Weekly OCDrama Digest 13th Jan – 19th Jan

Hi everybody! How was your week? Mine was pretty dry to say the least, as I practically got nothing you this week. It could be that my brain is a little fried from a nasty habit I’ve developed of sleeping way too late and waking up way too early. I’ve always been a night owl, but it’s been getting out of hand. Anyways, onwards:

1. I Need Romance 3 debuted this week and by all accounts everyone seems primed to fall in love with Sung Joon the show. It sure is purrrty, shot through with a certain dreamy glow that make winters look so exotically romantic. At least to me, a proud native of the tropics. And am I the only one drooling over the apartments on this show?  I covet with a vengeance. And of course, there’s Sung Joon and Kim So Yeon. Together. Really, just look at them: I Need Romance 3

2. For those who haven’t gotten over Answer Me 1994, Electric Ground has posted a number of translations of interviews with the cast and crew of the hit show. It goes without saying, be warned about spoilers before reading. I’m just saying because that’s how I got spoiled, by reading the interview with director Shin Won Ho. Thank goodness I was planning to spoil myself anyway. 

3. A webtoon offering a conservative take on the Are You Ok? movement went viral, with the comic emphasising the many Korean economic successes that citizens should be proud of instead of being politically unhappy.  I was struck by how similar these arguments are to ones I’ve heard in my country–logical fallacies can be found in every culture of the world!

Seoulhaze4. In the ROK this week, a bird flu outbreak has been confirmed in several provinces outside Seoul, while a toxic haze has enveloped Seoul and other major cities caused by dust particles blown by strong winds from China.  Of course, as a twisted drama fan I’m thinking, how will the latter effect live-shoots outdoors?? Because my need for drama prettiness comes first.

5. Jeju Island: not just for honeymooners! I did not know that dramaland’s favourite island getaway has a teddy bear museum, featuring bears as celebs and in famous art works. Think a teddy bear Gandhi. And this is apparently a stone’s throw from a sex themepark, so mum and dad can erm, play too?  


10 thoughts on “Weekly OCDrama Digest 13th Jan – 19th Jan

  1. I shall join you in shallow petty land — because my first thought with #4 was, “How will dramas maintain their wintery prettiness?!?” (Um… At least I’m paying attention?)

    I Need Romance 3 is so, so pretty — and they’re doing a lot with golden, warm wood as part of their color palette to underline the cozy indoors aspect of cold winters. At least — that’s how I see it. (The best part of a snowy day is not needing to go anywhere. 😉 )

    #5… Somehow I already knew that. About both museums. (How did I know that? A travel show? Must have tuned into a travel show and that info just sunk into my brain.)


    • About INR3 I think if it goes off the rails it might be first time I’d be able to keep watching purely for the pretty, and the prime real estate. I spied a Smeg stove in Joo Yeon’s kitchen that only in my wildest dreams I could afford.

      Did you see Goong? Apparently it was used in that drama.


      • That’s how “That Winter the Wind Blows” sank their hooks into me. Please, drama-gods, let INR3 be more sensical! 😀 I will keep a sharp eye out for Joo-yeon’s stove — cool kitchen appliances always make for good eye-candy. (I recall loving the fridge in Jo Jung-suk’s office in “You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin” …at least, I think it was in his office?)

        I have seen Goong and do recall the teddybears. I don’t remember that they overtly visited the museum, but closing credits always had a diorama of teddybears reenacting an episode scene. (I recall there being some scenes that I wasn’t sure worked for teddybears. Like, “oh, no! cancer!” type scenes that you wouldn’t necessarily translate to “cute.” Of course, maybe the museum has similar set ups — teddybears reenact the beheading of Mary, Queen of Scots! 😉 )


      • Hmm nvr saw TWTWB coz I heard about the mess at the end, but it doesn’t seem likely that INR3 will be a hot mess in the same way? Though I think I will KIV this for now, as I’m watching Can We Get Married at the same time is not helping me appreciate this one! Heh. CWGM is so good!

        About the teddies, apparently they set up a Goong exhibit in the museum after the success of the drama?

        Life size apparently! 🙂


      • Oh, yeah I’m not sure CWGM and INR3 are a good mix. Beyond the same actor issue (which, I think could get confusing — at least for me anyway… though I’ve never tried it and now I’m curious *facepalm*) it’s realism versus cute candy and… no, I don’t think they’d mix.

        But! Yay, I’m glad you’re enjoying CWGM again. Did the shrieking tone down or did you become immune?

        (Seeing that pic… I’d forgotten the prince had a teddybear of his very own. 😉 )


  2. My first drama was Goong, so I was clued in early to the teddy bear museum.. I have no idea how I know about the sex theme park though.. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t through watching kdrama, LOL! XD


    • Yes Goong, which means thanks to the teddys I might hv to move this up my list. As for sex themepark, I wonder how come I knew about the toilet museum but not Loveland! The useless bits of information that one knows and does not know, seriously.


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