Weekly OCDrama Digest 6 – 12 Jan 2014

I mentioned last week that as a resolution for the new year, I’m taking a cue from Snoop Dogg. If the drama doesn’t fit, it’s time to drop it like it’s hot. I’m committed to not committing.

With that in mind, I’ve shelved Miss Korea and You From Another Star, and I‘ve started on In A Good Way (which is going swimmingly) and re-watching Coffee Prince. For the 6th time! The latter is especially magical and I’ve decided that it’s about time I devoted some blog space to it and so, I’m announcing a series of episode guides or whatever you call postings of me nattering on about why each episode makes me so happy, Gong Yoo’s gorgeous smile not withstanding. I’m struggling to hold myself back from marathoning the daylights out of it as per usual because I have to take notes and write as I go along. But I find this only prolongs the delicious pleasure.

Pleasure, people. Isn’t that why we signed up for this drama madness business? The episode guides will start next week. And if anyone has better ideas on what to call ’em please share! I’m stumped.  But I digress (see how it gets with me and Coffee Prince?).

On with regularly scheduled programming:

Yoo Ah In1. In drama casting news, Kim Hee Ae is set to romance Yoo Ah In in Secret Love Affair, the upcoming JTBC drama by the A Wife’s Credentials team, about an older woman falling for a much younger musical prodigy. Colour me excited. Before this was announced, in my casting couch daydreams, I had envisioned Song Joong Ki being perfect for this role. Or maybe even Gong Yoo, if the drama wanted to skew older leading man (I read that he was in the mood for a sexy, adult, dramatic turn). But I’m not complaining! Yoo Ah In can rock the boyish smoulder and has honed some serious dramatic acting chops during his stint in Jang Ok Jung that a melo like this requires. 

2. Tabloid The New York Post featured AJ aka Kim Jae Seop of boyband U-Kiss and his current stint as a freshman at Columbia University, likening him to a real life Hannah Montana. This isn’t as strange a juxtaposition in K-ent, as I understand many stars are concurrent students be it high school or college (whether they attend classes is another matter I suppose). But in any case, I do find it funny how he says he misses being recognised.  

3. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of this inspired the making of Let’s Eat, the food porntastic show currently airing on tvN. It’s the voyeuristic impulse meets gluttony meets Korean internet culture called ‘mok-bang’, where people live-stream themselves scarfing down dinner. It seems that some of these eaters have become net celebs making big bucks. I adore me some food porn but I’m not sure if this qualifies. Gluttony isn’t sexy.

Song Seung Hoon 4. I’m sure a good number of people already consider Song Seung Hoon a work of art, but he now can be found literally hanging on the walls in the“Dream Art With K-star” exhibition in Seoul.

5. I trust you’ve heard of Leeteuk of SuJu’s father and grandparent’s murder-suicide by now. I read about a growing dementia crisis and other degenerative illnesses in South Korea among the elderly and there’s something about not paying enough care to the old and infirm that drives me nuts. Over here, I see retirees working at McDonald’s. Something’s really wrong somewhere if your twilight years have to be spent serving fast food and cleaning toilets. *RAGE*.

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13 thoughts on “Weekly OCDrama Digest 6 – 12 Jan 2014

      • I should because I watched it a long time ago! One of these days 😉 It was my first korean drama and I’m Sorry I Love you was my second. A friend of mine had just gotten hooked on asian dramas so she sent me DVDs. I loved them and predictably crushed on GY and SJS but this was pre Netflix and DramaFever for me so I had no way to find more series and get sucked fully into dramaverse. Many years later I caught Queen Seondeok on Netflix, my introduction to sageuk and a crush on KNG…and the rest is history


      • Owh MiSa! Totally understand why that launched SJS’s career and why you crushed on him, but I totally crushed on Im So Jung. That face! Those lips! And their chemistry was off the charts. And I think that was my first time seeing adult men scrubbing each other down in the jimjilbang, which blew my mind. I haven’t caught the sageuk bug but I there are a couple (actually more than a couple) on my must-watch list. I MUST get get thru more sageuk this year.


      • I’ve forgotten about ISILY, I could rewatch it but I don’t want to! I remember I cried too much. On sageuk please also The Tree with Deep Roots. I watched it because the screenplay was written by the team that did Queen Seondeok and that’s where I met Jang Hyuk and I was forever blown away 😋 Not only because of JH but the writing. It became my favorite korean series and it is still my number #1. I might have told you this before, I had tried to watch Chuno before but I felt it was slow, I mean gorgeous and spectacular, but slow so I put it on hold. After TTWDR, It was much easier for me to go through Chuno’s slow parts maybe because I was already into JH 😉 but also, I think sageuk might be an acquired taste, and once you fall for one you will might the need for more. Like everything, some sageuks are more addictive than others and well obviously depends on your taste 😉 Btw, unrelated but I wanted to tell you, Miss Korea got more addictive to me finally after ep 8 I find myself looking forward to the next ep. I hope it keeps this rythm.


