The Liebster Award–Part 2

Liebster Award Logo-1

[Shucks, there’ve been a couple more (thanks again Snow and Ahjusshi Fan!)so I’ve updated this page to keep the Liebsters together. Scroll down if you’re interested ;)]

Well lookie here! I’m really chuffed and grateful for Erl at A Mix of Anything and Everything for nominating me for the Liebster Award (why do I feel like I’m writing my Oscar acceptance speech?).

I know everybody says this but it is true that I’d never really thought anyone would read anything on my blog, let alone receive something like this.  So I am downright humbled and well pleased that this has come my way. So Erl, I shower you with rose petals, and same goes for anyone who has ever read and commented here on my little corner of the world. Everyone gets rose petals!

The Liebster Award is given to bloggers who have less than 200 followers and is a way to recognise newcomers to the blogosphere. And google tells me that Liebster is German and means “sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome.” D’awwww….

The Rules

There are rules involved and these vary somewhat from what I’ve seen, but these were the ones that Erl gave me:

1. Each nominee link back the person who nominated them.

2. Answer 10 questions which are given to you by the nominator.

3. Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award who have less than 200 followers.

4. Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.

5. Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them.

Here are my answers to Erl’s questions:

1. What is your motivation to continue blogging?

My audience demands, nay craves, my work *in haughty British-accented voice*. Seriously though, it’s a lot of fun talking to fellow obsessives and finding a such a warm, welcoming community on the internet has been pure awesome. Plus, it keeps me on my creative toes.

2. What is your favourite blog post, one that you have written?

Hmmm, this is going to sound facetious but I like ’em all. Mainly because I consider it a minor miracle that any of them ever make it out alive since I’m so not prolific and I tend to hem-and-haw a lot before I post something (meaning I procrastinate). But I do have more fun writing silly stuff, the posts where I poke fun or eye-roll, as I am wont to do in Real Life. 

3. How do you spend a typical weekend?

I’m basically a huge bore and a hermit which means I’m at home, most likely eating, sometimes cooking, and watching dramas. Occasionally I surface for air, but I find it’s not entirely necessary.

"I hardly leave my bed when I’m at home."

Me & Lee Jong Seok have a lot in common: “I hardly leave my bed when I’m at home.”  (gif by

4. What has been your biggest blogging challenge so far?

All of it has been a challenge, from writing, creating header images, finding the time to reply to comments without sounding like a twit, to actually finding a drama that I like and want to write about. It’s all been a big ball of challenge, but the biggest one is trying to find my blogging voice and hitting my stride which is still a long ways off. I like blogs that either A) entertain me in some way or B) keep me informed, so I try to do the same with mine.

5. What is that moment in your life that you regret the most?

I don’t have a moment, more like a collection of moments. Like all the times I parked illegally and sped down highways because I would’ve saved a lot of money in tickets and fines.

6. What are your favourite and least favourite drama clichés?

I detest meddling mother-in-laws and noble idiots. And because I can’t just have one, I don’t like damsels-in-distress either because…oh read Feminist Frequency for why because Anita Sarkeesian says it better than I ever could. And one of my favourites would have to be bumbling cops. Gotta love incompetent police officers for comic relief.

7. Do you post under your real name? Why or why not?

No I don’t, although DDee (pronounced ‘Dee Dee’ by the way) is a small part of my real name. I’m a very private person and I enjoy the anonymity because it allows me to behave badly. When am I ever going to meet any of you lot in real life anyway?? (And if I ever do, I apologise in advance.)

8. Who is your ultimate bias?

Liebster Bias Collage

♥  Gong Yoo, Amber and Kai  ♥

I’ve always wondered how and why ‘bias’ came to be used in K-pop parlance to describe favouring one idol over another. It’s a strange choice at first glance (since my instinct is to use the word differently) but then again, once you think about it, it’s brilliant. Since I’m a K-pop novice, I don’t really have one (although a couple of boys in EXO have caught my eye, as has Amber from f(x)). In dramaland however, it has to be the one and only Gong Yoo.  And if anyone can tell me more about the origins of ‘bias’, I’d be forever grateful.

9. Are you a coffee or a tea addict?

Coffee. Strong. The kind that’s locally roasted with butter that you get at kopitiams called ‘kopi o’, which means black with sugar. Served in a proper kopitiam cup and saucer like this: Kopi O

10. What is your idea of a perfect drama?

If there were such a thing as a perfect drama, beyond the trifecta of acting, directing, writing, it would be one that has a vision for itself and stays true to it, with a hefty dose of heart and soul.

