Jean Grey, Jedi Knight or Superman: Aggregating Do Min Joon’s Superhero Powers

Do Min Joon may be an alien in You From Another Star but I know him as an amalgamation of pop culture’s most memorable superheroes. It’s an embarrassment of riches. Is there anything he can’t do?

I use the term ‘superhero’ loosely, because Obi-Wan Kenobi is no mere superhero. Because in trying to figure out which superhero he most resembled it struck me that Jedi Knight might be the most accurate.

Min Joon lives somewhat like as ascetic, prizes discipline and knowledge, and seeks order and detachment. And he was dressed for the part when he arrived:

You From Another Star

Or the Tolkien equivalent, an elf. Basically, he’s Legolas people–He’s got super senses; He’s really old, he’s haughty, and because he’s lived so long and knows so much, he has a tendency to patronise mere mortals.

He also has an affinity for nature. He’s even brought it into his house, by magic. How else to explain a freakin’ tree in the middle of his condo? You From Another Star

And he’s also very pretty and lithe. Here’s a classic Legolas leap:


But lets see what else this alien can do:

1. Precognition

One of his earliest powers revealed. Do Min Joon dreams of a threat to Soon Yi’s life. He only seems to be able to intuit danger however, and this apparently is a new power that is triggered by his impending departure from earth.

Or it could be that the dude’s in love and fate decided to activate his Soon Yi safety radar. He might have the power of psychometry (the ability to perceive the residual information of an object and/or person by using senses) too as indicated in Episode 8 with when he palmed Yoora’s thumbdrive. But the jury’s out on this one.

2. Telekinesis


Where would Jedi Knights be without this ability to channel the Force into manipulating objects? Not forgetting that Darth Vader would actually have had to place his hands on his incompetent commanders instead of just using the more elegant Force Choke. Likewise, Do Min Joon can lift, push, and levitate objects, and even himself with his mind. He also uses this to pick his bed time reading material.

Superhero corollary: Jean Grey of X-Men   jean-grey

3. Super Strength


In his only display of super strength so far, Min Joon stopped a runaway car with his bare hands. The only earlier hints that he might have this ability is the many times he’s picked Soon Yi up without breaking a sweat (but then she weighs almost nothing anyway so that doesn’t count). But I suspect there will be more opportunities to display this power soon, if not some of that ample musculature we saw earlier in the show.

Superhero corollary: Superman, of course. superman01

4. Super Senses: Sight and hearing


His heightened sight and hearing abilities were shown from the get-go and seem to be the powers he relies on the most. No hint of similar smell or touch abilities (unless he has a psychometric connection to objects but I doubt it). Like Superman, he can regulate the ability so he doesn’t go bonkers from sensory overload. Or when lazy, he just turns on some music.

Superhero corollary: Superman, of course. Also Spiderman.  

5. Teleportation

Min Joon has done this several times, most notably to rescue Soon Yi on the cruise ship and then, later during his Superman moment. He is also has the ability to move in quick bursts of speed although this is likely a sub-set of his teleportation power. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to have quick reflexes or he’d saved himself the destruction of some priceless pottery:YFAS_Ep7_05

Superhero corollary: Nightcrawler of X-Men  406px-NightCrawlerApoc442 

6. Time Freeze

YFAS_Ep7_04This one Min Joon loves. He uses it all the time, particularly to stare longingly at Soon Yi while she’s sleeping. He doesn’t seem to be able to manipulate time backwards or forwards, or else he could’ve pressed rewind and saved his precious pot.

Superhero corollary: Hiro Nakamura of Heroes HiroCatz

Other potential powers I have yet to suss out: Manipulating electromagnetic waves, or whatever you call the ability to mess with electronic gadgets such as cameras: YFAS_Ep6_02

But it seems that he’s not impervious to pain or wounds which means he is vulnerable, and these abilities are being slowly eroded although we’re not sure how or why. In any case, he has begun to use his superpowers for some good as befitting a proper superhero, even if he’s only willing to use these on Soon Yi. Will he start helping complete strangers and earn bonafide superhero cred?


26 thoughts on “Jean Grey, Jedi Knight or Superman: Aggregating Do Min Joon’s Superhero Powers

      • Nope, not just you. I find it pleasant, like background music that plays while you’re working at something. I occasionally giggle at Jeon Ji Hyun. who makes it worthwhile. But Kim So Hyun is not doing anything for me, I’m afraid. Stoic does not mean blank!


