The Heirs Awards

In lieu of a review,  and since it’s awards season, I will steal a leaf from Writerly Rants who has given away her own awesome Heirs awards all series long.

Favourite OTP: Hee Nam and Ki Ae 


The relationship between Kim Tan’s mother and Eun Sang’s mother was everything an OTP’s should be– supportive, reciprocal and a real treat to watch. I enjoyed them, and as the only women in the show who drew strength from each other, it was a source of warmth and light in show that felt so glum. We got to see them grow from unlikely allies to bickering ahjummah besties, despite their class divide (perhaps because the divide was false anyway). Dynamite actresses Kim Sung Ryung and Kim Mi Kyung deserve kudos for being, well, dynamite.

Favourite OTP scene:

The mums go on Mission Impossible.

Runner up: Chan Young and Bo Na

Heirs Ep20 Bo Na Chan Young

I want put them in my pocket and carry them with me everywhere. I shudder to think what this show would’ve been without this couple and their cutesy dynamic. I never expected Krystal and Kang Ming Hyuk to be so winsome so points for a welcome surprise. 

Favourite performance: Kim Woo Bin

Heirs Ep16

Well, perhaps this is a little unfair since the script made it all too easy for Kim Woo Bin to steal the show. Young Do’s was the only well developed arc of the series. He was the only character who had a real journey, or heck, even a multi-faceted personality. Kim Eun Sook fell in love with her bad boy and gave him all the things.  (And maybe even the music director too because Young Do got the best theme song. Is there anyone Kim Woo Bin didn’t charm?) And coming away with the lion’s share of the best lines, it’s not surprising that I have alot of affection for this reformed bully. And I don’t say that lightly.

Kim Woo Bin didn’t have to make Young Do feel so dangerous and borderline evil. He could have just coasted and played a straight-up asshat. Instead, I could picture him snapping the heads of kittens and feeding them to his Rottweiler for fun. To go from having a palpable menace and a capacity for violence, to softening as the damaged boy hiding underneath surfaced, to make that huge transformation feel believable takes some real skills.

Someone please give this boy a lead role, preferably something against type. Maybe a loveable dork? In a noona romance so I can live vicariously? I’m ready to see what else he can do.

Favourite Young Do scene:

I have two–his hilarious escape from Kim Tan’s house:Heirs Episode 15

…and his ‘break-up’ with Eun Sang.

Heirs Ep18

Each shows the sides of his personality that I like best–his sense of humour, his lack of sentiment and his brutal honesty.

Biggest waste of talent: Park Shin Hye

Heirs_Ep16_05In a cast of thousands with so many characters hung out to dry, this is no easy award to give out. I have to say though that Park Shin Hye got saddled with the sorriest role in the entire show. It started quite promisingly but went rapidly downhill the more Eun Sang became cannon fodder. I had a hard time reconciling the actress who was so great as Flower Boy Next Door‘s Go Dok Mi and the actress we see here coming off as a charmless shell of a person. In FBND she had superior material, and a comfort with Yoon Shi Yoon and a better-suited PD which played to her strengths.

But here, the script’s weakness and a mismatched PD brought her limitations into stark focus. I’m reminded of Lee Min Jung in Big, an actress not without considerable charm, who similarly could not pull off a poorly-written character. At some point, skill must come into play. I can’t imagine this will be a performance Park Shin Hye will be particularly proud of although it will not dent her popularity one bit. But lets face it, the show did nothing for her and vice versa.

Runner-up:Choi Jun Hyuk and Im Joo Eun.

Heirs_Ep18_11I’m thinking somewhere between these two is an awesome drama waiting to happen. Or maybe as one blogger noted, the drama really should’ve been about Hyun Joo and Kim Won instead. I’m inclined to agree. But see, with what little they had to work with, Im Joo Eun especially, they still brought it. Remember Hyun Joo’s looking woefully at Won’s uneaten porridge in an early episode? Awesome. That’s what great actors do. They bring it, and they leave us wanting more.

Sexiest scene

Heirs Ep10 Kang Ha Neul

Hyo Shin planting a wet one on his noona. How did this chaste forehead kiss thrill me so? Was it sexy because Hyo Shin was nervous and awkward? Or did Kang Ha Neul sprinkle some panty-dropping pixie dust on-set? Somebody give this boy a chance for a proper on-screen kiss. Preferably in a noona romance so I can live vicariously.



Most WTF-random moment

In a show full of random, this was a toss-up between the Hyo Shin-Rachel kiss, a feeble attempt to give these two some last-minute sizzle that fizzled instead…


…and the discovery of who was behind the the dead body-outline in school. Eun Sang’s monologue in the final episode on this was just, just…WTF?! Was it a morbid form of protest? Symbolic of repressed desires? Is it supposed to tell us more about Eun Sang? I dunno. I feel like I just got trolled by Kim Eun Sook. Wake me up when the montage ends.

