The OCDrama Digest 23th Feb – 2nd March

Greetings from the middle of a heat wave! I’m sitting here in as little clothing as possible and I’m still sweating buckets. Temperatures here reached a high of 37°C this week and dams are drying up.

And speaking of heat, that teaser from Secret Love Affair certainly didn’t help cool things down for me, just saying. I don’t think I’m over it. Clearly I can’t seem to stop talking about it–I won’t tell you how many times I’ve updated that post with additional info.

You From Another Star screencap kiss 1. I’m not sure how everyone’s coping now that the alien and the starlet has left our screens but it sounds like My Love From Another Star went out in style, if not exactly with a bang. I wasn’t watching but I know I’m an outlier here. While it didn’t crack 30% ratings the drama has been a bonafide hit from pretty much the get go, even sparking off a craze for chimek further a field in China, I was tickled to read. With the first drama sensation of 2014 slot filled, what’s next?

2. Wonderful Season aka Very Good Days is off to the races clocking in at a hefty 30% for only its second episode. Lee Seo Jin and Kim Hee Sun’s comeback drama is owning the weekend slot, and deservedly so. In my very limited experience with family dramas, and from the one episode that I’ve seen, this one looks pretty (thank to the Nice Guy PD’s touch) and feels like it will be bittersweet and substantive. Coming from Lee Kyung Hee I expect nothing less. And I am not going to say a word about Taecyeon. Yet. 

wonderful season 2014 Lee Seo Jin Kim Hee SunSubs are an issue, but I hear Viki is on top of it and it will debut next weekend on KBSWorld for those fortunate enough to have access to those channels. For others, check out Darksmurfsub.

3. The most horrendously unnecessary non-news news item of the week has got to be Park Shi Hoo’s non-return to dramaland. Seriously folks, it was utter NONSENSE and the less said about it, the better.

4. Ask a Korean! had a very insightful piece on Viktor Ahn’s victory on Sochi, who despite competing under the Russian flag was overwhelmingly supported by most Koreans.  He argues that contrary to popular analysis, Koreans supported Ahn not because of ethno-nationalistic pride but because he stuck it to the man. And that is something anyone can get behind.

5. Finally, I stumbled across this little treat of a web animated series called Kimchi Power by a Korean-American comic artist about her family. I giggled. You might too!


12 thoughts on “The OCDrama Digest 23th Feb – 2nd March

  1. I spoke with my mom on Friday night. She told me about the heat wave and I told her about my polar vortex (extreme cold -20C). We are even hehehe even though she thinks her situation is a lot worse. I had to remind her that I used to live in Phoenix and 37F is a piece of cake. Love to make her chuckle and speechless… hehehe. Anyway, Kimchi Power is awesome! Funny as hell and very spot on. Thanks for sharing it. I share it on Twitter (when are you doing this, DDee????) and Tumblr. I’m glad my mom never compare my weight with hers. The only thing she was proud of (and at the same time concerned) was that her investments on my high school uniforms were completely worth her every cents (I wore the same uniform until 15, and the next new sets until I finished high school). I hate being small when my brothers are 5’10 and 5’11”. Ok that is off topic… Back to Secret Love Affair. Your highly obsession with this drama is starting to make me antsy as well. I can’t wait to watch it! Geez I sounded like I’m having fun at this miserable affairs but who cares… I enjoy watching others suffer muahahaha


    • Oh I so think yours is worse. This heat is bad, but I’ve experienced worse. And I’d rather roast than freeze to death honestly. I can’t take the cold. Is she facing water rationing? That’s gonna start soon for me, I fear.

      Yes, Kimchi Power reminded me of my mum a little too, especially ep two when she bargains like mad! Except instead of being embarrassed, I usually am the one encouraging her. HAHA. You wore the same uniform for all those years? WTH you never grew sideways?? I got hand-me-downs frm my older sis, so…


      • No sideways nor taller! Not WTH, WTF is more appropriate! I was so pissed… why am I so short? I still have body issue till today. I’m too small. Some people may feel happy being small, I don’t.

        Honestly, I rather take cold. I know how to warm up myself when it is cold but I don’t know how to cool myself up when it is hot. Yup, she told me about water restriction in her hood. Goodness, I haven’t heard such thing at home like this before. Must be severe drought over there. Stay cool, my friend.

        I can’t believe you encourage your mom. You’re such a fire starter to your mom! SMH


      • I feel you about being small, I hate crowds because I’m so short. Yeah the drought is bad, but there’s nothing one can do except… wear as little clothing as possible, and pray for rain. But this will go on for awhile so…

        My mum does all the bargaining on my behalf because I’m so terribly bad at it. My mum is a soldier!


  2. We finally have rain! Glorious, glorious rain!!

    I’m in this weird place where I have things due by March 17th so I’m dreading the date, and yet… CANNOT COME SOON ENOUGH!! Conflicted.

    And thanks for the YouTube link! That was hilarious. 😀


    • Sigh, lucky you. There was some rain today, but after tomorrow, it’s back to roasting with no sign of respite. Ah well, at least I still hv running water!

      It’s a mere two weeks away! Think of it as a reward for meeting all your deadlines :). And you’ll also get it quick coz it’s coming to Dramafever! And as for Kimchi Power, I forgot to write that Ep 2 is out too which is also equally hilarious and I suspect very true to life for many of us har.


      • I’m so relieved it is being covered. I had hopes that the amount of hype surrounding it would make it so, but I also had fears. 😉

        I’ve subscribed to the Kimchi Power channel — another way to be entertained! 😀 (And yes, some things are universal.)


  3. HAHAHA Kimchi Power is hilarious!! Thanks for sharing that! Gave me a good laugh! XD

    I’m sorry to hear about the heat wave!! It’s still averaging 33C here. Yesterday I was walking around in 34C and I nearly melted into the ground it felt so hot – I just can’t imagine how dreadful it must feel over there! *sends over virtual ice bath*

    Also – random, but I always imagined you as tall, DDee. You just.. sound it 😉


    • Funny right? Did it remind you of your mum too?

      Thanks dearie, I will gladly accept the ice bath! Today there was a brief respite but from tomorrow onwards it will get hotter and hotter. The dash in my car is a graveyard of melted inanimate objects thanks to the blazing heat!! And did I mention it’s hazy too? I’m lucky though that my area hasn’t been hit with water rationing yet so I can still flush the toilet 😀

      I SOUND TALL? You mean, LOUD? LIKE DIS?? HAHA. I wish. I’m the shortest person in my family. Pooh. You’re tall I imagine coz of them high heels you like, right? 😀


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