Weekly OCD Drama Digest New Years Edition 2013

Has everyone recovered from Christmas eating and merriment? I have, mostly because it was a quiet celebration this year. I even managed to squeeze in a little drama watching and finished The End of the World (thank goodness for long bus rides) which means I don’t have an excuse for not doing my faves-of-2013 list.  That will be up on the 31st, right in time to celebrate new year’s eve. So Happy New Year! Here’s hoping that 2014 is brighter and better for everybody 🙂


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1. Reply 1994 ended with a stunning ratings coup of 10.1% average for the episode. The series has been a bonafide hit for cable channel tvN fuelled by the show’s trademark tone of warmth and humour and bucketfuls of nostalgia. It has also made household names out of it’s cast, particularly Yoo Yeon Seok and Jung Woo. I refrained from watching this as I wasn’t sure how much I wanted to play the who’s-the-husband game which was the element I liked least in 1997. Still, I’ve managed to avoid spoilers (but I have a pretty good idea) which means deep down I do intend to watch it.


28th December Seoul rally

Pix credit: Global Voices

2. A massive rally was held in South Korea was held on Saturday as railway workers refused to back down over protests against the government’s plans to privatise the railways. Earlier in the week, the government had arrested union leaders in a bid to clampdown on labour organisers but the move largely backfired as a general strike was called by the country’s second largest umbrella union organisation beginning on 28th December. In solidarity with railway workers, the rally united diverse groups as the Are You Ok movement, lawyers, students and other civil rights groups. It was estimated that 100,000-strong crowd converged in Seoul Plaza (a.k.a. City Hall) on Saturday afternoon. Police downplayed attendance to 20,000, but anyone with eyes can see from photos that no way could this possibly be true. Additional reading herehere and here

BoysBeforeFriends3. The American remake of Boys Over FlowersBoys Before Friends debuted this week on Viki and by most accounts, it’s atrocious. And not in a so-bad-it’s-good way.  I haven’t seen all of it because I treasure the health of my eyeballs but I believe it has some merits, as The Obsessive Dilettante writes,”But it does give me appreciation for Kim Hyun Joong’s acting skills. That’s right — he’s better at acting than everyone else on this show right now.”   

4. On the K-pop front, there’s been a flurry of year-end TV specials but I haven’t checked out any save for Eat Your Kimchi’s awards which has given me an eye-full of this one, which got hosts Simon and Martina’s vote for Nastiest MV of the year. I’m not sure what to say about N.O.M and this MV except they look like the K-pop version of the Village People and that I wish the song was better.

5. On a light note, Ask A Korean! posted list of the best worst questions The Korean has received throughout the year. It’s bloody hilarious. Well, I suppose when the name of your blog is Ask A Korean! you can expect people to take that to it’s extreme. It is the internet after all.


10 thoughts on “Weekly OCD Drama Digest New Years Edition 2013

  1. Heh. I’m with you on Answer Me 1994! I didn’t like the “who’s the hubs” game too, in AM1997, and found it tiresome that it got dragged out for so long. Despite AM1994 reportedly doing the same though, I do plan to check it out. Soon. ish.

    Also. I couldn’t sit through more than 5-ish minutes of Boys Before Friends. It’s BADDDD. I applaud the bloggers who actually sat through all of E1 to write about it. Coz I couldn’t bring myself to continue, even if it was to gawk at the trainwreck 😛


    • Yes, I’m not sure when though the urge will strike to watch 1994 though, because I’m already partial to two other dramas I didn’t get to this year. I hope it doesn’t remain on my watch-list for too long, otherwise, it will probably stale!
      I know bout BBF! I couldn’t even manage one entire scene without my stomach curling! So yes, definitely I salute them all with stronger stomachs than mine! Even for an amateur production, it’s pretty bad! I’ve seen better fan-made videos on youtube


  2. I love your Digests! Pop culture and hard news… so, so cool! 😀

    I was okay with AM:97’s “who’s the husband” game because it wasn’t that big of mystery as we went along. I feel like AM:94 is dragging it out more (so much so, I’m contemplating spoiling myself before the actual viewing just so I don’t get emotional whiplash).

    I’d forgotten about Ask A Korean’s worst-questions list! Those are always epic, so I’m looking forward to checking them out.

    It’s… a really bad sign that the American version of Boys Before Flowers premiered on a streaming site like Viki. If the billions and billions of television stations gave it a pass, how bad must it have been? (I’m exaggerating. But only slightly.) So I will follow your lead and let it pass on by. 😛


    • Aww I’m glad you like reading these! It just illustrates my magpie tendencies and interests 😛

      Hmmm about AM1994 maybe I should spoil myself too to remove some of the angst and then I won’t get so invested in one ship or the other. I’m sorely tempted!

      I am wondering how on earth BBF managed to even score Viki since I’ve seen better made fan videos on youtube! Even by amateur production standards, it’s still pretty bad!


      • For the first time in ever I’ve read the recaps before watching the episodes. My trust was broken so heavily with AM1994 I just didn’t want to be that surprised again. Though I think it depends on how invested you get in the characters and such. (It’s actually a credit to the show I care so much.) So… that’s my two-cents. 😉

        Huh. I wonder if someone in the production is also involved with Viki? It’s too bad it was so bad. (Which means of course, now I’m kind of curious… how bad is bad? 😉 )


      • I had just decided to spoil myself, when I came across an interview with the PD and voila, I guessed right :). I wasn’t too invested in AM1997 and although I adore the world of AM1994 I think it’ll most likely be a similar case. Although, I’d watch purely for Samcheonpo!! I hope the drama treats him well.
        As for BBF, bad is bad when you can barely hear the dialogue! So I’ve read. I also hear they are raising money on kickstarter to complete the rest of the series! Oh boy, good luck with that!


      • I’m still needing to watch the last two episodes but… I think it’s all good for everyone? I’ll have to see. The bloom fell off that rose, but not horribly. I still like the characters and the world — just not thrilled with the story-telling technique.

        Ohhh — so BBF had bad production values on top of everything else. So it was a total amateur thing than, I’m assuming. Well — points for trying! But I don’t have to watch them learn. 😛


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