Weekly OCD Drama Digest 9 – 15 December

Greetings earthlings! On a whim I got a tumblr blog  which has completely over taken my real online life. And so I’ve neglected my duties here but I will get back on track this week. Promise. On with this week’s round-up:

1. You too can own a piece of Lee Min Ho’s Heirs fugly! The actor is reportedly auctioning off his clothes from the drama which he bought at a cost of USD 50, 000. Proceeds will be going to charity. Yes my friends, you too can look just like your grandmother’s sofa: Lee Min Ho Heirs Episode 20

The year’s most buzzed about drama wrapped up this week at the top of the ratings pile with an average of 25%. In case anyone doubted the show’s popularity, the finale trended on Twitter in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines. And now that it’s over the entire drama universe and other outlying galaxies can move on. I can’t say I’ll miss it, but I’ll be feeling the lust love for Kim Woo Bin for awhile, and I can rest easy knowing that Young Do lives on in tumblr.

You Who Came From the Stars

2. You Who Came From the Stars released promo posters this week that look remarkably like I Hear Your Voice’s. It doesn’t do any favours for Jeon Ji Hyun, but it’s not like this meagre picture could convince anyone that she is anything other than drop-dead. I’m not sure why Kim So Hyun’s 400-year old alien looks so stoic, but if he ends up being a ‘cold city man’, I will so not be happy. Please let him be the warm and utterly dreamy professor that we wished we all had in college! The drama takes over Heirs slot this Wednesday.

Rain teaser

3. The original K-pop god Rain is coming back to TV with a new reality show Rain Effect debuting next Thursday on MNet. The show will feature Rain prepping for his comeback album due in January and his other promo activities. Rain’s been keeping a fairly low profile in the ROK since he left the army under a cloud of controversy, but he hasn’t exactly been lazing about. He recently wrapped a role in a Hollywood feature, and performed at the MAMA 2013 awards a couple of weeks ago. In any case, lets hope the new music’s good. I could do with more Rain in my life. 

4. Psy is officially YouTube king of the year. Psy’s ‘Gentleman’ was 2013’s most watched video with nearly 600 million views. A distant second was Miley Cyrus’s ‘Wrecking Ball’.  Psy is also prepping to drop some new music, possibly with the artist formerly known as Snoop Dogg. In case you missed it, Snoop is now known as Snoopzilla, after changing it to Snoop Lion. Fo’ shiz.

Exo Growl video

5. Dazed and Confused magazine released their top-10 list of K-pop tracks for 2013. While I take lists like these with a pinch of salt, and I’m not sure if this mag is a credible source for K-pop, but I will say that I am in complete agreement with Exo’s ‘Growl’, which I have just discovered thanks to said list. I’ve been mesmerised by this video for the last few days and thanks to Tumblr, by gifs of these boys. All 12 of them. Why do we need 12 boys in one group? File under useless mysteries of the universe. 


5 thoughts on “Weekly OCD Drama Digest 9 – 15 December

  1. 1. Not so familiar with Heirs other than all those “Overrated Drama” comments/reviews I read all over the net
    2. My Love from the Stars, I can’t wait to watch this like seriously because I AM A HUGE FAN OF JEON JIHYUN unnie!! And she looks gorgeous in the poster ❤
    3. Yes, we need more RAIN, been missing him for the last 2 years.
    4. PSY? so not into him.
    5. YAY! T.O.P's DOOM DADA is number one. The song is unique and is in my loop list in youtube <3.


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