My noms

Since this award is to big-up some newbies,  I thought I’d go a little beyond looking at follower-counts and choose ones that haven’t been nominated as far as I know (so that excludes my fellow nominees in this round), have a smaller number of hits (wherever stats are visible), and are updated fairly regularly. Here are 7 blogs that I chose:

Feminist K-drama Feels: tumblr has ruined my life since I discovered blogs like this one, run by two friends who critique and celebrate women characters in dramas.

Sphere Of Gray: Written in a remarkably assured tone of voice for someone so young. I’m jealous.

DramAdrenaline!: Sarah’s blog is a huge pleasure to read. She’s pretty hysterical and fun to chat with too.

Stuck on Hyuk: It takes some serious fangirl passion to dedicate a blog solely to Jang Hyuk, and Drama Fan and Gumi do it with humour and aplomb. Plus, DF never hesitates to share fugly photoshoots of K-hotties with me :D.

Bright Little World: From Greece, chatting with brightfotini is like a little ray of sunshine. She’s really busy at the moment and I hope RL gives her a break long enough to post more often.

My Myooz: Nelly was one of the first to welcome me to the blogosphere and she’s funny, and warm and Malaysian-born–all good things in my book. And I love her Eu-Mak Wednesday series.

Pops Mission: Being on blogspot I have no idea what her follower-count is, but I enjoy reading her easy breezy takes on dramas.

My questions are:  

1. If you could bankroll your dream drama, what genre would it be and who would you cast?

2. If you could travel back in time and be a fly on the wall in any drama shoot in the universe, which would you pick and why?

3. If you weren’t blogging about dramas what would you be blogging about?

4. How soon into your drama addiction did you want to start cooking and eating ramyun?

5. In what ways is your family similar to and different from the average K-drama family?

6. List 11 random facts about yourself.

Liebster 2: From Snow_white

1. Who is your favourite K-ent actor and actress?

So so many! Have a look at my header images for a sampling. Gong Hyo Jin, Shin Min Ah, Kim Sun Ah, Gong Yoo, Lee Min Ki off the top of my head. But I’m sure there are more.

2. Talking about favourites, what are your favourite movies, TV serials, actors and actresses outside Kdramaland? 

the X-files  Oh boy this could go on forever. I want to be Tilda Swinton when I grow up. Also Maggi Cheung. I think ET is a work of art. The X-Files was my first fandom–I shipped Mulder and Scully before I knew what shipping meant. I love the Golden Girls and Cheers and other sitcoms from the 80s like Mind Your Language and ‘Allo ‘Allo (yes that’s how old I am).  

3. If your life were a drama, which one would it be?

You mean the life I dream of or life as it is? I dream my drama life would be a little Coffee Prince (Choi Han Kyul, coffee) meets Kimchi Family (food), with a little bit of Dal Ja’s Spring (Lee Min Ki) and Shut Up Flower Boy Band (music, flower boys). I would be doing this alot:

Coffee Prince Ep 1

Life as it is would be a total drama flop–it would bore people to tears.

4. Dramas or novels? Why?

Oooh both! I love reading and I love dramas equally. Both work different parts of my brain and both can be as transportive and immersive. Alas dramas have occupied most of my headspace, and my free time, of late.

5. Which colour do you like the most and why?

I like blues, greens and earth tones. Why? I have no idea.

6. Your dream cast for a drama: main leads as well as second leads………….

Gong Hyo Jin! Shin Min Ah! Gong Yoo! Lee Min Ki! Song Joong Ki! Kim Sun Ah! There would be no second leads in my drama. Everyone get all things and goes away happy, and we’d all die from the eye-candy.

7. What is the best thing about blogging in your opinion?

Community! Finding others who are willing to indulge me is amazing. Everyone is so kind and generous. Reading the numerous talented bloggers out there is humbling too and it makes me face my limitations everyday.

Liebster 3: From Ahjusshi Fan:

1. What is your favourite movie? – from any country.

ET! From America. And outer space. And since a couple of us were just talking Bollywood today, 3 Idiots, with Aamir Khan.

2. What is the most wonderful thing that happened in your life.

Erm, I guess the day I met my hubby in a lift in a shopping mall. True story.

3. What are you doing right now other than answering this question.

I’m thinking of what to eat for dinner, and drinking water to help fill my stomach in the meantime. And scratching my head. And curing cancer. Multitasker extraordinaire!

4. If you were given USD 10,000 what will you do with that money? Please don’t save it.

Why can’t I save it??! I’d buy a new mattress. Then I’d buy my hubby and me a meal at the best sushi restaurant in Tokyo. I suppose I would then pay the bank but I wouldn’t be happy about it. Then I’d donate some of it, and then I’d give the rest to my mother. I owe her some money.

5. Android or iPhone?

Android! Apple products are overpriced.

6. Do you have someone you want to punch at this current moment?

YES. SO MANY. All of them local politicians. But I don’t support violence, okay. Except for those who invite it, like politicians.