      • I wasn’t moved by MiSa actually, because I don’t think it holds up too well comparatively. But those two were awesome together! Tree With Deep Roots is at the top of the sageuk list (also Painter of the Wind) and thanks for telling me bout Chuno coz I only made it to Ep 6, so it’s nice to know watching TWDR first might help.
        Oooh so Miss Korea did pick up steam? That’s after she actually entered the contest I guess? I saw some pictures of her big hair and giggled, and I saw a gifset of some self-slapping going on too. I hv a feeling this will work better as a marathon for me, so will get to it when it finishes I think. Keep me posted!


      • Yes! I will and I agree about marathon. Doesn’t everything work better as a marathon? Chuno starts very slow and personally I never cared for the secondaries but you must must mustttt watch Daegil’s journey. Watching more good sageuk will raise your tolerance level for epic slowness I hope 😉 Painter of the Wind is one I started but left on hold forever. It did look good but I guess I wasn’t in the mood for it yet. I am so unbelievably moody. ISILY isn’t that good? well, I suppose if I were to watch it again I would feel the same.


      • I dunno, I like the pain of waiting for my weekly fix of a crack drama. Call me a masochist ;). I definitely will resume Chuno this year! I know, mood is everything to me too. A couple of months ago I would’ve jumped on Prime Minister & I, but now I’m so not in the mood! I think MiSa was maybe good for it’s time and I can see how it was trendy melo. I dunno, you might think differently?


  1. I call mine Reaction posts. Because it’s not a recap or a review — it’s just me, picking out the parts of an episode that stuck out to me. So… that was my idea, anyway. 😉

    I am still in the overly-excited stage of the Yoo Ah-in casting news. 😀 I need to talk myself down before too-high-expectations kill the drama before it has a chance.

    I’ll admit the mok-bang thing had me going o.O as well. Mainly from the sheer amount of food consumed. I thought that was an American thing! 😉 But — whatever floats your boat, I guess. I wonder if it’s something people watch so they’re not eating alone?


    • I was thinking the other day about the possibility that a drama with Yoo Ah in, Kim Hae Ee and Ahn Pan Seok PD might actually suck. And then I said why hold back when it’s too early in the year to be so jaded ;P

      Oh yes, the not wanting to eat alone thing is totally a factor in mok bang me thinks. Which is understandable. But it’s strange that you are essentially paying someone to eat an insane amount of food in front of you. Can’t wrap my brain around it, but trying not to judge. And failing miserably ;(

      And thanks for the suggestion! But isn’t that sort of your trademark and I don’t want to steel from you. Plus you do it so well!


      • Ooh… hadn’t thought about “Reactions” being a trademark. (Makes me feel powerful — like a mighty corporation or something. 😉 ) It’s just what I came up with to differentiate what I’m doing from Recaps. I thought, if you used it, too, it might become part of the the K-drama watching lexicon and I’d feel less like a goober using a made-up term. But! That’s just me. You certainly don’t have to adopt my phrasing to make me feel better about myself. 😉 Another thought: “Episode Highlights”

        I agree that it’s the huge amount of food that had me raising an eyebrow. I know there’s people who are into feeding : watching other people eat a lot of food. (Because with the internet, you pick up things that once known you can’t un-know.) But that there’s enough interest to create that much money… Eyebrow raised.

        Okay! I’ll join hands with you and skip with glee and the brightest of expectations that the Yoo Ah in, Kim Hae Ee and Ahn Pan Seok show will be as awesome as our best hopes. 😀 Anticipation is half the fun, after all. And the year is so new.


      • Hur, I just automatically think of you when I read/her “reaction”! You’ve done it so well is why! I’m still mulling how to organise these, but I’m probably over-thinking it. Reactions gv me the impression of you reacting off the cuff as you watch an episode, whereas I’m doing a teeny more thinking (or in my case, over-thinking) (and gushing, I’m definitely doing alot of that). Correct? What’s your process like for writing those up anyway?


      • I write as if I’m speaking to someone who’s just seen the episode as well. That way I don’t fall into mini-recapping (something I tried to nip in the bud because that way lies detailing-madness) and feel free to just talk about the stuff that has me excited/upset/thinking, etc.

        I start off pretty stream-of-conscious and then re-organize it into a readable structure after the initial blurt of writing is down and a structure becomes apparent.

        Also, I tend to grab screen-caps after I’ve got all my writing done (because I’m lazy and just want to grab the pics I actually need) and sometimes, in going back through the episode, I’ll stumble across a little something I want to mention.

        But yes, it’s very much off-the-cuff so I feel completely free to change my mind down the road. Especially after the next episode. 😉


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