First look at Secret Love Affair: I Need a Moment…

This is the first 30-second preview of footage from the drama that is my drama to beat this season. I am officially calling it–it will slaughter everything in it’s path. I feel it in my bones.

It’s dim and wintry. There is no dialogue. We only hear piano trills. It consists entirely of looks–from him, one of curiosity from behind a curtain, then from both of them at the piano while our two protagonists are swept-up in the throes of a song; later her look of surprise, then dismay, when he shows up at her door; finally, finally, his look of intense longing as his hands move to grip her face.

There’s the hint of the forbidden. There’re simmering undercurrents of pent up passion, an eroticism. There’s also fragility. And it’s everything you want to see in a drama about well, a secret love affair.

I could also mention how gorgeous Yoo Ah In and Kim Hee Ae are. But that’s painfully obvious and not unexpected. And after those goddamn sexy posters, the explosive chemistry on display here is also not unexpected.

And anyone who has watched A Wife Credentials and The End of the World (and if you haven’t already, what are you waiting for??), can also see Ahn Pan Seok’s propensity for shooting a filled-out world worthy of cinema screens.  And I also read that the same music director for A Wife’s Credentials is back on board for this.

How can 30 seconds show so little, and yet tell you so much? To call this one a noona-romance feels limiting. It will be so much more. It will destroy me. I feel it in my bones.

These posters came out today too. Salivate with me!

Secret Love Affair Poster Kim Hee AeSecret Love Affair Yoo Ah In

Update: Thanks to JReal at the soompi forum, I now know that the text in the teaser reads as follows:

“My heart is racing…
I have an ominous feeling about this…
I see that child as a man…
I see Teacher as a woman…
My body and heart…have committed a sin…”

*cue agonised screaming into pillow*

Secret Love Affair debuts on 17th March on jTBC. 

27 thoughts on “First look at Secret Love Affair: I Need a Moment…

    • Hmm sexy yes but I’d prefer to hold the crazy and the violence. The jealous wacko spurned lover thing would be a little disappointing a turn for me. I guess we’ll hv to see where it takes us. I haven’t seen The Pianist, and it sounds like my weak stomach would not be able to handle it.


  1. I like YAI when he does sexy, so I’m verryyy interested in this one! I don’t know if I’m as gripped by the trailer as you obviously are 😉 but I’m definitely keen to check this one out! ^^


    • Yes see, that’s because you aren’t hopelessly delulu like I am. That’s a far more healthy place to be in. Good, please stay in that healthy place!! Then you can save me later. And you haven’t seen the magic of AWC yet have you? When are you going to see it??! You pwaaamissed *pouts*


  2. Well… I already feel forbidden from this 30-seconds clip. It looks pretty damn sexy to me. It reminded me of Richard Gere’s Unfaithful but instead of focusing on the betrayal part, Secret Love Affair is focusing on the affair. Now I’ve not read anything about it except getting few snippets from you. I really hope this drama will starts and ends with a bang. They have to since this is YAI’s last project before MS…


    • Oh, judging by this PD’s previous dramas, starting with a bang is not quite his style heh. But he sure builds up to a great, big ass bang. Go watch AWC la, cepat!!


  3. helllllloo Ddee!…the first time i saw this one was when you shared this over your FB page….and now i am checking it again here….YAI!!! as in YAY!… can’t believe this crazy horse will have a drama like this …very interesting and very intriguing…and since YAI is scheduled to go MS hoping this will give him a good one before he bids us goodbye…..temporarily….<3 😉


    • Evez! Nice you see you lurking about here :D. Yes it does look like this will be his last drama before he enlists in the army. And good thing it’s looking like it will be a fabulous one! Good way to go out, with a bang. From what little I’ve read about him, he’s not interested in doing fluff (although what happened with Fashion King, who knows) and is sincere about developing his craft so, he picked the right drama here, working with great talent.


  4. I can’t stop replaying the trailer. You’re damn right – how can 30 seconds worth show us so little, yet tell so much? Everything seems amazing from the directing, the acting (they are both on FIRE) and that piano as the background music, gah the feels. Thanks for bringing this under my radar!


    • Hah, you know when I posted this the number of views was about 200+, half of them MINE. I had to pick myself off the floor the first time I watched it.

      Watch this two PD’s two previous dramas and you will totally understand why I’m in such a state. Start with AWC, it goes down easier 🙂


  5. If you’re delulu, I’m totally mental about this preview. I’m so scared to get my hopes up, but how can one not given the names behind this drama? I’ve become such a fan of APS’s directing since beginning to watch EotW, and seeing his touches show up in the first thirty seconds makes me very happy. KHA has come off to me as a thoughtful actress ever since I saw Midas, and YAI is a surprisingly cerebral actor as well. You don’t come across that kind of popular actors all the time. Song Joong-Ki might be the only one that is similar in screen presence. How convenient that they were the best part of SKKS. XD

    I guess saying that I’m looking forward to the 19th is a total understatement!

    (I actually haven’t seen AWC yet–I should probably get on that.)


    • Waitaminute, how are you inside my brain??! It’s because you’ve seen so you know! YOU GET IT. In truth, what brought me to the table was Ahn Pan Seok. This could be about monkeys weaving baskets and I’d watch it. It could star Taecyeon for heaven’s sake and I’d watch it. Kim Hee Ae and Yoo Ah In are a bonus, the icing on the cake. Because I think this PD can do no wrong. In APS I trust. That shall be my new motto.

      And before YAI was cast, guess what I said? That Soong Jong Ki would be perfect in this role!! YAI didn’t cross my mind, but who am I to complain about this boy? Except that from what I see he looks a lot more mature than what I expected.

      And yes, pls see AWC. Don’t wait 🙂


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  7. Gah. Okay, yeah — that works. That… totally works. I adore piano. My husband plays. It’s how he wooed me. The anticipation I’m feeling for the soundtrack alone now… Gah.


    • OOOH! Aww how sweet!! He romanced you with song! Did he play at the wedding? Mine wooed me with guitar!
      I know, the music is going to be ALL THE THINGS. There will be tears, song, agony and cursing of the fates!!! XD


      • Not at the wedding, no. That would have been too much pressure. (He played for friends weddings, though.)

        The soundtrack for A Wife’s Credentials was so, so perfect so I’m expecting the greatest of things and there are so many piano pieces that just drip with desire and despair and seduction and… SO READY FOR THIS!!


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