The OCDrama Digest 3 -9 March: International Women’s Day Edition

I guess I should warn everyone that I’m feeling rather upset and grumpy. The universe has thrown a boatload of bad news of all sorts at me over the weekend which tarnishes the appeal of writing up this post. Nevertheless, soldier on we must, and to cheer myself up, here’s something I found on tumblr in honour of International Women’s Day, a collage of some awesome drama heroines:


Pic frm

Which by the way, also brought some clarity as to why I’ve dropped some popular dramas in this season–because the women in them deserved far better than the men they got saddled with, no matter how hard the dramas tried to convince me otherwise. Sorry, I’m supposed to be cheered up but the grump is too strong.


1. Lee Bo Young’s time-slip thriller God’s Gift-14 Days premiered to a good start, despite a tasteless promo passing off a fake missing child poster that netizens took for real. Bravo SBS, for mocking the plight of families of actual missing children and duping the public.  

2. KBSWorld has uploaded the first two episodes with English subs of Wonderful Season to it’s Youtube channel. This family drama from Thank You and Nice Guy scribe Lee Kyung Hee is a keeper for me, despite it’s length and the fact that I’m watching another 50-episode family drama Life Is Beautiful. And I will overlook Taecyeon stomping around and Kim Hee Sun’s laborious attempt at speaking in dialect which is painfully apparent even to me. Why? Because Lee Seo Jin, and I need some of it’s low-key, bittersweetness in my life. By the way the channel also is now livestreaming content to about 50-some odd countries. If you happen to live in one of them, enjoy! 


3.  I am a k-pop novice and my knowledge is woefully limited, but even I know that then when news hit the net that 2NE1’s (or more specifically CL’s solo) song ‘MTBD’ contained a sample of a Quranic verse, that this is a potentially epic shitstorm that YG is not prepared to handle. In brief, CL is now getting death threats, there’s a petition going around, fans are divided, and predictably, all this has been met with stone-cold silence from YG. I have nothing to add, except to say that I’m pretty sure that 2NE1 fans here can kiss their May concert date in Kuala Lumpur goodbye.

4. Since it was International Women’s Day, I was happy to learn that renowned Malaysian feminist activist Zainah Anwar was awarded the Legion of Honour from the government of France. What does this have to do with K-ent? NOTHING! But it’s good news. Google her. She’s a great writer too. And a brilliant cook I hear.


5. Americans rejoice: Snowpiercer is coming to you in this June. The Bong Joon Ho (The Host) sci-fi actioner is opening stateside this summer after a lengthy delay. The hubs liked it, and I did to.

Have a good week ahead, and stay safe.

13 thoughts on “The OCDrama Digest 3 -9 March: International Women’s Day Edition

  1. …and it’ll premiere in the US when I’m… back in Malaysia. *head desks* I can’t win with this show, sigh.

    PS I wanted to write about CL’s fiasco too, but maybe the less that is said, the better. I didn’t listen to the sampling etc, but I did follow the epic shitstorm across Tumblr (not fun). I do think their May concert will still happen though? Cos it kinda blew over across the web, but I don’t see trusty (as trusty as KPop news sites go) coverage about this anywhere else.


    • Yeah not fun at all. Well, the reason I say that the concert won’t happen is that all it takes these days for one anonymous email to Jakim and it’s lights out, regardless if this blows over. People have long memories, emotions are raw, and our politics are volatile. If the concert does happen, I doubt they’d be able to perform that song.

      Maybe I’m just being pessimistic and grumpy today, and I might feel differently next week 🙂


      • (wow you’re awake at 5 AM Malaysian time!)

        You’re totally right about JAKIM unfortunately… (off-topic: like I get the greater good they set out to do, but some of their actions are just… ridiculous…) and also spot on about the volatile conditions.

        Guess we’ll just see how it all plays out in due time 🙂


      • Haha yeah I got up early to finish some work. The weekend was not productive! I will suffer for this later today.

        Why not write bout the fiasco, after giving it some time and distance? And where does one go for good K-pop writing? Seriously, where?! I wanna know! Do share because I feel like I’m wondering in no man’s land sometimes.


