Weekly OCDrama Digest 29th Dec – 5 Jan 2014

Happy new year folks! How goes the new year’s resolutions? I have resolved to take better care of myself, which means dropping dramas like hot potatoes. On with the news round-up this week:

Lee Seung Gi at airport1. New couples great the new year in K-ent! First Seung Gi and YoonA were outted by Dispatch and followed by Baksa  Jung Kyung Ho and Soo Young a day later.  I’m just happy that it looks like the SNSD girls are allowed to have love lives after all. Funny story about the Seung Gi-YoonA (what’s their couple name? GiYoo? SeungNA?) news: I couldn’t sleep so I woke up at some ungodly hour that night, read the news, and then fell back asleep awhile later, only to dream about Seung Gi. As expected it was pretty bizarro, but I don’t remember much except me and Seung Gi were scouring an underground shopping mall looking for food in the middle of the night. Seung Gi must have made an impression because I remember thinking, “Gosh, Seung Gi sure is a really sweet guy. A doofus though, but sweet.”

2. Rain is back baybeh! Rain dropped his new album and two singles this week, “3oSexy” and “La Song“. I have to say, the latter is quite unlike anything I’ve heard in K-pop and I’m not sure that’s a good thing. Regardless, I’m just happy to see him back and dancing on my screen again. He makes sexy look so easy and effortless. Meanwhile, I’ve been casually watching Rain Effect, his show on Mnet, and in truth, I wished he spent more time at home because boy, is it fun watching a superstar cleaning up dog poop.

Lee Min Ho SBS awards 3. The big three broadcasters doled out their annual drama awards this week, and now that the dust has settled, let’s talk about what really matters: the fashion. Lee Bo Young has never looked more like the goddess she is, and hubby Ji Sung didn’t look so bad himself. Kim Tan Lee Min Ho got an award for best dressed for his perilously tight trousers. On the gossip front, poor Suzy (who won for Gu Family Book) is facing alot of flak for her speech in which she appeared unprepared and thanked her dog. Sigh, she loves her dog, leave her be!

4. The dramas don’t stop, and I know everyone is loving Man From Another Star, and Prime Minister and I, and there’s none too many looking forward to seeing Sung Jung romancing Kim So Yeon in I Need Romance 3. For me, I haven’t really checked out any new dramas seriously, but I’m practically levitating with excitement for Secret Love Affair starring A Wife’s Credentials alum Kim Hee Ae and director Ahn Pan Seok. This promises to be a meaty melodrama with a noona romance at it’s core. SIGN ME UP! The drama airs in March on JTBC.

5. It’s been a huge year for Korean cinema with 9 Korean films taking the lion’s share of the domestic box office. The biggest film of the year is Miracle in Cell No 7. Other hits include Secretly, Greatly, Snowpiercer and The Berlin File. Also check out Modern Korean Cinema’s favourite films of the year.  I just hope and pray that I’ll be able to see Snowpiercer uncut some day.

17 thoughts on “Weekly OCDrama Digest 29th Dec – 5 Jan 2014

  1. Oh poor Suzy, I don’t blame her for being unprepared. If I were her I wouldn’t be expecting myself to win an award either. Gu Family Book was a bit of a disaster for her, and the only good thing that came out of it was Choi Jin Hyuk, imo. (I love Seung Gi but sageuk just doesn’t fit him.) Choi Jin Hyuk’s next drama is with Song Ji Hyo, and I’m going to jump on that when it comes out. Hope that will be good. I’m not really following any dramas now after finishing Reply 1994, which leaves me quite free to drama-scout lol.


    • Yeah GFB was a disaster for just about everybody, wasn’t it? And I do agree about Choi Jin Hyuk (and I will be checking out that Ji Hyo drama too), although Lee Yu Bi also went above and beyond what was given to her. I didn’t find Suzy terrible in GFB but the best thing I can say about her is that she wasn’t off-putting.
      Did you like Reply 1994? I just got spoiled (deliberately) so I’m may be ready to start marathoning soon !


      • I think I appreciated 1997 more, because in 1994 everything seemed so long and drawn out. If it was shortened to 16 or even 18 it would make everything more cohesive, but I think the producers/writers got a bit carried away.

        I love all the characters though, they are just so precious. I wished they’d focus less on the who’s-the-husband bit. I loved both Oppa and Chilbongie, who absolutely broke my heart, poor boy. I was on Team Oppa, but every minute of CB’s awesomeness got to me. Definitely worth a watch if you enjoyed 1997 and all the nostalgia.


      • I did enjoy AM1997 alot, so I’m hoping all those qualities that I liked will pull me thru the who’s the husband game. Plus the fact that I already know who is the husband, will hopefully release me from the stress of the trolling! And maybe the allure of Jung Woo’s abs will help too ;P


      • HAH! Nope, not at all! Their abs are all over tumblr. But I assumed that Jung Woo’s would be the one I’m looking forward to more. But the more the merrier!


  2. My first thought when I saw Lee Minho’s awards outfit was, what is Kim Tan doing there? I still can’t quite believe he won “Best Dressed”. Did the judges not see his fuzzy pink sweater collection? I guess that just shows the power of Lee Minho! He can wear anything and the ladies will still swoon (myself included).


    • I know right?! But the award was for his outfit that night though and I think it’s voted for by the public, so that pretty much explains it. I do think he can pull off just about anything, but I’m not sure about those trousers though. Yikes!


  3. Oh, dear me. My eyes! I wish I could unsee Suzy’s speech. >__< Half of me is feeling terrible for her because her win was totally unwarranted, but the other half of me is shaking my head at her for not preparing a speech anyway. (I mean, we all know that ratings reign supreme when it comes to these TV network awards…)


  4. #4 is why I want to speed up my planned “A Wife’s Credentials” watch. Because it sounds like such a delicious premise and I want to go into fully understanding the awesomeness of Kim Hee-ae. If that makes any sense at all.

    #3 Lee Min-ho’s pants… seriously, am I seeing what I think I’m seeing? Did no one have him practice walk in them to make sure what I think I’m seeing would not be seen? I’d heard about Suzy’s speech as well. Seems like a big to-do about nothing? Or maybe I’m used to unprepared, startled to be up there speeches at award shows. (I think sometimes actors don’t prepare so they don’t jinx themselves. There was an actor who thanked everyone, including like catering, and forgot to mention her husband.) Or is this one of those award shows were everyone already knows if they’ve won or not?


    • HAR HAR oh boy Lee Min Ho’s pants should be rated X. I wondered if it was just me too until I saw a few saucy remarks on tumblr which I will not repeat here ;p.

      And yes, how about that 20-year age gap!! That so IS a delicious premise. A real noona romance, with all the complications. I can’t wait. And I’m excited for you to begin AWC! I hope you got good subs for it, because that was my biggest problem when I watched it. But that was a while ago so that shouldn’t be an issue now.


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