Ghost-Seeing Detective Cheo-Yong Set to Air Next Month

Remember this one? If the OCN procedural’s ghostie premise seems so last year, mainly because it was suppose to air last October.

Scheduling conflicts now seem to be a thing of the past though, because Ghost-Seeing Detective Cheo-Yong will air on 9th February. OCN has also released a spiffy new trailer which looks visually rich (while the equally smashing early teasers were all creepy minimalism) and a slew of promo pics. So it’s all looks good to go. 

Ghost Detective Cheo Yong Poster 3 Ghost Detective Cheo Yong Poster1 Ghost Detective Cho Yong poster 2

To refresh memories, Oh Ji Ho plays the titular hero a once high flying ace detective turned tortured lowly cop after a devastating accident. He’s shut himself off from the world as he struggles to hide his abilities. Somehow he and a rookie detective (Oh Ji Eun) pair up and aided by a school girl ghost (Secret’s Jeon Hyo-sung), go on to solve ghostly, murderous crimes.

I’m assuming since filming started late last year, that the show will have more than a handful of episodes in the bag, which can only be a good thing.

What’s also a good thing is that OCN is making up for it’s earlier production and promotional muck-up by being very generous with it’s behind the scenes stills. Oh Ji Ho certainly looks happy and primed for action! 

Ghost-Seeing Detective Cheo-young GDCYBTS2 GDCYBTS3

Ghost-Seeing Detective Cheo-yong  

Episodes : 10 
Starts: February 9 
Broadcast Company : OCN
Cast : Oh Ji Ho, Oh Ji Eun, Jeon Hyo Seong, Jeon Ji An
All pix from Soompi/OCN

11 thoughts on “Ghost-Seeing Detective Cheo-Yong Set to Air Next Month

      • You like ’em to suffer? I do have a soft spot for tortured male characters, as I’m conditioned to think that tortured equals sexy especially when they brood. I hope Oh Ji Hoo will brooding some, preferably in the shower 😉


  1. Whatever reason caused the push back, as a viewer I think it was a good thing because it’s not fresh on the heels of Who Are You and Master’s Sun. I’m totally down for this.


  2. And the perm ajuhmma hairstyle is gone~~ I really hope this drama delivers b/c right now we should have been basking in the glory of Min Tae Yeon aka the hottest vampire prosecutor around, but OCN let it go on a the worst cliffhanger they could have chosen. * smh * Anyway, I am so ready for this drama. And I hope it will be a good mystery/crime drama b/c I was kinda hoping “Who Are You” would do that last year, but it didn’t… And such a waste of Kim Jae WooK;


    • I haven’t watched any OCN drama to the end, I’m sad to say. I am anticipating this one though, and the teasers look really good, although as we all know you shouldn’t put too much stock in teasers but nevertheless… 🙂


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