      • YAY! Thanks for the encouragement, I will very likely write about it then 🙂 (I need very little convincing haha…) I’m with you on the where though. The closest and most mainstream one is Seoulbeats I think, but sometimes I feel like they get so hung up on certain issues and beat them to death, like feminism. Other times they can be kinda biased (though one could argue this is inevitable). Sometimes I find pretty good write-ups on Tumblr through tags, but KPop Tumblr fans are… I don’t know, and maybe it’s just me and the users I have come across, but I find that very often, they either attempt to sound sassy and smart-ass, or they’re all “OMG oppa!” (shudders)

        Have a good Monday !! (Don’t suffer!)


      • Hmm I get what you mean with Seoulbeats’ content but I do appreciate the breath of issues they are willing to tackle, even if from the few things I’ve read, some writers could benefit from a good editor who can help clarify or shape ideas. And if that’s not possible, be present to answer questions or respond in the comments which I’m not sure is done consistently enough.

        Goodness, tumblr scares me sometimes. There’s a lot of either anger or fangirling to my untrained eye. Where’s the in-between? Though I don’t really actively follow any k-pop tumblrs. Maybe I should?

        Thanks, it’s almost over! Hurray! Have a good Monday too 🙂


  2. About the CL’s issue, both CL + management and fans/anti-fans who backlash her with extreme harsh words are wrong. I understand completely why they were angry over this *I did too* but they shouldn’t threat her like that. That’s not what Islam teach us. And I bet, she has learned her lesson. Sigh~

    All the bad things happening currently, water shortage, haze and most importantly #MH370. I couldn’t think straight since I heard the news. I felt guilty to even ‘like’ on facebook or ‘favorite’ on twitter any happy news because of MH370. The uncertainty is killing me. This is me I’m talking about, there is none of my family or friends aboard that flight, I can’t imagine the feelings of those related to them. T^T

    Sorry Ddee, I rambled a lot of unrelated topic on your post. But somehow, I feel a lot better after writing this. Hahah, sorry but thank you.


    • I know I know, it’s very sad and upsetting kan? It’s not unrelated by the way, part of why I said I was feeling upset was because of 370. I was reading bout the pilot and the family of the missing passengers yesterday and felt gutted. After awhile I had to step away frm it and go for walk otherwise…

      But today I’m feeling better, I hope you are too dear.


      • Yes, much better today. My parent is stuck in front of TV waiting for updates the whole day since Saturday. Cooking, eating, ‘lepaking’, all the topics discussed are about MH370. There is one person around me who said ‘the plane crash already, just don’t know where is it” I feels like sumbat selipar in his mouth. I still believe in miracle.


  3. I watched Wonderful Season because of Taec actually, I don’t mind the satoori. The fact that he will be on TV for the next 50 weeks is what I’m looking forward. 🙂 I love the family coz of their bonding. Can’t wait if their beloved sister got a man that she like and the fiasco afterward. That guy sure will get to prepare to meet up her 3 protective brothers, 2 uncles and a grumpy grandpa.

    CL issue got covered in my blog. My friend who wrote that even mention the boy voice that been used. Isn’t it awesome. Since it written in Malay, I still wondered why it not get viral among local blogger. Not kpop blogger because they only interested for kpop events. So far it only get hype among kpop fans. 2NE1 tickets are selling like goreng pisang.

    #PrayforMH370 It feel so surreal sometime. Never imagined it will be happen to our country. At least some kpop star give some thought about it.

    It so hot and I woke up, can’t sleep…


    • I haven’t could the latest eps yet but I hope to do so this weekend. Ah you are a Taecyeon fan? Well don’t hate me for saying that this role does not play to this strengths as an actor! At least not yet. But I have hope!!
      Yes I read bout the CL issue in your blog, and it does look like it has blown over. But in any case it will be a shame if the concert gets cancelled. But I worry bout what will happen when that song gets performed…
      Yeah I feel the same way bout 370. It doesn’t seem real does it?


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