      • OMG I agree so much with you rn its scary! We must be from the same planet! 😋 JJH makes me ocassionally laugh but she also slightly annoys me at times (well, her character) and I’m not sure I find her “story” so moving. The poor lonely superstar boohoo! Both characters are still too self centered for me to care about them? Alien boy is pretty but he certainly is not causing a reaction in me. I think this actor did really well in Giant but yes, a bit too stoic for my taste as well


      • *high five* You’re right, I not really invested in them as well. I cared more about the girl who died back in Joseon. I miss that flashback. I find her story moving, and Kim So Hyun did some acting there at least ;P


  1. Don’t forget to add in Twilight and TVD too. I personally highly suspect this was a case of crap we might get sued let’s change “vampire” to “alien.” I have mixed feelings about this show. Some of the social commentary is hysterically funny. The drunken alien was pretty funny. The horror he felt in that she reads to fall asleep-I probably have a look of sheer disbelief when people say that to me lol. I think Kim Soo-hyun is possibly one of the most beautiful people in the world and I like him as an actor generally but he seems stifled here, the character or direction? Our heroine is book stupid but has some kind of gut instinct skills of reading biotches and assholes. And it appears she has a heart of gold and is all bluff, but you know, the poor put upon pretty actress that really just skates by in life empathy or sympathy card is a hard sell. The best thing so far about the character is that she has not been driven by her relationship to a man. I had a problem with a 400 year old brainiac falling for a wacky verbal diarrhea actress from the start, and well, I still do. I’m not digging the fate or reincarnation thing. But my biggest problem is there is just something missing. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the towel. 😉


    • Totally not familiar with TVD, and passing knowledge on Twilight, but the rich real estate mogul thingy struck me as very Dracula? I’m not entirely unsympathetic towards Soon Yi, but I’m more entertained than moved by her. I do like Se Mi though, and I like that she’s tired of being nice, however misguided her resentment is. There is something missing isn’t it, but I can’t really put finger on what exactly. It’s not a bad show on any level, but it just feels strangely devoid of any ebb and flow. I do get my giggles now and then but I wished I got more out of it!


      • The moment Hot Star Guy mentioned saliva and blood I thought oh hells bells this was a vamp script turned alien. In Twilight canon the vamp saliva is not only the means of transformation but also a toxin and a lure (scent). Then he tosses out doppleganger TVD) and I was majorly eyerolling. Yes, not bad, just devoid of something. I think maybe part of it is that these two actors should be smoking up the screen with sexual tension, and well whether it’s due to the actors, writing, or directing, they aren’t.


      • Ah so! Well, this writer is definitely a fan of pop culture. True bout the chemistry that I’m not feeling at all. Sadness! I’ve now decided to shelve it for later. I’ll marathon it later if I have the time.


      • Good idea since you really are not feeling it. I wish I’d been smart enough to do that with Masters Sun. I think I will not make it a priority but not shelf it yet, I’m not really thrilled about any dramas right now. I go back to uni tomorrow so my drama viewing will be based on time and whether or not I like any of the new crop coming up. Here’s hoping for a drama to rock our socks lol


      • I know! I’m waiting impatiently for a really good one, but in the meantime, I’m going to do a re-watch or two. Or maybe try a T-drama, which would be new territory for me. Good luck going back to uni and stay warm!


      • If you are doing T-drama- I see from your blog you are trying In A Good Way. Let me know what you think. I couldn’t get into the first episode. I’d recommend My Queen as a good start for you, based on our “conversations” I think you will appreciate the female lead. It’s not as wacky or as uneven as some of the older popular T dramas. Or Office Girls, that’s pretty charming. A lot of people like In Time With You but I could not get into it. After getting your feet wet I’d dive into Meteor Garden, Autumn’s Concerto, and Mars. Make sure you watch a comedy into between those 3 tho because they have more melo. I liked Devil Beside You and Down with Love. Another popular T Drama is Why Why Love but again, I couldn’t get into it. Love Now and Love Around seem pretty popular more recently. I have not watched Love Now. Love Around was very charming but it fizzled a bit in the last few episodes. Thanks for wishing me luck, and I look forward to reading your thoughts on more dramas!


      • I think I’m mostly so besotted with the fact that the lead in In A Good Way is so unlike a K-drama jerkface that I’m completely won over. He’s perfect, and not in an eye-rolling, boring kinda way.

        Thanks for the T-drama recs! I did try In Time With You but I didn’t even finish the first ep for whatever reason, and I know I will hv to get to Meteor Garden especially one day. That’s the original F4 that I know. I mean Vanness Wu was a huge deal in those days although in true form, I totally missed that boat ;).

        Thanks for readin’ and commenting especially. Always a treat ;D


  2. Hahaha! Since you’re already familiar with EXO, the first thing that spring to mind was Tao.
    You weren’t familiar with their debut era when their concept was ‘aliens from EXOplanet’? This was Tao’s concept/look.


    • HAIIIEEE! I JUST thought of this last nite when I was mucking around youtube, and thought WAITAMINUTE!! I was vaguely aware of their aliens concept and then glossed over it because.. well, the tree of life took over. By the way, I’m slowly learning their names. Progress!!


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