!! Facebook’s still in the lead; I’ll post details on the 12th on getting connected once voting closes! ^^v


    • Hee, I downloaded the episode already. I couldn’t resist taking a teeny tiny quick peek! It looks good :D. Oh is it FB? Shucks, I gotta reactivate or get a new account or something if so. Can’t wait!!


  3. Despite all the negative feedback Heirs has gotten, I think the international community (which comprises a lot of non-frequenters of DB) is still rabidly in love with it. Friends whom I never would’ve pegged as drama watchers are streaming it on their phones during school field trips, recounting the tears they shed upon the separation(s) of Kim Tan and Eunsang, etc.

    I don’t get it.
    So I voted for Heirs as Most Overrated. 😀


    • Really? That’s interesting. From my tiny corner of the universe, I figured that the folks who hate it are probably just the noisiest! Rants have a long range echo on the internet ;). Ah this show, it started well, and then it went downhill…and then had an upswing, and then….But there are still jollies to be found!


      • I think Kim Eun Sook has fallen in love with Young Do and so, won’t leave him hanging unlike the other poor sods on the show e.g. Hyo Shin. Although I should be happy that it’s too late for any suicidal shenanigans at this point in the game!


      • Oh, right… Hyoshin… Still laughing my head off that he got sidelined to Rachel. Sparks flew because of one mutually manipulative kiss. How romantic.

        On a more serious note, I’m relieved suicide has been ruled out, though it’d still be nice to see his central conflict wrap up properly.


      • I am not holding my breath for a satisfying conclusion for Hyo Shin. But at this point, I’ll be happy if the two mums reunite, and for just one more badass Young Do scene, maybe with his bike. Or better still, with his Rotty ;P


  4. I got my picture of the Siwon statue! What WHAT! So excited, it’s like we had a cosmic moment or something, lol. Also I don’t know what I would do if Love started being The Moment in Kentucky Fried Chicken or somewhere near my house. I might pass out from shock. I definitely want in on the awards! Though I might just do the voting part. I’m sure other people are much more well versed in the myriad strong performances by women that happened this year. Have fun at your squee party!


    • I KNOW! Cosmic coincidence! Hah. I giggled when I saw him and thought to myself, to think that not long ago I wouldn’t hv the foggiest idea who wax man was. Oh how far I’ve come!
      Oh, the Moment–I started faux-singing complete with some chest-clutching, while the hubs rolled his eyes at me. Couldn’t help it! You would’ve thought they’d play some Super Junior. But nope. That. Song. Arggh.


  5. I love that there’s a Women in K-Drama vote going on! The dramas I’ve enjoyed are stuffed full with cool female characters, so I’m pleased they’re being recognized. 😀

    Is it wrong that I’m wondering how long that wax statue will last before someone tries to snag it? Does is say something bad about my upbringing? (Seriously though — it’s chained down, right?) 😉

    And finally — I think it’s awesome that you’re being followed by “Loovveee isss the moment!!!” You’re being stalked! By a teenage ballad song!!

    Oh — and finally, finally… I would love, love, love for Miss Korea to be awesome because it’s got Lee Mi-sook and I adore her (ever since Can We Get Married? and I want her in something awesome. (Also Lee Sun-kyun.)


    • Hah I wouldn’t be surprised if Siwon goes missing soon. I did not get close enough to him to see if he was bolted down (loads of peeps taking pics) but next time I’m there, I will check and report back. I wonder if it’s lifesize though, coz if so, Siwon be shorter than I assumed he was 😉

      Honestly, I couldn’t help it and starting faux-singing to Love Is…Such is it’s powerful hold over me. The hubs said I was embarrassing myself. Did I care? Not one bit.

      I haven’t seen Can We Get Married, but for some reason, it’s been coming up alot in the rounds as a good drama that should be on my list!


  6. First things first. I LOVE the idea of celebrating women in dramas and in entertainment. Women should be treated equally not only in entertainment but in general. One of he things that I like in Asian dramas isn’t he fact that they put women in the centre of the story. So many dramas revolve around women, who are strong or always try to overcome difficulties that set a great example for girls out there.
    As for Heirs, I think that lots of people were determined to hate it from the very beginning, before it even get started it. Like they didn’t even gave it a chance. Personally I find it entertaining and filled with great performances..
    Lastly about Miss Korea.. I just hope it’s gonna be funny, like hilarious funny. I want my fun and it sounds like a story that could bring in the fun! 🙂


    • Yes indeed, one of the best reasons to fall in love with dramas is because it’s stories about us! Prettier, crazier, versions of us… ;P
      I can’t believe Heirs is ending this week. It’s been such a strange phenomenon, I’ll miss the crazy fandom of it more than the drama I think. It was entertaining even if much of what I liked about it dissappeared early.


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