7. Express yourself in 3 words

Yes. No. Maybe?

8. Express your k-drama crush in 3 words. 


9. What is your favourite Korean phrases?

“Do you want to die?”, “I’m going crazy” and “How could you do this to me? HOW?! HOW!!”

10. Coffee or tea or milk?

Coffee! Strong! See Liebster #1. But I also like green tea, the kind with puffed brown rice. That is really delicious. And corn tea. Yummy.

My noms: 


Heidi’s KDrama 52 week Challenge

Zany Delights

Drama Rookie 

My questions: 

1. If you could be an extra in any scene in any drama, what scene and in which drama would it be?

2.  Complete this sentence: Kim Woo Bin is….

3.  Japan, Korea or Taiwan?

4.  Money or love?

5. Who is your favourite drama hero of all time?

6. List 11 random facts about yourself.

42 thoughts on “The Liebster Award–Part 2

  1. You are welcome and thanks for the petal shower, that’s so sweet. So far you’re the first to chose just coffee, that’s awesome! I can think of someone to invite for coffee. Oh and I wanna answer question number 4; how soon into your drama addiction did you want to start cooking and eating ramyun? a week into it and I have to thank BoF for that. Sadly I do not have that small pot with a lid on it and i am still contemplating if it’s too much to purchase one.


    • Really? Does no one like coffee?? I do like tea too but coffee is a whole other level of yummy. HAHA I’ve made ramyun with the most meager of utensils, including outdoors at a camp fire, so if there’s a will there’s a way!! 🙂


      • Yeah, you’re the first. Coffee is a must for me, it’s liquid sanity! LOL. I made ramyun too but I wanna experience eating off the lid, you know, traditional K Drama way. One of these days..


      • Yunno I always wondered what’s up with the lid thingy. Is it to cool the noodle down? Or too much trouble to get a bowl? I’m down with eating it straight frm the pot though, although I never do!!


      • Funny I always wondered about that too. They are all too eager to eat off it, best example is Coffee Prince. If I do get to try it I’ll let you know. Haven’t tried eating directly from the pot, been using my bowl-mug most of the time.


  2. Hee. I actually think most bloggers have hermit-esque tendencies. How else do we find the time to run our blogs, right? XD And you’re absolutely right – blogging is one big ball of challenges, coz you need to be on top of so many things, AND you want to find a way to have fun while doing all of those things. I think you’re doing a pretty awesome job of it, so fighting, chingu! And congrats on your Liebster! *showers confetti and sparkles and rainbow hearts* See, looks like I’m not the only one who thinks you’re doing great! ;D


    • Awww thanks for the encouragement chingu!! As long as this shindig keeps on being fun, I’m on board! You were one of the first to welcome me so warmly so here, extra rose petals, and honey peanut butter for you!! With a side of slobbery wet kisses ;P
      Yeah apart from hermits, frm what I’ve read many bloggers would also describe themselves as introverts as well, as I do. So it fits that my idea of an ideal Sunday is eating instant noodles, in my pjs, in front of my computer watching dramas 🙂


      • Ooh! Rose petals AND honey peanut butter?!?? Luxury to the max. Lying in a bed of rose petals, nomming on honey peanut butter! Kisses back, you sweet thang you! ❤

        I’ve always felt that many bloggers were introverts. And it’s always struck me as uber cool, that this huge network of introverts all have lots and lots of followers on the web. Which is SO not how the world usually sees them. Love it! 😀 I mean, if you think about it, how the heck would Javabeans and Girlfriday write as much as they do, if they were out meeting friends all the time? They’d have to have hermit-esque tendencies for sure! And love to sit around at home watching drama while eating ramyun. All that good stuff ^^


      • But but…aside frm being introverts JB & GF have typing monkeys too right? Coz that’s the only way it’s humanly possible to produce as much as they do!! And they do it so well too!! *SOB* What’s also great about them is that they seem like really good buddies, which makes the work, I’m sure, even feel less like work.

        And guess what I’m gonna make right now?? RAMYUNNNN!!! Or rather, instant jjajangmyun…hunger beckons 🙂


      • Another beautiful example of RL friendship being born from cyber friendship 🙂 If memory serves, GF was a reader of JB’s blog before the blog exploded into the huge thing that it is now. Isn’t that just super cool? ^^ Who know what other goodies our blogging adventures will bring!

        Ooh. Instant jjajangmyun. I haven’t tried that one. Is it any good?


      • Really?? I did not know that! Now that is truly amazing!! They are so simpatico those two, it’s wonderful to see. And hear in their podcasts. They crack me up. I really enjoy listening to those. I know, this whole blogging thing is such an adventure isn’t it.