Heirs Ep 20

Favourite fashion fail

My poor Kim Tan. It boggles the mind that he got the lion’s share of fugly, although a couple of others were worthy challengers–I remember evil second wife appeared briefly with no skirt in an early episode. But my fave has got to be his grandma’s sofa suit because this literally made me giggle. But in truth, Lee Min Ho can pull off anything!

Heirs Episode 20

Favourite fashion win 

Young Do channelling Captain Jack Sparrow. It works.

Heirs Episode 20 still

Favourite montage

Hands down, the California cruising. Technically it’s not a montage but whatever, details. It’s exactly what I wanted to see in a flashy, big-budget drama about two gorgeous teens falling in love.  It would’ve worked even if the car was a beat-up Kia. But the point is–the wind-in-hair, the sunshine, the joy, the cheese. It’s perfect!

A close second, is Kim Tan’s outing himself back in Seoul, when the conflict felt real and the chasm between him and Eun Sang insurmountable. Cue: “Love isssss the momeeent!”

I close by lamenting, oh what might have been. Such a fantastic cast with many possibilities for soapy thrills. I had to remind myself how much I actually liked the show at the beginning–I liked Kim Tan and Eun Sang, their rapport, their flirtation, the gazing, the glorious corn of it all.

But then what was enjoyable dissipated along with any semblance of a plot. Kim Eun Sook’s leads morphed from likeable creatures to mutant K-drama grotesqueries.  It frustrates me that she can draw interesting characterisations, fantastic dialogue, marvellous scenes, but then doesn’t care to construct a narrative, a story. If only she would work with a partner who could cover this base we’d have some drama worth watching.

The drama also took itself too seriously, and this is where part of the blame also lies with the PD who also seems to have lost the plot. If I think deeper, the show’s thematic conclusions (on class and wealth in particular) are abhorrent, but the truth is the show really had nothing much to say about anything. It’s only intention was to be a vehicle for pretty angst-ing by our pretty leads. Which would’ve been fine if at least it had been consistently entertaining.

But oh well, I will always have California!


12 thoughts on “The Heirs Awards

    • HAHA! Sail that ship Snow! Hardcore huh? I feel for you, since I was hardcore So Ji Sub-Gong Hyo Jin. It was was good while it lasted ;P. But somewhere in a tiny corner of my heart, I still feel like they had something going even if was fleeting.

      I sure you saw those clips of the hugs at the Heirs cast party? Did it send your shipping heart a flutter?:P


      • Well…I also shipped them but not very much…..

        but yes…for LMH-PSH, it’s CRAZY!! not only those clips (they were great :)), we shippers are coming up with so many theories about each and every hint we get…haha…it’s fun 😀
        The latest is the interview by psh…that closet kiss was done without NG in one cut and the shirt grabbing was her natural reaction…etc etc…. 😉


      • Where is shipper central? The Soompi couple thread? It must be on fire!

        Oh really? No NG? Interesting. I must say that LMH got steamy there but I wasn’t feeling her body language so much. She should’ve grabbed on to more than just his shirt ;P.


      • Hahahahaha….we know better…. 😉

        yes….the one and only Soompi 🙂

        Actually the script only said that he will grab and hold her chin and kiss…LOL…and she is not experienced in this kind of kisses….so she just stood there in daze and when the kiss happened, she just grabbed LMH’s shirt as it surprised her!!


      • But….as of today, the excitement has little bit decreased as now that the show is over, we won’t be getting much news related to both of them….and waiting for that one little info is tiring….and my RL things want my attention….so the Heirs withdrawal effect is over, shipping mania is controlled and now I can go back to my sane world 🙂 🙂 Hahaha


  1. Thanks for the shout out! I really like all of your awards, especially the analysis of Kim Woo Bin making the most of the only character with actual growth, and Choi Jin Hyuk and Im Joo Eun as the really interesting story that we were never told. They gave us all the hints it was possible for them to do, within the limitations (and oh, there were so many) of this script.

    Signed, the Cranky Old Lady at Writerly Rants


    • Aww thanks Skelly. I really liked reading all your posts on the show. They were so well written and witty! A brilliant combo 🙂

      As for Choi Jin Hyuk and Im Joo Eun, shucks, I really held on there but no dice. I thought Hyun Joo would’ve become Eun Sang’s guide or sounding board. Oh well, can’t say I didn’t see it coming though.

      I’ve devoted far too much time and headspace to a show that I wasn’t even planning to watch.

      This show has given me drama fatigue, and yes, cranky.


    • Kim Won and Hyun-joo were intentional foils to Kim Tan and Eun-sang. And vice versa? They were mirror images of what each other could have been if not for their choices. They served their purpose with what air time they received. That is not saying I would not have loved more from them. I also expect that some of their scenes were cut.


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