The OCDrama Digest 20th Jan – 26th Jan

How is everybody doing? It’s been a so-so week for me (the Liebster nom being the highlight!), but next week’s looking up because it’s the Lunar New Year and I’m going home! It’s also dawned on me that since I’m no longer a swingin’ singleton I can’t receive any angpows. Which is just…*WAAAIIILLL*. Worse still, I have to give them out! To people like my 45-year old cousin who makes shitloads more money than I do for the silly reason that he’s unmarried. Hmmpf.

But anyway, there’ll be lots of food and lots of eating. So that will placate me. Just a little. But on to more important things:

You From Another Star

Alien-hallyu star love brings in big ratings

1. In drama news, Lee Dong Wook is returning to dramaland as Hotel King, due to replace MBC’s Golden Rainbow. I haven’t seen anything of his since his swoony turn in La Dolce Vita, it’s just a shame it’s a gazillion episode weekender. Meanwhile, I’m quite sure You From Another Star will break 30% with the way things are going. The drama hit 26% this week on the strength of Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun’s alien connection. And they’ve been doing a lot of it lately. See above.

Lee Haru

2. I’ve been a little obsessed with Superman is Back, the KBS version of hit MBC variety show Appa Oediga. Bumbling, stressed out men and their kids, what could be better? Now I’m not usually one to squeal at babies but Tablo’s kid Haru though is the cutest moppet alive, and she has her dad completely wrapped round her finger. The other dads, Choo Seong-hoon, Lee Hwee-jae and Jang Hyun-seong, are pretty cool too, but for me, this might as well be called the Haru Show.

3. Apparently the net lit up this week with rumours that the Avengers 2 was going to shoot on location in Seoul. Then news was confirmed a couple of days ago when local sites reported that Joss Whedon and crew are indeed, going to be shooting around Gangnam, Incheon, Sangdo and other locations beginning in April/May. Also, film is auditioning English-speaking actresses for a role and it seems that Kim So-Yeon, Kim Mi-Yeon, Han Go-Eun, Han Ye-Seul, and Kim Min-Jeong are up for the part.

4. This shouldn’t be surprising, but it seems that handphones are causing more accidents on the roads and on the subway. “People who are distracted by their smartphone are becoming a serious risk to society,” says the Seoul police officer. This reminds me of the time I saw a woman dressed in sky-high heels, texting, and biking on busy a Tokyo street. Talk about multi-tasking! 

5. I came across this Daily Post er post about blogging events and discovered what a blog hop is. It sounds like a lot of fun, where a bunch of bloggers blog around a set topic during a set day. And there’s a brilliant tool that that lets everyone participating link automatically to everyone else like so . Has anyone does this before? Is anyone keen to do a drama-related one? Something fun and zippy. I’m bored, and I need to play! Let me know, other wise it might just be me and the sound of crickets.

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16 thoughts on “The OCDrama Digest 20th Jan – 26th Jan

  1. Happy Lunar New Year! Can’t believe it’s that time of the year already. I used to love Lunar New Year back in college, not just because of the angpows but more because of the “little oranges” or kiat-kiat as it’s called in the Philippines, though I have to admit a Chinese classmate and friend gave me an angpaw once. And of course Chinatown is so alive on that day. Blog hop?! I’m in! That would be so awesome. Let me know if you decide to host one okay. 🙂


    • Guess what I’m munching on right now? Oranges! :). When I was little I did use to get angpows with chocolate coins in ’em which I thought was the best thing ever. But I think kids these days would probably through the chocs back in my face if I tried that hah.

      Great to know you’re interested in the blog hop. I gotta do some research on the linky thingy first but it’s awesome to know there’s some interest.


      • aw, oranges! am having my 3rd cup of coffee, I went insane last night, I started watching Me Too, Flower and before I knew it, it’s 2AM. Now am at work and bleary eyed, I’ll probably consume more coffee until later.
        Am gonna buy some kiat kiat at the hypermarket later, it’s market day! I’m to cook Korean fried chicken, having a craving and I’m out of ingredients. ah the choco coins, loved those back then, actually until now. and yes i do think the kids would say something like “are you really giving me JUST this choco coins? I want a new (insert mobile brand here.)” kids today, they are lucky and abusive sometimes.
        I bet there’s plenty out there who’s interested. It’s going to be so much fun and i have a feeling since we are all in different time zones, the day would be stretched to two. 😀


      • It turned out awesome. K-ingredients here are rare, I improvise most of the time. Though if I find some, it’s expensive. The Korean pear is the perfect example. It’s around $4 per kg.


  2. A blog hop sounds like a wonderful idea! Count me in 🙂 I’ll be interested to see if and who the Avengers decides to cast in Korea. As for Man from the Stars, I agree that 30% ratings don’t seem like a stretch. The numbers are already so high! Also, yay new drama for Lee Dong Wook! My Girl was one of my first dramas and I’ve loved him ever since. Happy Lunar New Year!


    • Oooh great! I’ll hafta to do a little more research on the linkytools to see how it works before I set anything up. But it could be tonnes of fun! Thanks for the wishes 🙂


  3. Happy Lunar New Year! I’m all caught up with You From Another Star, and it’s so good. Jeon Ji Hyun deserves an award for being so amazing. The show just wouldn’t happen without her.


    • I know, isn’t she amazing?? She’s just killing it as Soon Yi! I so agree that this show wouldn’t amount to much without her! If it wasn’t for her I doubt I’d have stuck around for as long as I did (I’ve shelved it for now, I’ll marathon it when it’s done).


      • When I’m in a marathon mood, I usually go for sageuks, for some strange reason. I get all immersed in the story if I watch it all at once, but if I leave it I might not pick it up again in weeks. I currently have Empress Ki saved up for a rainy day, can’t tear myself away from anything Ha Ji Won is in, really.


      • My experience with sageuks is extremely limited, but I am waiting for Tree With Deep Roots to finish torrenting, and then it’s a go. I think. Or maybe Painter in the Wind. We’ll see 🙂


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