        As for jjajangmyun, I wasn’t sure when I bought it as it was called “chacharoni”, but I guessed that was branding speak coz it looked exactly like jjajangmyun. It’s good, but you know black beans aren’t my favourite thing so I tweak the sauce abit. *burp* ;P. I hv to cut down though, these are way too expensive nowadays. Back to good old maggi for abit heh.


  3. Gosh thanks for nominating me Ddee, how exciting!! Its so nice of you!! 🙂
    I really enjoyed reading your post and will have to get to work on mine!!
    I have been so busy lately I have slowed a little with my posts (boo to real life) but this is nice encouragement to get back into it!!
    Thank you!! 🙂


  4. Loved all of your answers, but I need to take a moment to express that I share your love for Amber from f(x). She’s amazing and I love her to bits. If it weren’t for my son and hubby I’d happily stay in my house all day with dramas, you guys in the blogsphere, and ramyun lol.

    Congrats on your nomination!!!


    • Oh you like Amber too?? *high five* Isn’t she great?! I was just reading up on her and listening to Pink Tape, which is pure ear candy, and I was blown away by her in particular! Congrats on your nom too Jaime! *throws confetti*


      • *high fives* She is totally my girl crush 🙂 I love her a lot. She’s so beautiful and I love the image she has. Also her voice is like velvet. I don’t have Pink Tape yet… but I probably will soon lol but I’ve been listening to Nu Abo on repeat.

        Thanks! I am super excited by the whole Liebster Process!


  5. Thank you for my nom nom! I too am a fan of the deep, dark coffee. If I don’t have to keep it from walking away by itself, I don’t want it. Also hermithood (Ness?). Story of my life.


    • You’re most welcome, well deserved. Yes I know you are coffee fan! I remember that story about your poor dead office coffee maker–*shudder*. K-dramas: uniting hermits of the blogosphere since…the internet was invented 😛


  6. Thanks for nominating me, DDee! :’) I’m supah grateful.

    I’m a K-pop novice too! There are a few groups that I’ve liked for years, such as f(x) (Amber is my girl crush 5everrr), but I haven’t made an attempt to actually learn the ropes of K-pop, heh. Ask me about EXO and I’ll know some of their names and faces and character traits, but that’s about it, as with so many other boy bands and girl groups out there. :B I know them especially if they act (e.g. Yoochun and Siwon), but that’s just dramaland sensibilities kickin’ in, haha! I’ve actually been to a 2NE1 concert (shocker!), courtesy of Viki—but I totally had to learn about them before I went, rofl.


    • Yes I think K-pop will need a little more time to sink it’s claws into me, as I’ve just only dipped my toes in. But that f(x) album, and EXO, I’ve listened to them more times than I can count!


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  8. Oh my god! I’m so shocked you nominated me for a
    Liebster!! XD I never thought about getting an award at all for blogging, and I feel so humble now because I don’t know if my blog posts even deserve readers.. ‘sobs’ Arigatou gozaimasu! Blow kisses to you!!! ❤ ❤
    P.s: I love kopi o too! 😀


  9. Yeahh, blogging is a huge challenge but the results that come out of it are amazing. I love that it enables you to share your love to the rest of the world. Everything about blogging is a learning experience and that is something I really enjoy.

    That’s some strong strong coffee you drink there! I’ve never tried that type of coffee before but it sounds delicious! I’m also a drama and novel girl too! They both offer something very unique that neither can compete with. Like you, dramaing has been taking up most of my time recently. 😛


    • Sorry for the late reply, but CNY got the better of me! Anyways, I totally agree that blogging allows you to reach out and share our love with the world, especially when folks in RL just don’t get our obsession with dramas ;). Where would we be without this wonderful community??

      Oh about the coffee, if you’ve tried Vietnamese coffee it’s similar but not nearly as strong. I love me some Vietnamese drip coffee too though, except that I’m so impatient that I dislike waiting for the darn thing to finish dripping! And hurray for dramas and books! I would like to read more this year though since I already have a list of must-reads as long as my must-watch list.


      • No worries! Yeahh, I am the only person amongst my friends who actually dramas dramas so they don’t understand people. It’s good to know that when I blog there are people out there who get me and I love this about blogging.

        Ahaha, I’ve never tried Vietnamese coffee before! I probably should one day. And yes, authentic Vietnamese coffee takes foreverrr to drip!

        Hehehe, me too! And RL takes me away from getting to them! 😦


      • I have a friend who is a recovering drama addict (the kind who took sick leave frm work to marathon dramas) and she looks at me with great wariness, like I will push her over to the dark side again haha. Aside frm her, I hv no one else who understands. And she’s off the drama trail. So I only have you all to talk to!!


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