Weekly OCD Drama Digest Christmas Edition 2013

Look everyone! It’s Lee Min Ho Ho Ho! Lee Min Ho x'mas card

Since it’s the holiday season, I decided to give you the gift of bad photoedit jobs and lame puns, one which I’m convinced you’ve heard before. But seriously, before I head home for the holidays, I wish everyone a good meal with good company and hopefully, a good drama!

1. It’s that time of the year for best-of lists,  and the general consensus in the dramaverse seems to be it’s been mostly ‘meh’ with one or two bright spots but distressingly bad for rom-coms. You would think a good rom-com wouldn’t be so hard to come by but noooo. Dramaland,  go sit in a corner!

I’m suffering from drama fatigue from my last lot of underwhelming live-watches so much so I decided to re-watch Shut Up Flower Boy Band (inspired by this DramAdrenaline! post) for a lift. A drama with story, substance and heart, despite a low-budget and a green cast, would still outrank almost every single drama I’ve seen this year on many levels. I’m glad that it sounds like You From Another Star, Miss Korea and Reply 1994 are good but I’m stuck in neutral at the moment and haven’t mustered up the enthusiasm to start anything new. In case I sound like the Grinch of dramaland, I did wholeheartedly love at least two dramas this year. 

gong hyo jin yoon eun hye kim tae hee2. Gong Yoo’s new film The Suspect had a VIP premiere this week with his besties like Gong Hyo Jin and Lee Chun Hee in attendance. The actioner is set to open on 24th December. Apparently the Bourne-esque film hits the right chords if that’s what your looking for, which is pretty appropriate because Matt Damon was rumoured to make a cameo in it. I was tickled that the reviewer was rather taken with Gong Yoo’s abs and devoted almost an entire paragraph to it. Who can blame him?!

3. And since I’d discovered EXOfrom a best-of K-pop list, here are a bunch of similar lists that hopefully may lead you to something you might discover too:


are you ok

Pix from the Hankyoreh

4. A growing protest movement in Korea collided with the K-pop world when SHINee’s Jonghyun tweeted his support for a student. The Are You Okay? movement began as a response to the government’s bid to privatise the railroads but has since grown to encompass dissatisfaction at a variety of socio-political ills in Korea. It began when a student put up a poster in Korea U earlier this month asking “Are you okay with ignoring these things because they’re not happening to you?”. Hand-written posters have since started appearing on college campuses, high schools and offices across the country. Jonghyun tweeted a thoughtful show of support for a young LGBT student protesting discrimination against sexual minorities. Predictably, there was an attack on SHINee fancafes but nothing that SHINee and their fanbase could not withstand.

5. What was the #1 searched song in Malaysia this year? ‘Gwiyomi’!  Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ and ‘Gentlemen’ were #3 and #6 respectively, and the #2 searched TV show was Running Man proving the show’s on-going popularity. Over at Korea’s Naver, #1 was baseball star Ryu Hun Jin followed by Heirs. Trainwreck drama Aurora Princess was #4.


14 thoughts on “Weekly OCD Drama Digest Christmas Edition 2013

  1. I think that poster-protest thing is so cool! Apparently moms and such are getting involved too.

    On a completely different note: re-watching a beloved k-drama sounds like the perfect way to tackle drama-fatigue! I shall have to do it. (Now to choose the perfect drama…)


    • It is cool isn’t it?! Yes, I read that it’s spreading like wildfire. And yes, drama re-watching is a great palate cleanser. I always get a little worried before starting a re-watch that the shine could wear off but I’ve never had that happen yet. If the drama is good, it’s good!


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  3. Another shout out? For real? I ❤ you! Also I am so behind Jonghyun standing up for what he believes in despite the inevitable "fan" backlash. Good on him. And your Christmas song! I just watched the live performance you were talking about. Who knew that there was so much you could do with suspenders?


  4. Rewatching a old favorite is THE best way to beat drama fatigue, imo!! I’m rewatching Sungkyunkwan Scandal now and it’s just SO much fun, seriously!

    I hope you’re enjoying Shut Up!! 😀


    • Oh gosh, I remember thinking when I first started watching Sungkyungkwan that it felt like a drama after my own heart! It was so awesome–the clever, scrappy girl, and her boys oh the boys, and their friendship. I remember the competitions, how fun were those games?!
      Oh Shut Up is so good for my soul right now! It’s everything a drama should be–heart, soul, substance and story!!


  5. Buahahahaha I just want to say that the Lee Min Ho ho ho pun occurred to me at some point last week and I thought “Oh God, this is just so bad”. How amusing to find someone with the same “talent” for bad puns 😀 Also Merry Christmas DDee and everyone 😉


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